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TNA Impact Wrestling 7/4/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 7/4/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

TNA Hardcore Justice 2 is tomorrow and I will be reviewing it live with pics and gifs at 8PM EST.

Aries said he is putting in his X-Division Title for a shot a Bully Ray's title at Destination X.

Aries called out Hulk to cash in.
"No one has ever seen such a sin of stealing someone's gimmick like gimmick infringement, brother." - Hulk
"It's not Suicide anymore. Take a guess who it is?" - Hulk

Hulk said Aries would fight tonight. He then said Suicide has changed his name to Manik.
He then brought out "Sabinmania" Chris Sabin, who would be Aries' other opponent tonight.

Sabin said Aries was the biggest scam and said he'd take his title tonight.

Daniels told the cameramen to go away and didn't want to talk. The cameramen then said they wanted to talk to Kaz. Kaz mocked AJ's new look and said he'd beat him tonight.

BFG Series- Kazarian vs AJ Styles

It was Throwback Thursday so Bad Influence dressed up as Siegfried and Roy.

Daniels claimed the ability to make women's undergarments appear on him and Kazarian said he could make title belts appear on his waist.

AJ Styles won in a quick but good match with a Calf Killer. He got a big sliding dropkick in which was the highlight of the match.
Mickie James was talking to someone in the back about having a ladder ready.

Chavo told Hernandez he had this and told him to win.

Mickie said you have to climb the ladder to become knockouts champ.
Mickie told the other girls they would never be as great as her. She said she'd break the Knockout's faces on each rung.
They did a Gut Check Discussion. Funny since they just fired a few Gut Check winners.
They chose Ryan Skidmarks to be evaluated tonight. Danny Davis was a part of this. He was also a part of a review I did of Memphis Wrestling from 1984 the other day, which is here -

"The numbers keep growing and tonight, the 4th member of the Mafia will be revealed." - Kurt Angle
BFG Series - Jay Bradley vs Hernandez

Hernandez won with a Get Off Me Shoulderblock. The match was okay. Jay stuck to eye pokes and Hernandez almost crippled him twice, especially with his shoulderblock. Jay landed right on his neck. Chavo grabbed Jay's ankle near the end for the Hernandez win after Jay mocked Chavo.

Ace's were in the back and Wes Brisco wouldn't stop asking about Brooke. Bully told him to stop twice and then they talked about the X Division tonight. They said they didn't care who won but then they said, "what if nobody won?". Then they laughed.

James Storm and Gunner vs The Bro Man's - Robbie E and Jessie Godderz

The Bro Man's have an entrance where Tara grabs both of their butts.

Gunner and Storm won with a slam/neckbreaker combo that was cool. Good match here. The pace was fast and it was fun. They did some neat double teams here and I really enjoyed this one. Rating:***

Hardy said he didn't know much about Park, but if he's like Abyss he could be trouble. He wants to get in, get his points and get out.

Louie Anderson was at Impact.

Angle said they got Joe because he is no nonsense.
Joe said he knew he couldn't beat all of Ace's at once, so he joined the Mafia.
Joe said he would run at all members of Ace's until he gets Bully. Angle said he was the one who picked Joe.

Who is the fourth member of the Main Event Mafia? They announced Magnus as the fourth member of the Main Event Mafia.

Magnus said it didn't take much convincing to get him to join.
Sting said they would make sure there is a winner in the X Division match tonight. They said they would fight Ace's on July 18th.

BFG Series - Joseph Park vs Jeff Hardy

"Maybe he saw a Twinkie in the corner and was rolling to get it." - Tazz

Jeff Hardy won by DQ when Joseph Park hit a Black Hole Slam on a ref. Park saw his blood then snapped, nailing the ref. The match was good. They both did some false finishes and kicked out of some finishers. Park controlled most of it believe it or not.

Al Snow had an ugly suit on. Snow said no to Ryan.
Ryan said he had heart and could entertain the fans, but the fans booed. They had a loud game show buzzer at the end of his 30 seconds.
Danny Davis said Ryan Howe had potential and said yes.

Bruce Prichard said no. Ryan Howe rolled his eyes.

Bully said it's time to go ruin a main event. Doc said he'd take care of I think a mafia member next week and Anderson told him to quit campaigning for VP. They both argued, Bully got in and told them that if they argued as much as they put forth effort into taking out people, they'd be better off.

I'll be reviewing TNA One Night Only - Hardcore Justice 2 tomorrow live at 8PM with pics and gifs!

Gail Kim said she'd take care of Terrell next week. They announced a Joker's Wild Gauntlet for 25 points next week too.

X Division Title - Austin Aries vs Manik vs Chris Sabin

Manik got powerbombed by Doc on the floor.

My DVD ran out since it was 11, so no gifs of the finish :(
Chris Sabin won with a Super Cradle Shock. Great match here. They got to have a free match without the bs and it was great. They hit some big moves, moved at a great pace, got some near falls and it was exciting. The big highlights were the finish and Sabin getting DVD'd on the apron. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: I thought it was a good show with some good wrestling. There were a couple decent matches here, so this was good with me. Not must see though, minus the main.

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