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CMLL on 3/3/2013

CMLL on Terra 3/3/2013

Last week's show is here:

Freesbe & Oro Jr. vs Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
1st -Apocolipsis got the first fall on Freesebe with a head and arm submission and took out Oro with a muscle buster into his knees.

2nd - Oro did a walk up the ropes moonsault to take out Apoc and then Freesbe followed with a christo in a quick fall to take the 2nd and even it up. Nothing wrong with the match so far but nothing too interesting either

3rd - Oro did a springboard twisting armdrag. Freesebe got hit pretty good with a wheelbarrow german to get eliminated by Inquis. Inquis then hit a rubix cube electric chair drop to win the 3rd for the rudos.

Rudos did an interview after.

Acero, Pequeno Halcon, Shockercito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior
1st - Warrior kissed Violencia a few times. Warrior lifted up Shock a few times with only one arm from the keylock position. Tecs got the 1st with double submissions. Pretty good fall here. Violencia also did a legdrop/silla onto the outside on Halcon.

2nd -  Tons of dropkicks here with the rudos in control. Acero then took a wheelbarrow drop on his neck for the rough second fall here. Tons of big moves today with the Rudos winning the 2nd. The 1st was much better than the 2nd.

3rd - Shockercito got slapped around by Mercurio. Tecs then got a submission, Shockercito got a pin and Halcon submitted Warrior with a rolling La Tapitia for the fun of it to win the fall. The match was disapointing minus the 1st fall. The finishes just had nothing to do with the match at all.

Rudos did an interview after.

Atlantis, Mistico II and Diamante Azul got interviewed.

Diamante, Rey Cometa, Sagrado vs Puma, Sangre Azteca, Vangelis
 1st - Diamante came out to Smells Like Teen Spirit like always. Sagrado came out to a cool religious like theme. Lots of headscissors from Cometa early. Diamante did a diving armdrag off the top and Sagrado did a springboard missile dropkick. All the faces slide outside and they brawled with the rudos. Botchamania in the 2nd with Sagrado getting lifted into a botched northern lights suplex for the rudos win. Puma continued to beat up Rey during the break.

2nd - Rudo controlled fall here. Puma lifted Cometa up and threw him down like a gorilla press. Sagrado did a heck of lunging dive onto the outside and the faces won with a sunset flip and arm submission.

3rd - Tecs beat up on the rudos inbetween falls and Cometa went for Puma's mask. Sagrado flew around a little before eating a Puma superkick. Puma then beat on Cometa and hit a nice superkick. You would think they are feuding with the way they are going at it. Cometa did a double rotation corkscrew to the outside in a sweet move. Vangelis then hit a slow heel hook on Daimante but Sagrado broke it up and pined Vang. Sagrado then hit an armbar with an arm trap on Sangre for the tec win.

Lots of mic problems with the mic having static and killing people's ears.Tecs did a promo and then the japanese did one after.

Lightning Match - Tritón vs Misterioso Jr.
 Triton toped Misterioso twice in a row and got some length on the 2nd dive.  Misterioso then followed soon after with a plancha. Triton then hit a big asai moonsault to the outside. Triton did a top rope hurracanrana. but couldn't get the pin. Triton got Misteroso hanging off the ropes and hit a legdrop on him for another 2. Triton then hit a sweet corkscrew moonsault to no one and Misterioso hit a Gory Special with Triton's knees hitting for the win. Fun match here. Rating:***

We had an interview with Misterioso after then Stuka/Fuego. Fuego had his hood up and looked like a lucha monk.

Arena Coliseo Tag Titles - Fuego & Stuka Jr. vs Namajague & Shigeo Okumura
1st - Nama reversed an electric chair clothesline and got the pin on Stuka. Okumura then followed with a pin. Not too much happened in the first before the pins.

2nd - Lots of dropkicks to start the second for the rudos because that's just how it works. Fuego got launched by his partner into a double dropkick then we got double tecnico topes. Nama got launched up and did a hurricanrana which Stuka rolled through for the pin. Oku hit a falcon arrow on Fuego Fuego accidently suplexed Stuka but rolled through on Oku to pin him for the tec win.

3rd - Feugo did a backflip off the top then a limbo to escapre a lariat. He then ran up the ropes to dive on Oku on the outside. Stuka did a jerry bump. Nama then hit a fast tope con giro onto Stuka. They did a tower of doom with Nama getting suplexed and Fuego hitting a suplex. Nama did a shoulder dive into the post and fell to the outside off of it. Stuka then did a blind twist plancha onto Nama. Oku then pinned Feugo with a nice german. Stuka cught him with a dropkick while he wasn't looking. Nama hit a suplex on Stuka with the legs crossed. Stuka pinned Oku when he wasn't looking with a reverse on a cradle. Nama tried the same and Stuka kicked out. Nama took a huge monkey flip and Stuka hit a Stuka splash. Oku distracted the ref as did Fuego. Nama then rolled up Stuka to the delight of a fan in the crowd and to end the tecs long title reign. Tecs were upset after with Fuego going after the ref. Oku talked on the mic after. Very good match here with lots of time and both teams making it feel like a big deal. It maybe went too long though. Rating:***1/4

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Mistico vs Averno, Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Niebla
1st - Rudos started the beat down early as soon as everyone was in the ring. Aul and Rojo wentat it on the outside and Averno went for Mistico II's mask. Rojo double stomped Azul on his back. Niebla then did a splash on Auzl for the rudos win in the 1st with an Averno abdominal stretch on Atlantis.

2nd - Mistico got beat up and got his masked ripped some by Averno between falls as the fans cheered. Averno bit Azul's fingers. The crowd booed Mistico more as he got in but he tried to work with it. Mistico did a nice tope con giro and Atlantis got a pin with a hurracanrana while Azul got one with a german.

3rd -  Mistico hit a nice rotation headscissors on Averno. Mistico did more stuff to boos. Azul did a cannobnball splash into the corner and hit more buckle than anything. Azul did a double tope onto two heels but got caught and dropped. Mistico got in again with bad boos this time. He tried to rally the crowd, but he ended up more as supporter for Niebla. Heels hit a triple team powerbomb to pin Mistico and win the match.

Rough night for Mistico here.

Niebla and Zacarias danced to close the show with Zac getting hipchecked and flying. Averno then took Mistico's mask off and talked to it while Niebla rubbed his butt with it. Did I mention that it was a rough night for Mistico yet? Rudos got interviewed after.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Two very good matches with the rest being decent to good. The show was pretty enjoyable as a whole.

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