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TNA Impact Wrestling 6/27/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 6/27/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Sting came out and talked about beating up Bully last week and brought out Kurt.

Kurt compared Ace's to the MEM and said the MEM stick together. I guess he forgot when he left Sting laying a month ago at the PPV.

Kurt said the goals were to take out Ace's and take the belt off Bully Ray.

Ace's jumped Sabin in the back and held him against a truck wall.

Bully told Sabin not to challenge for the TNA title because Bully said he was a bad man. He also told him to watch out for his knees.

They did a feature on Adam Ohriner for tonight's Gut Check Challenge. He said he is who he is and his goal is to win. He wants to make a good first impression.

X Division Title - Chris Sabin vs Suicide vs Kenny King

Suicide won with a sunset flip in a botched finish. The ref counted two and King's legs were on the ropes but the ref counted anyway. This was all action but wasn't very memorable or that good. Crowd wasn't into it either. The big move in this match was a King powerbomb on Sabin while Sabin was superplexing Suicide.

Hogan came out after with TJ Perkins who he said has always been the real Suicide and claimed the Suicide in the ring was a fake. The fake Suicide then ran for it. Of course, they've done the who is Suicide thing a million times over the years and TJ Perkins has never been the answer.

Hulk demanded that Suicide unmask tonight.

Ryan Howe aka Ryan Skidmarks from Tough Enough had a promo video for his Gut Check Challenge tonight.

Gut Check Challenge - Ryan Howe vs Adam Ohriner

Adam Ohriner won with a fast powerslam. Well, he's big. Not like TNA is hurting for big guys though with Rob Terry, Crimson and Matt Morgan. Skidmarks had a good look and a cool entrance where he played guitar with his mouth but he stunk and got no air on any flying move he did. He will always be Ryan Skidmarks, no matter what he does.
MEM talked backstage but I couldn't catch what they said. They left the hallway and went through a door.

Bully asked TJ Perkins if Sting and Kurt put him up to this, but he said they didn't.

TNA Knockouts Title - Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

Mickie said Sky doesn't like her because she's the champ and gave her a chance to leave and not get hurt.

Mickie James won with what looked like a double leg STF. Mickie stuck to working the knee and I liked that but it wasn't very interesting otherwise. It went too long. Mickie's finisher was cool though.

Velvet was crying and said she was heartbroken at her loss.

Bobby Roode passed MEM in the hallway and they looked, stared and smiled.
Hulk quizzed a ref on Suicide.

BFG Series - Magnus vs Bobby Roode

Magnus got an upset win to get to 17 points with a Michinoku Driver. Good match here with a nice pace to it and a crowd that was into it. The timing was good and they both worked their roles well. Rating:***

Ace's went looking for Suicide in the locker room. They told Jesse to lay off the carbs.

James Storm talked about beer and said he knew Gunner could have his back.

Robbie, Jesse and Tara came down. Robbie ripped on Storm for not choosing him as a partner. He said him and Jesse were the future of tag team wrestling.  Robbie called their team "The Broman's".
Storm heard Bromance as did I. Gunner took a shot at Jesse to end the segment.

MEM said they would go talk to Suicide.

BFG Series - Samoa Joe vs Mr. Anderson

Samoa Joe won with a choke after Ace's interfered and MEM cleared them out. This wasn't very good and thankfully it was short. After the match, Joe hugged MEM and I think Samoa Joe joined the Main Event Mafia.

Joe was given a suit jacket backstage and joined the Main Event Mafia.

Hulk told Suicide to come out or be stripped of the title.
 Suicide refused to unmask.
Bully said he scared Sabin which got Suicide the belt.
Suicide unmasked at Aries and Aries found a way to get another title shot.

Overall thoughts: I liked the Roode/Magnus match, the ending and little else This dragged for me and I didn't really enjoy this one. It just didn't click for me.

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