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Sumo March Haru Basho Day 10

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 10

Ms26w   Takageppo (3-1) vs  Ms23w   Kyokutaisei (3-1)
Kyokutaisei danced around the ring here and Takageppo chased and slipped after him for the Kyoku win. Kyokutaisei continues to look good and has good
J3e Asahisho (6-3)  vs J8w Takanoyama (4-5)
Takanoyama went for an over the shoulder throw and got nothing en route to losing. Any strategy that involves giving your opponent your back is not a worthwhile strategy.
J8e Azumaryu (8-1) vs  J13e Nionoumi (7-2)
Nionoumi was slipping all over the place and lost here due to it.
M11w Jokoryu (6-3) vs M6w Kitataiki (6-3)
Jokoryu went for a henka and failed and Kitataiki used that to get the push out win. I love to see henka's fail.

M5e     Aran (5-4) vs M7e     Okinoumi (7-2)
Okinoumi got Aran off balance here and powered him out

S1e     Goeido (6-3) vs M1w     Tochinoshin (4-5)
Tochi went in too strong and ended up right on his face to take the loss.

O1e     Kisenosato (5-4) vs M3w     Ikioi (2-7)
Good effort by Ikioi, but Kisenosato was too solid here and Ikioi couldn't hang on to get the win.
M4e     Toyonoshima (6-3) vs O2w     Kotoshogiku (7-2)
Kotoshogiku went for the grab but missed. He tried from the side but Toyonoshima held on and got the upset win.

O2e     Kakuryu (5-4) vs  K1e     Tochiozan (4-5)
Kakuryu went for a henka and failed. Tochiozan didn't go fast enough in so Kakuryu was way off guard. Tochiozan then launched him with anger to get some revenge.
Y1e     Harumafuji (6-3) vs   M4w     Shohozan (6-3)
Harumafuji is 4-0 against Shohozan.
Harumafuji won in an odd match. It seemed like there was a false start as Shohozan wasn't ready and provided no defense. It was a very strange and questionable match.
S1w     Baruto (6-3) vs Y1w     Hakuho (9-0)
Hakuho is 24-3 against Baruto all time.
Hakuho won in a long and stalling match. They just held each other until Hakuho did a quick pull down and won.

10-0: Hakuho

9-1: Azumaryu from Juryo

8-2: Okinoumi

7-3: Harumafuji, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Toyonoshima, Kitataiki, Aoiyama, Fujiazuma and Wakanosato.

6-4: Kisenosato, Baruto, Shohozan, Yoshikaze, Takarfuji, Jokoryu and Shotenro.

5-5: Kakuryu, Tochiozan, Aran, Sadanofuji, Chiyonokuni, Daido and Oiwato.

4-6: Takayasu, Tochinoshin, Myogiryu, Gagamaru, Toyohibiki, Kyokutenho and Masunoyama.

3-7: Aminishiki, Chiyotairyu, Tokitenku and Sotairyu.

Anyone below this will be demoted
2-8: Ikioi, Kaisei, Tamawashi and Sagatsukasa.

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