Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 12

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 12

Ms23w Kyokutaisei (4-1) vs Ms20w Wakamisho (4-1)
At the moment, Kykoutaisei is out of contention for his division's title, but with a win here, he'd go into the 2nd group with Osunaarashi and others.
Kyokutaisei tried to work from the side and got caught as Waka got his back and got the easy push out.
J8w  Takanoyama (4-7) vs J6w  Tanzo (5-6)
Takanoyama needs to win here in order to avoid demotion.
Tanzo turned this into a power matchup and Takanoyama has been going for the arm too much. Tanzo just easily outmuscled him for the win as Takanoyama is going to go down a few slots at 8 losses.

M11w Jokoryu (6-5) vs M10w Tamawashi (3-8)
Tama had this in the bag but then lost it. He stalled with Jo and he started to push in. Jokoryu used it against him and turned him for the belly to belly throw out.
M7e Okinoumi (9-2) vs M8e Aoiyama (7-4)
Aoiyama is pretty much a one trick pony and got caught here. He tried to bulldoze with lots of thrusts and when it didn't work, he got positioned to go out and eventually did.
S1e Goeido (7-4) vs M4e Toyonoshima (7-4)
Goeido got under Toyo for the push up and out.

M2w Myogiryu (5-6) vs S1w Baruto (7-4)
Baruto only needs one more win to stay safe, but he could use as many as he can to get back on the road to Ozeki.
Myogiryu had a fast tachi ai that surprised Baruto and got him reeling back. Baruto went for the throw but walked out. I thought this was smartly played by Myogiryu as Baruto will suffer with fast paces.

O2e Kakuryu (6-5) vs M3w Ikioi (2-9)
Kakuryu got the win, but he struggled here. He tried to go power mode and thrust Ikioi out of there and it didn't work at all. Iki hung on and had Kaku near the edge but Kaku went to the side and pulled him down.

Y1e Harumafuji (8-3) vs O2w Kotoshogiku (7-4)
This was another odd one. Kotoshogiku got grabbed on his right side. It wasn't a real strong grip but Koto decided to go back, therefore giving Harumafuji only a little room to have to push him and win.
O1e Kisenosato (7-4) vs Y1w Hakuho (11-0)
Hakuho will atleast tie for the title with a win today, though there would have to be playoffs. Suffice to say, he's a pretty safe bet.
Hakuho got the win here. This was a rather even match with Kisen looking for a possible upset. Hakuho had a nice strong grip on the right side and used that to get the win.


12-0: Hakuho

10-2: Okinoumi

9-3: Harumafuji and Kitataiki

8-4: Goeido, Fujiazuma, Takarafuji and Wakanosato

7-5: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Kotoshogiku, Baruto, Tochiozan, Toyonoshima, Aran, Aoiyama, Yoshikaze, Takekaze and Jokoryu.

6-6: Myogiryu, Shohozan, Toyohibiki, Shotenro, Sadanofuji, Chiyonokuni and Daido

5-7: Aminishiki, Tochinoshin, Kyokutenho, Masunoyama and Oiwato

Anyone below this sentence will get demoted.

4-8: Takayasu, Gagamaru and Sotairyu

3-9: Chiyotairyu, Tokitenku and Tamawashi

2-10: Ikioi, Kaisei and Sagatsukasa

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  1. Everyone that Takanoyama's facing this basho seems to have him figured out-he's going to need a new game plan in the next basho or he could end up getting relegated out of juryo (I'm guessing he'll be like a Juryo 11-12 in May).

    I wonder if Kyokutaisei will have the same problems as Takanoyama if he gets into the top divisons-some initial success based on his unorthodox style, but then troubles as the bigger stronger guys get a good plan against him.

    Osunaarashi's such a beast. You have to think he'll be in Juryo before the end of 2013.

    The cup is all but won for Hakuho. Happy that Harumafuji has bounced back and should end with 10 or 11 wins. Hakuho's probably going to go 15-0 and send a message that he's still the man.

    Okinoumi's looked great--we'll see what happens in a few months when he gets a tough schedule after he gets promoted to high Maegashira.

    The ozeki are disappointing and all seem to just be holding on to their spots. None of them give one any feeling that they are yokozuna material.

    I don't know who the 71st yokozuna is, but I don't think he's even in the top division yet. I read an interesting stat somewhere that only about 1 of every 1000 rikishi ever make it to Yokozuna.