Friday, August 30, 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/30/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/30/2013 Results and Review

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Miz brought out The Big Show and  Dolph.

Show and Ziggler were too bummed to talk and then Triple H came out.
Triple H talked about this not being personal, just business. He said Orton being on top means more money for all of them. HHH said Miz was probably jealous since he had the title once and hadn't had it since. Therefore, he made Miz vs Randy Orton for the title.
HHH said Dolph was mad at getting his butt kicked by The Shield, so he'd fight them all in a handicap match tonight.
"I want you to watch every single thing that happens in this ring tonight and I want you to do absolutely nothing about it." - Triple H
HHH gave Big Show the night off, telling him to go hang out with the announcers.

"Now run along and go get in your chair. Go." - Triple H

Triple H sent Dolph off and told Miz, he'd have his match now.

WWE Title - Randy Orton vs The Miz

Randy Orton won with an RKO. I didn't like this one. It was just a lot of headlocks with no guy doing much or being that over. The match didn't really pick up until Miz put on the Figure Four, which is about when it ended with Orton getting a random RKO.

The Shield did a beat down and then DB cleared house with a chair. The one thing that is missing from this angle is any kind of explanation of The Shield's involvement. I can't figure out why they would care or waste their time being guards. Someone needs to explain that.

"You know what you were out there? You were a bully. You bullied Orton and The Shield." - Vickie | "In my world, he who bullies, gets bullied back." - Vickie
Vickie wasn't happy with DB getting involved. I had a problem with this segment. WWE is all anti-bullying right now but yet they are basically saying on television that it is okay if you bully someone else who bullies you. So, you can be a star by getting bullied and then be a bigger star by bullying someone back? Is more violence really the answer?

"If there's one thing the big guy can't stand, it's a bully. See ya out there, shrimp." - Ryback

They made DB vs Ryback indirectly.

"Ladies and Gentlemen in the amazing city of Las Vegas, there are many terrific shows, but there is only one that you should be happy to be apart of and that's the Whole Damn Show, Rob Van Dam." - Ricardo Rodriguez

Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow

RVD basically beat DS in a squash with a five star frog splash. He got most of the offense in and cleared him off pretty quickly. RVD was also moving pretty fast here.

"RVD, just remember this - when you sleep with that dog, you get flea's." - Alberto Del Rio
Alberto said RVD only got a title shot because Ricardo betrayed him and the Latino's. He talked mostly in Spanish here, which basically means nothing to the majority of the audience.

The Shield vs Dolph Ziggler

Reigns beat Ziggler with a spear. This was a quick squash and really had nothing to it at all minus the cool finish. They cut to the Big Show about 10 times here.

The Shield then hit the triple powerbomb.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman came out.

"I'm not sorry for my actions. You voted me into a situation where I had to face a beating from CM Punk. What did you expect me to do? Did you think for one second I was going to take my beating like a man?" - Paul Heyman
Axel said Paul showed a lot of courage in beating Punk with the stick on Monday. Paul made a pretty good point saying Punk was gonna beat him up, but instead he did the beating.
Paul said Punk should still worship him.
Paul said he was afraid of the upcoming match, because he would get a whooping if Punk gets his hands on him. Paul said to watch out though because when he was scared before, he took care of Punk. However, when he has to face his fears, he could do much worse.
"At Night of Champions, Curtis Axel and I will own CM Punk." - Paul Heyman
Tons of Funk vs The Wyatt Family

Rowan won with a splash in a quick squash. Harper looked good hitting a big boot and a lariat and that was about it here. Tensai got laid out after.

ProWresBlog Title - Daniel Bryan vs Ryback
DB is the ProWresBlog champion after beating Cena at Summerslam. I don't count MITB cash-in's for title changes, so he kept the belt.

 Daniel Bryan beat Ryback by DQ when Orton ran in. The crowd was into it and both guys were fine but I didn't like the match structure. DB made his comeback too quickly and ended up controlling a lot of the match, when it really should have been the other way around. The finish was also pretty lame and didn't have much thought put into it.
 The Shield attacked after.
 Big Show made the save and Triple H ran down to stop it.

Triple H made Show leave and he tried to not cry. The crowd chanted "F*** him up".

The Shield and Orton beat up DB after and Randy Orton spraypainted "No" onto Daniel Bryan.

