Thursday, March 7, 2013

El Generico unmasked in NXT

El Generico debuted in WWE tonight for an NXT house show, and he has been unmasked. He is going by the name Rami Sebai. He teamed with Kassius Ohno to take on The Wyatt Family. The team of Ohno and Rami Sebai won in what was said to be a good match.

There is a picture of him unmasked in his new gimmick here:

My thoughts:
On the surface, this would appear to hurt El Generico and be a career killer. While I do think it will hurt the El Generico character, theoretically, since he is under a new gimmick in NXT, it won't hurt him. He is no longer El Generico and he can always say in the future that it wasn't him since he explained that El Generico was going back to Mexico. The mask was a part of El Generico's gimmick of course but the mask didn't get him to the WWE. His talent and charisma did. Masked or unmasked, he will still have the talent and charisma. I do think the mask would help him in WWE and to be honest, I think a mask would help most of the roster, but WWE is boss unfortunately and $60,000+ a year may be enough to lose the mask. Most wrestlers don't even get that.

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