Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 4/13/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 4/13/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

They opened up with clips of Jay Briscoe winning the ROH title.
Nigel was out in the ring with the whole roster. Man, I'm getting tired of seeing that. It seems to happen once a month. They brought out Jay Briscoe.
Jay said while a lot of people want to be champion, he was just happy with being in the "best damn company in the world". He said when Steen joined SCUM, he took it upon himself to become the champion and get rid of SCUM.
Jay welcomed anyone to come make a challenge at him and Adam Cole walked in. Cole said thank you for beating Kevin Steen and congratulations.
He said ROH is about the future and he is the future of wrestling. In Toronto, he said he would win. Jay said Cole has big balls and he respects it but in "Toronto, Canada, you gon' get yo ass whipped boy".
 Bobby Fish said them being partners soon in Japan would make this match more interesting and he said he won't hold anything back in his match with Eddie Edwards tonight.
Eddie Edwards talked about NOAH coming back to Ring of Honor. He said he wanted to be GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion and told Taiji Ishimori that the hunt is on. We then got a completely different promo by Eddie Edwards for tonight's match.
Eddie Edwards said he would come out on top against Bobby Fish tonight.

Bobby Fish vs Eddie Edwards
Bobby Fish got the win with a surprise roll-up. The match was good but not that great. It was mostly your move, my move with Fish kicking and Eddie chopping. The key moment of the match was Edwards doing a moonsault off the apron and hitting his shins off the guard rails. They tried to play this into the finish on commentary as they said Fish used this to roll Eddie up. I think others will probably like this one more than one me. They got about 15 minutes for this.

Alabama Attitude vs QT Marshall and RD Evans
They wrote that RD Evans debuted in 1982. Something is wrong there as I'm not even sure if he was born then.

RD Evans said no matter how hard you try, peanut butter and ketchup don't make a good sandwich. However he said, QT needed the perfect partner so he chose himself. He said he is the peanut butter to QT's jelly.

RD got the win after QT hit the God's Gift. This was a longer squash and the story was RD coming in when they had the advantage and doing cheap moves which culminated in him stealing the pin at the end. It was pretty obvious early as to what this would be. Alabama Attitude isn't that good. They are really undersized and love the MOVEZ, without having any reasons to do the moves.. QT was actually the highlight for a change as he really threw around Posey and looked strong.

Davey Richards said at Border Wars it would be America vs Japan and he would put Naomichi Marufuji in a box and send him home.

#1 Contender to the TV title - Mark Briscoe vs Mike Mondo vs BJ Whitmer vs Cedric Alexander vs Caprice Coleman
Roderick Strong came out beforehand and said Nigel is giving out title shots like candy. He didn't get why Mondo was getting a chance at a title but not him.
Roddy told Mike Mondo he didn't belong here and Mondo took him down and refs came to end it.

Mark Briscoe got the win with the Froggybow. The match was good but it was way too short. 5-way matches need more than 5 minutes, but I guess since some of these guys were working twice at this taping, it was necessary. The highlights here were Coleman doing a Shoryuken and shouting that ala Ryu from Street Fighter. Mondo also took a really nasty dragon suplex on his head. I also did enjoy the tease of C&C going at it. Rating:***

The Briscoes posed together to end the show.

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't bad at all. None of the matches were bad and the show was heavily wrestling focused so it gets the OK from me.


  1. Show was good this week and I like the crowd here.

  2. Agreed on both counts! Did you watch the ippv?

  3. Yes, my top matches from iPPV are tag team title match, Strong vs Anderson and Lethal vs Elgin. And I'm a little jealous of how Nigel was able to meet Scarlett :) And of course the crowd was very good.