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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/19/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/19/2013 Results and Review

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Teddy Long came out.
"Welcome to Smackdown!" - Teddy Long
Teddy talked about Brad Maddox and said he has to be more qualified than Vickie. He said Vince would be here tonight to give Teddy a job evaluation. Teddy asked the fans if he has been doing good and if the fans would like to see him be permanent GM. Booker T then came out.

Booker T said he was back and was thankful for Teddy's work. Vince came out.

Vince said only one person can be in charge of Smackdown. Vince asked how Teddy would impress us tonight if it is him, so Teddy said it would be Chris Jericho vs Curtis Axel for the IC Title.
Booker T said he would make Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton.  I'm not sure which way I would lean on this one.
 Brad Maddox came out and said he wanted to have a word with Vince  before the decision is made.

"You already made me the General Manager of Raw. You should make me the General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown!" - Brad Maddox | "Oh, good lord." - JBL

Brad said he was going to book both of those and the return of Rob Van Dam. Vince then decided on who should be the GM.

"The permanent General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown will be, Vickie Guerrero!" - Vince McMahon

"I hate each and every one of you." - Vickie Guerrero
Vickie bragged about being GM to end the segment. Well, the good thing is Vickie's off Raw. The bad thing is she's on Smackdown. This segment didn't make much sense. Booker T just basically got fired for getting injured, which would be illegal and Teddy had no real evaluation, he just got fired as well.

Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro and Zeb got kicked out.
Ziggler beat Swagger quickly with a Zig Zag out of nowhere. This was a giant waste of time and really accomplished nothing. The only thing of note was Big E and AJ watching this.
"On Raw, I dumped my girlfriend AJ Lee. I'm sorry...I'm sorry I didn't do it a hell of a lot sooner." - DZ
AJ then flipped out. BIg E condolenced her and kissed her on the forehead.

The Shield vs The Uso's

No match here as Ambrose jumped in, then Henry turned face and evened the score en route to chasing Shield off.

From The Vault - June 1991 - Haku and The Barbarian vs Kato and Mr. Fuji

"Get Fuji in there and you hurt him and you hurt him bad." - Heenan to his boys Haku and Barbarian
"I've done as much bad things as they've done, but that's how
I do business and that's how they do business." - Heenan on working with the other managers

Haku got the win with an elbow on Kato. The match wasn't much and having Fuji go in there with Haku didn't make a ton of sense on Fuji's part, however, the other stuff going on was the real gem here. Heenan was really good selling being mad at Fuji and getting revenge by costing Fuji the match. He fired up and was really into it. Fuji was good at being sneaky and an evil heel. Fuji threw more salt after but I couldn't get a shot of it.

They had a promo for 3MB on this version.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
This was supposed to happen on Raw but they ran out of time.

DB won in no time with a Yes Lock in a pointless squash.

"I guess we're even now right?" - Brad Maddox
"Brad, let's just shake on it..." - Vickie
MizTV with Paul Heyman
Paul talked about how bad Brock was. He said he still has love in his heart for Punk.

"Stay down, Punk. Go home." - Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman told Punk to stay down and that anything he does will be taken as a threat by Brock Lesnar.

Miz left and was confronted by Curtis Axel.

Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho

Axel got the win with his facebuster. The match wasn't bad. Paul Heyman was involved and had as much focus on him as the match but the crowd liked Y2J and it was fine.

Ryback came out after.

Ryback Shellshocked Jericho and laid him out.

Damien Sandow came out and said MITB was every man for himself.
He said he didn't screw Cody. He gave Cody the chance to explain himself for beating up Sandow.

Sandow said he forgave Cody and wanted to make Cody the protector of the MITB case.
"Cody, you've earned this." - DS
Cody whacked DS with the case to end the segment.

Rob Van Dam vs Darren Young

RVD won with a frog splash. This was mostly a squash, though DY got a little in. There was never any doubt on who would win though. Titus got involved and got kicked for it.
Vickie called Teddy Long in to pretend to make amends and then called security to kick him out.

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
There was a really dumb commentary line here. JBL said Del Rio didn't get in the Olympics because Mexico couldn't afford to send him. Cole said Del Rio had the money but didn't want to spend it. Yes, I'm sure he ruined his own chances to go to the Olympics because of the Olympics price, even though he is said to be filthy rich.
Randy Orton won with the RKO. These two never match up that well and this wasn't that interesting. The crowd liked it though.

Overall thoughts: This wasn't good. The reactions of Booker/Teddy/Maddox were funny in the first segment but that's really it as far as this being entertaining. Of course, the segment made no sense so it means nothing overall. All of the matches were short and not that special and the best thing angle wise on this show was from Bobby Heenan and Mr. Fuji from 1991. Skip this.

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  1. "No match here as Ambrose jumped in, then Henry turned face and evened the score en route to chasing Shield off."

    Whaddya mean Henry turned face? That's like saying Big Show turned face when helping out The Celtic Viper against the Shield. Big Show wasn't a face; he was just a heel with the goals of two faces.