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TNA Impact Wrestling 7/11/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 7/11/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I reviewed TNA Hardcore Justice 2 here:



Bully was mad at Brooke getting engaged.

Ace's came out.

Bully wanted to talk to Sabin. He called him "junior" and "little man" and warned him not to trade the X Title in for a World Title Shot. He said Ace's would vote in a new VP tonight.
He then talked about the mafia. He said Ace's say no to any challenge from the mafia. The Mafia came out.

Angle said the Mafia would take out all members of Ace's next week.

The Mafia said they'd announce their new member tonight and said he was a heavy hitter.

We got an ad for WWE Money in the Bank. I'll be reviewing it live with pics and gifs starting at 730PM Sunday.

Joker's Wild Tournament - 6 teams are selected at random, and the wining teams fight in Royal Rumble for 25 BFG Series points

Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park


Joe got the win with a choke after an AJ flying forearm. Decent and quick match here. Nothing too special to it due to the time but it was fine for what it was. During the match, Tenay told Taz to shut up and stop putting himself over and instead watch the match.
Joe and AJ stared each other down after.

Magnus & Ken Anderson vs. Jay Bradley & Hernandez

Tazz said Magnus should take an Anderson tag and be a gentleman, even though Anderson was part of the attack to put out Magnus.
Taz started talking about bugs.

Magnus rolled up Hernandez after Bradley accidently tripped Hernandez. Anderson and Magnus couldn't work together and Anderson didn't even get in. Anderson was naturally then thrilled at the win. The match was okay but not special.

Roode wasn't happy about being down in BFG and Aries wasn't happy about losing the X-Title. Bad Influence came in. They called Aries/Roode "Dirty Heels" and said there was a good chance they would fight them in the gauntlet tonight.

Austin Aries & Christopher Daniels vs. Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Kaz pinned Daniels, possibly by mistake to win. Daniels got force tagged in by Aries at the last second and got tagged, then Kaz got the win. Fun match with each partner having to deal with their own partner on the other team. Aries and Roode went at it but Daniels and Kaz didn't want to fight, until Kaz got the win on Daniels. This was too quick to be great but it was good.

Bully said they were voting for the new VP now.

Hulk wanted to talk to Brooke about Bully. Brooke said the truth is she isn't worried about it and is worried about the ladder match.
Bully said he wouldn't vote for the new VP. Anderson got Wes, Bischoff, Knux went with Anderson.   Doc got Devon, Tazz to vote. Mr. Anderson is the new Ace's and 8's Vice president. Doc and Knux argued after and Knux said it's not about Doc.

Ladder Match - Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim

Gail won here. Great match with new spots. Gail tied Taryn Terrell's hair to the ropes and did a nasty figure four on the ladder. They both took some hard bumps and this was just so much fun. These two did it again! Gotta love it! Look at the gifs! Rating:****

Angle and Kurt said their man was here in a few.

Gauntlet match
AJ and Magnus start off.

Taz and Tenay argued about things being predetermined, saying AJ predetermined when Kaz came in.

Kaz went out on a AJ backdrop and was eliminated. Taz talked more about things being set up and it's like hello, this is wrestling.
I'll be reviewing this live.
Anderson and Roode came in.

Anderson clotheslined AJ out while he was siting on the ropes.

Joe clotheslined himself and Anderson out.

Magnus won with a reversal pin. Good match here neat the finish. Mag and Roode exchanged submissions and brought some drama. We got a little bit of the Mafia teaming up during this and AJ's bump out looked like it sucked.

Hulk came out, said there tons of Hulkamaniacs out here. He talked about Destination X. He brought out Chris Sabin.

Hulk called Sabin "The Greatest". Sabin talked about his comeback from the injury.

Sabin went to give hulk the belt when Bully came out. If Hulk grabbed the belt, wouldn't the transaction be complete? Or do they have to stall and wait for Bully?
Bully told Hulk that him and Brooke had unfinished business. Bully said Hulk got everyone in trouble with Bully.
Bully called Sabin a little boy. Funny since Bully has a whole 2-3 inches on him. Bully said he'd beat up Sabin if he challenges him, Sabin said shut up.
Sabin said he was the only person to kick out of the 3D. Yeah...about that.

Bully said Chris would have to fight Ace's, Sting and the Mafia stopped it.

The mafia announced Quinton Rampage Jackson as the Main Event Mafia's Heavy Hitter and said they would make sure Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray is 1 on 1 next week.

Overall thoughts: I thought this was a very good show with most of the matches being good and the ladder match being really good. This one flew by and I really recommend the ladder match.

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