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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/23/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/23/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Vickie brought out Randy Orton.
He promised to tell the truth and be a role model. Not sure where defecating in someone's bag stands on the role model scale. He said he didn't know about Triple H pedigreeing DB and said he didn't need H's help or The Shield's help.
He asked for everyone's support.
"This is also the face of the WWE." - Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan came down.

"As far as the face of the WWE goes, it's time for that face to change." - Daniel Bryan
DB said "Thank You" to John Cena for the title shot before he got into all of this. The crowd booed it.
"He's pretty. He's just so pretty. I can see why Triple H likes him so much. He's just so so pretty." - Daniel Bryan on Randy Orton | "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give it up for how pretty Randy Orton is. So pretty, it just makes me want to kick you in the face." - Daniel Bryan
DB said he could beat Orton and said he was entitled to a rematch for the title. He said he wanted the match tonight at the 12-minute mark.
"Sorry, short stuff, you're going to have to wait until Night of Champions." - Randy Orton
Orton then went for a failed RKO and DB dropkicked him out.

Vickie said DB had no reason to be out there and someone needed to teach him a lesson.
Wade asked for a match with DB tonight, saying it would be the last we ever see of him. Vickie asked for it to become a steel cage match.

Curtis Axel vs Cody Rhodes

"The same man that choose Steve Austin, that chose Rick Rude." - JBL, doing a good job of bringing up Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance
"3rd Generation plumber. Son of a son of a plumber. Should get a Draino sponsorship." - JBL

Curtis Axel won with his neckbreaker into a facebuster move after Paul Heyman distracted Cody. CM Punk was the most over man in the match here, even though he didn't appear. This was just a midcard match. It's not good when Cody is losing so quick after just turning.
Paul said he was in pain and agony due to the actions of CM Punk.
Axel challenged Punk for Raw.

Big E Langston vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph won with a surprise Zig Zag. This was super fast. Big E attacked before the bell and threw Dolph high on a gorilla press. Dolph then started to make his comeback after getting nailed by AJ and pulled this off.

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto won with an armbar. This was good but the worst of their series so far. It was rather short for them and didn't really get the time or the space to make this great. They made the most of their time though and this was a compact version of their better matches. Rating:***

Alberto said everyone wanted to be him, but they were all peasants. He told everyone to follow their leader if they wanted to  be something else. Ricardo came out.

Ricardo said that RVD stands up for the people and is a leader, then brought him out. Christian missile dropkicked Alberto. RVD hit a rolling thunder on Alberto to end this.
"The peasants get some revenge." - Cole | "By what? Cheapshotting him?" - JBL
I thought both attacks on Alberto were unwarranted.

3MB vs The Big Show and Mark Henry

Show got the win with the KO Punch. This was just total destruction of 3MB and if you like Show/Henry, you'll love this. 3MB were bumping everywhere and this was a fun squash.

The Shield weren't impressed with Show/Henry fighting 3MB. They said they would never respect Mark Henry. They said they were better than them and the new era has dawned, which means they have to go.

Antonio Cesaro vs Darren Young
Please do not tell me Antonio Cesaro is going to job to DY. Please, don't tell me that.

DY won with a Gut Check in a quick match. Maybe Cesaro should come out at an the world's best wrestler.

Someone asked Ryback for an autograph. A questionable decision.
 The fan had no idea who Ryback was, so when Ryback signed it, he asked "which one are you?". Ryback was rightfully not happy about this. He ripped up the autograph and told him to tell his son that he was a scrawny, pencil necked fool.

Steel Cage Match - Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett

Daniel Bryan beat Wade Barrett in a steel cage match with a Boma-Ye. It was good but not great. They didn't get a ton of time and I don't think anyone thought Wade had any chance of winning. They didn't really tease the escapes that much either.
Orton then nailed DB with an RKO out of nowhere to end the show.

Overall thoughts: The show was good as a whole. The main was fine, Christian/Alberto was good and the squashing of 3MB was great. Not must see, but I enjoyed this.

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