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CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 12/22/1984 Review

CWA Memphis TV 12/22/1984 Review

Lance Russell and Gordon Solie are your hosts!
Jimmy Hart said one of his Dirty White Boy's had car trouble so Danny Davis (Not the WWF Danny Davis) will be The Dirty White Boy's partner.

Danny Davis and The Dirty White Boy Len Denton vs The Louisville Sluggers - Steve Constant and Tim Ashley

Ken Wayne nails Ashley with a chair
Len Denton got the win over Steve Constant with a backdrop suplex. This was all squash and Ken Wayne nailed Ashley with a chair. After that, Constant was checking on his partner when he got suplexed.

"You made a statement that you would be our worst nightmares. Well, you're gonna see what a nightmare can be. We're gonna be in your sleep." - Ken Wayne
"No one's gonna burn us in front of 8 million people." - Danny Davis
"Especially not you, you're not gonna use us for steppin' stones." - Danny Davis
Apparently, The Louisville Sluggers had taken The Nightmares masks. Ken Wayne said they'd take The Louisville Slugger's tights since they don't have any masks to take off of them.

"We've got a lot to learn." - Steve Constant
"As Steve said, we got a long way to go." - Tim Ashley
Playboy Frazier aka Uncle Elmer came in.
"Please quit sendin' me those undergarments. I don't want 'em no more." - Playboy Frazier
Hart said Frazier had an open contract out for any match.

CWA International Champion Eddie Gilbert vs Dave Johnson

"Is this the guy that is the Great Black Hope or the Great Black Dope?" - Jimmy Hart
Eddie Gilbert won with a mean looking forearm smash. Eddie slapped Johnson around and pretty much embarrassed him here.

Eddie Gilbert got interviewed.
Lance announced that Terry Taylor would fight Eddie on 12/28 and Eddie pretended to vomit. Lance called Taylor a "hunk". They did a video on Taylor.
"On Friday, we're gonna turn a hunk into a punk night." - Eddie Gilbert
"Lance, if you know any good plastic surgeon's give 'em a call. If you know any good ambulance drivers, give 'em a call." - Eddie Gilbert | "You remember that movie Scarface? Well the next time they have it, he's gonna be starring in it. Scarface 2 starring Terry Taylor, believe it." - Eddie Gilbert
They then did a Adrian Street video to "Tip toe through the tulips" which was very odd.
Lawler did a promo.
Lawler said that Street's dress and actions were just ways to fool opponents and that he is a "worthy contender".

Jerry Lawler said he went to a home for special-ed kids. He said he met a kid there who used to have many pictures of Lawler on her wall. She then said she gave them to others because Lawler told someone "to go to hell". Lawler then apologized for the language.
"You can stay up all night, spend 7 days on it, you'll never pull anything on Jimmy Hart." - Hart to Marlin
Hart said that Eddie Marlin was trying to turn Troy Graham against him by having Graham's team called The Interns, team against him.

Troy Graham came in and said Hart is jealous of him.  Graham said Hart didn't give him any money while he was injured and Hart offered money to him. In case you are wondering why Graham was dressed like this, I believe it was because his team The Interns were a medical themed team, so he dressed up like a doctor.
"You wanna hit me? Here, take a foot, baby." - Troy Graham
Graham brought out The Interns and Hart left.

The Interns vs Jim Jamison and Ken Raper

The Interns won in seconds in a quick squash. The one Intern used a chair and wasn't DQ'd.
Troy Graham attacks from the wheelchair

Lawler did an ad for a building company.

"What do you mean, Handsome Jimmy Valiant? I think I'm better looking than Jimmy Valiant." - Mike Sharpe
"When I hit Jimmy Valiant with this big right hand, he's gonna be shakin' all over the floor." - Iron Mike Sharpe

Iron Mike Sharpe vs Johnny Willhoyt(?)
Sharpe won with a shot with his wrist protector after possibly putting something in. This was a decent squash. The crowd was livid at Sharpe and Johnny put in a good show with Sharpe bumping for him.
"Strength, power, nobody can understand it. Nobody can understand me." - Iron Mike Sharpe
"Yeah, uh why don't we do a Nurelco (commercial) and we'll get back to us." - Lance Russell
Jerry Jarrett came down to talk about ticket prices.

They did an alert for some missing children, Catina Hooks and Kelly Hollan Jr.. From what I could find, Kelly Hollan Jr. is still missing, but no info is available for Catina Hooks. If you know any details, call this number - 502-564-102. I'm being serious here too. 

The Batten Twins vs The Nightmares

The Nightmares won with a double clothesline. The crowd was into it and it was pretty basic, but okay. They went right to the finishing stretch when Lance mentioned they were running low on time. Hmm...interesting.

Overall thoughts:
Not a really great episode. Iron Mike Sharpe was the highlight here and this was a little bit weak, but not boring or outright bad.

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  1. Damn.....can't believe it's been that many years. Good times for sure...

    Tim Ashley