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Oz Academy GET OVER 10/14/2012 Review

Oz Academy GET OVER 10/14/2012 Review

Mika Iida and AKINO vs Chikayo Nagashima and Nao Komatsu
Mika Iida beat Nao Komatsu with a bridge and a pin in 36 seconds. The entrances lasted longer than the match. What was the purpose of this?
Chikayo Nagashima slapped Nao and hit her head off the wall after. I think I got lost before in that hallway during my 1st Shinjuku FACE trip.
Mio Shirai, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Yumi Ohka vs Tomoka Nakagawa, Carlos Amano and Manami Toyota

Mio Shirai pinned Carlos Amano at 15:33. Pretty good match here with fast work, a little comedy and stiffness. Not a bad effort at all and they stayed away from the Oz shenanigans that would usually ruin this. This is mostly what you would think it would be minus the comedy. Rating:**1/2

Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Sonoko Kato
Tsubasa Kuragaki beat Sonoko Kato win the Metal Wing. Good match but would have been better somewhere else. Kato was a little bit too even with Kurgaki for my liking but they hit some decent shots on each other along with alot of suplexes. I'd like to see a rematch but at Korakuen and hopefully for JWP, because they could do great things with 20+ minutes.

Aja Kong vs Ran Yu-Yu
Ran's arm got busted open somewhere here
Ran does a double arm bar pin
Ran Yu-Yu blocks the Uraken
Aja Kong beat Yan Yu-Yu with more of a spinning elbow than a uraken. Some parts of this were good but others weren't. Aja tried to do some different things like a la magistral and tried taking a hanging dragon, but she was too big and just ended up falling. I've never really gotten Ran Yu-Yu and I didn't think she had a shot here at winning, and I was right. Mediocre describes this best.

Mayumi Ozaki vs Ayumi Kurihara
Typical OZ crap as the whole Oz faction beats up Kurihara in a 6 on 1
AKINO comes down to help finally and somehow they fight off 5 other people.
Ayumi Kurihara beat Ayumi Ozaki with a roll-up. This was absolute crap. This was Oz Academy at its worst here as they took their stupidity to new levels. It never even resembeled a match. AKINO and Aja interfered for Kurihara(aleast she's not dumb enough to go at it alone) and everyone not named these three seemed to interfere for Oz. I had to fast forward through this debacle. Terrible. There was never anything less than 3 people in the ring at one time.

Overall thoughts: Well, the name GET OVER was fitting for this show, because I wanted it to GET OVER. Both the main event and the opener were a joke and nothing was as good as it should have been. Skip this one.

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