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Wrestlemania X-Seven Review

Wrestlemania X-Seven Review

This is part 2 of my Wrestlemania 17 review. Part 1 is here:

Vince McMahon told Trish to double Linda's medication and to bring her down when Shane McMahon was totally immobile.
Cole wanted to ask about the shocking development of Shane McMahon signing with WCW and Vince told Cole that if he wanted shocking, he will get it.

Street Fight - Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon said hi to the bored WCW wrestlers and introduced Mick Foley.
Trish slapped Vince and her and Steph went at it. Steph later slapped Foley and ran for it.
Shane McMahon beat Vince McMahon with the coast to coast dropkick with a trashcan. Well, this was all theatrics and drama. Those parts were pretty good with father vs son, turns, violence and Linda recovering. You can't really ask for more than that. The actual match had about 3 moves, with all of them coming from Shane. Shane also sold for a long time inbetween them with him probably laying down after the table bump for an easy 5 minutes. They did a really good job with it though and made this one a big match on the big stage.

"I think this very well may be the last time. I don't think any of these three teams will be the same." - Matt Hardy on TLC 2
Triple H was getting ready in the back
TLC II - WWF World Tag Team Championship - The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz
"Lita is jerking edge off...the ladder." - JR
The win
Edge and Christian won TLC II when Christian grabbed the belts while on Rhino's shoulders. Obviously, this was a heck of a match. This was the Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell of TLC matches and was TLC at its peak. This was a stunt show and completely insane. They were extremely creative and went beyond putting it all on the line for the big show. These 6 killed each other and I believe that to this day, they are still feeling remnants from it. There were three big highlights which included Jeff Hardy's swanton off the 16 foot ladder, Edge's spear to Jeff Hardy who was hanging in the air and Bubba and Matt going through 4 tables off of a ladder. It was excellent, exciting and it was well done storyline wise. This was an epic on the biggest stage possible and a truly unforgettable match. Rating:*****

Gimmick Battle Royale
 The Iron Shiek got the win here due to being the only person who really couldn't take the bump. The match was quick and short as it should have been and after the match Sarge put the Cobra Clutch on Shieky.

The Undertaker vs Triple H
Motorhead performed before the match and did a pretty bad job of Triple H's theme.
The finish
The Undertaker won with The Last Ride. This was a lot better in memory than in actuality. The match was mostly weapon shots and little else. The big spots here were also kind of goofy. Triple H got backdropped off a camera tower and it appeared to be a good bump. Then they showed it again and it was little more than a crash pad that HHH seemed to bounce nicely off of. The second was the sledgehammer shot near the end. HHH hit Taker in the back with it and somehow this caused Taker to bleed from his forehead. The pacing to the match was good though and it was set-up nicely, just the big spots really didn't deliver. Rating:***1/2

They aired the incredible music video of this feud set to Limp Bizkit's My Way. If you haven't seen it, check it out here:

WWF Title - No DQ - The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
The pin

"Stone Cold is shaking hands with the devil himself." - JR | "Stone Cold has sold his soul for the WWF title." - Paul
Stone Cold Steve Austin beat The Rock in 28:07 to win the WWF title. Excellent match. They brawled wonderfully and put everything in it. They used each others moves, they used moves they hadn't used in years and they even referenced Austin being Sharpshootered by Bret at Wrestlemania 13.  They bled and even did submission work. This match had it all. It was a perfect cap to the Attitude Era and I don't think the announcers knew how true their words were that the WWF would never be the same again after this. This is probably the best match in Wrestlemania history and was a super classic. This is must see. Rating:*****

Overall thoughts: This is one of the best shows of all-time. Every match was good and the show featured two 5-star matches. This is a must see show and the last show of the Attitude Era.  This show had something for everyone and is a Wrestlemania that may never be matched.

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