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WWE NXT 7/24/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 7/24/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

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"Hearing the crowd chant "Emma"...that just eggs me on." - Emma

"When it comes to it, I'll beat her. I'm a fighter, she's the dancer" - Paige

"This is going to be one the biggest nights...ever!" - Brad Maddox

NXT Diva's Championship Tournament Final - Emma vs Paige

Paige beat Emma with the Paige-Turner. Good match with tons of heat that was a little slow at times. The crowd ate all of it up though and this was the most heated Diva's match ever, guaranteed. They worked all holds for about 12 minutes and had a decent submission wrestling match. No big highlights here though. Rating:***

Triple H came out and then pedigreed Paige, and posed with the, just joking, but come on, we were all thinking it.

The diva's and Triple H all celebrated with Emma to end the segment. Rosa Mendes was one of them even though she hasn't been seen in months

Zeb Coulter said he ran a background check on Sami Zayn and came up with nothing. He should have tried Google. He said he was here illegally.
"Now early on in your life Mr. Zayn, I understand that you wore a mask. Now why did you wear a mask? Because a mask is usually worn by people south of the border who use it to sneak under the border in the guise of darkness." - Zeb Coulter
"If you are illegal, which we believe you to be, we will have you deported from this country." - Zeb Coulter
"We are gonna make your whole, complete life a nightmare." - Antonio Cesaro
"Don't mess with Cesaro...We the People." - Antonio Cesaro
Angelo Dawkins vs Tyler Breeze

"He lives by the motto, "It's not what I'm wearing, it's who I'm wearing." - Tom Phillips | "Is this new to you Tom? I understand you're a nerd, but surely you can comprehend fashion?" - Brad Maddox | "I'm a nerd?" - Tom Phillips
"That's a lot of selfies for one person." - Tom Phillips | "He has a match, he should be focusing on what's in the ring." - Tom Phillips | "He's a professional model, what do you expect him to do?" - Brad Maddox | "He's a professional model all over the world...9 different continents, 26 different countries." - Brad Maddox
"You don't tick off a male model." - Brad Maddox
"This guy's a 3 time national champion in 3 different sports on a collegiate level - football, wrestling and track, meanwhile, he's in here with a model taking pictures." - Tom Phillips | "Well, that's all good and stuff but Tyler Breeze has a professional male model temper. That professional male model FURY." - Brad Maddox
"Stay away from the face, man." - Brad Maddox
"A perfectly sized nose. Not too big, not too small, nice nostrils and not even a hair in those nostrils." - Brad Maddox
Tyler Breeze won with a spin kick. He only hit some punches and stuff before getting the win easy. Hats off to him though as he and Brad Maddox got the Tyler Breeze character over in his debut. He really played up the gimmick here and it appears that he will be successful with his new gimmick.

"This is beginning, an awakening into the future of the universe. The time has come for us to reduce your heroes to ashes." - Rick Victor

"We are the Ascension and we will rise, again." - Conor O'Brian

The Ascension vs Mickey Keegan and Aiden English

"I don't know why Aiden English is in the ring right now, but I'm sure he regrets it." - Brad Maddox

"Aiden English is not out yet. Well, yeah, okay, he's out." - Brad Maddox

"They just beat John L. Sullivan's long lost great grandfather." - Brad Maddox

The Ascension won with a legsweep/shoulder block combo. This was all squash and was about the same squash the old Ascension did as well. They have a cool entrance and look but if they ever want to be anything in ring, they have to drop O'Brian.

Sheamus vs Luke Harper

"He has described Luke Harper as his general within his family." - Tom Phillips on Bray Wyatt

"Don't forget, there's three members of the Wyatt Family out here tonight. There's only one member of the Sheamus family." - Brad Maddox

"I know everything. I have 3 PhD's in life." - Brad Maddox
"Erick Rowan wears a goat mask...that's weird." - Brad Maddox

"I thought that we were in Orlando, Florida, but we're very clearly in a pub in Dublin, Ireland." - Brad Maddox

Sheamus won with a White Noise and a Brogue Kick. The match was okay. About Sheamus' and Harper's usual matches. Harper got a good spinning lariat in near the end and Rowan got involved multiple times. Bray Wyatt stared through most of this and then laughed as Harper got pinned.

Next week:

Overall thoughts: Good show with the women's match being the highlight and Tyler Breeze having a successful debut. I'd recommend this one.

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