I did not like The Big Show's angle one bit. I can't buy it at all. WWE tried to play this as Big Show needing to not do anything so he could keep his job. NEWS FLASH, THE BIG SHOW IS RICH. HE COULD RETIRE TOMORROW AND BE BETTER OFF THAN ALL OF US. Show also looked like such a sissy the whole night. He basically cried near the end and really got punked. Yeah, Show has been portrayed as a wuss at times, but this was pretty bad.  He never got his heat back either which made it worse.

They also spent too much time on The Big Show. He was the focus for 3 matches with 10-15 cut away's per match which was way too much.

Overall thoughts: I hated this show. This whole episode revolved around watching The Big Show make faces then look like the world's biggest wuss at the end of the night. The matches were mostly all squashes and were all too fast to be anything good. This was a lazy show and it wasn't very good.


  1. Wow we disagreed a lot on this show

    This was the best storytelling I have seen in so damn long. Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Orton and The Shield were so fucking god fucking damn it to everything awesome. The story they told throughout this show was nothing short of excellence. I am now buying Night of Champions, it will be the 2nd WWE event I have ever purchased live and this weeks Smackdown just sold the PPV

  2. This is not fair,why triple H allow those hurt DB.this is very boring some of us we are not happy about what is happing here in WWE.

    1. if you're not happy, then the "heels" have done their job right and made you hate them and want their heads to get kicked the f*ck in by daniel bryan.

  3. I don't understand your comment about The Shield, why wouldn't they want to get on Triple H's good side? Did you forget the whole thing about them being paid by Paul Heyman for months? It doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand the storyline. This show was great.

  4. Woah man, this was one of the best smackdowns this year in my opinion.

  5. I think how much you liked this show depended solely on the Big Show's angle, as there really wasn't much else to it. I didn't really buy into it so I didn't really want to enjoy.

    Re: The Shield - I'd like to see some explanation for why they are being bodyguards. We've seen in the past that they have no respect for rules so I'd think they wouldn't want to do everything HHH says. If they are getting paid big to do this, fine, just explain it.

  6. Bad, bad, bad review. This show was about building a new corporation, about HHH establishing his rule with Orton as his champion, think corporation Rock! The worst part was the further burying of the Wyatts. Bryan is being given the face by the people and he is performing admirably but he doesn't have the Rock/Y2J/Stone Cold factor so for now I want to see HHH make everyone's life a misery until a nee torchbearer appears. Shame Zigler is poor on the mic...

  7. The Shield can be a great team who legitimately care about one another, but are also heartless scumbags. Their current storylines as HHH's bodyguards is a great example of that.

    They are, irrefutably, a TEAM. They’re in this together. They’re a bunch of NXT guys who decided to improve upon the Nexus formula by showing up as a unit, raising hell and actually sticking together and winning instead of developing supporting cast Decepticon drama. You’re never gonna see a Shield “Corre.”

    They’re also terrible, opportunistic, violent people. The backstage segment where they were intimidating to Vickie but sorta licked Vince’s boots was the first sign of them being liars about the whole “justice” thing. They want to topple old regimes and jack legends who are hogging the spotlight, sure, but they want it for THEMSELVES, because they are wrestlers who are trying to win and keep their jobs on the main roster. This is when remembering NXT exists comes in handy. NXT is all about “who’s gonna make an impact and go to the main roster.” All about it. The Shield made the biggest impact of ANYONE, won a bunch of title belts to justify their spots, and do whatever they can to keep them. Purposeful DQs, working as Triple H’s thugs in a long con, whatever.

    Believe in The Shield, even when they’re lying.

  8. I, too, disagree with you about big show here. while wwe seems to have forgotten about his F*CKING IRON CLAD CONTRACT AND THAT HE CAN'T BE FIRED ! AND EVEN IF HE WAS, HE'S ONE OF THE RICHEST WRESTLERS EVER (this actually surprised me when I read it, but it seems that show has saved a good amount of money over his career and is now one of the richest 20 wrestlers of all time in real life ! ofcourse, the rock is the richest ever) !!, but at least, show didn't lose his sense of justice .. so, he wants to help ! and him not being able to help makes him frustrated and disappoints the fans that he cares about. so, it makes sense if you ignore the mistakes. and show's performance of acting here was amazing and got the crowd behind him. and got them hating orton and hhh. so, job well done ?

    yeah, this smackdown sucked. all the matches were squashes or boring as hell ...

    this smackdown as a whole was just a live replay of what happened before on raw just to emphasize things.

    it looks like we're getting bryan, show, ziggler, miz and ? vs randy, the shield and ? at survivor series. I can imagine punk joining the good guys and either axel or lesnar joining the bad guys.