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TNA One Night Only - Hardcore Justice 2 Results and Review

TNA One Night Only - Hardcore Justice 2 Results and Review

JB and Tenay are at the booth.

We got a couple minutes of a music video to "Adrenaline Rush", which featured hardcore TNA moments. This was overtly long.

Street Fight - Latin American Xchange - Homicide and Hernandez vs The New Church - Slash and Sinn

Hernandez won wit ha splash from the top. This was decent at times but broke down with the weapons in the middle. Slash was the highlight here. He took some big bumps, did cool moves and looked great. He looked more impressive than Hernandez and had more personality.
ODB talked about her and Jackie fighting before and ripping out dreads.

No DQ - ODB vs Jackie Moore

ODB won with a TKO. This was a mess. They used different kinds of lotions and sprays as weapons and just hit each other with them. It looked so cheap and ruined the match. Jackie threw powder near the end. ODB put some kind of whipped cream in Jackie's butt.
KAz said he was undefeated in ladder matches and said GM was was respectful, but they won't win that way. Daniels said he was a softcore guy, "sorta that Cinemax style".

Daniels said this was their house and gave us permission to worship them. Daniels was on the ladder though and the camera's didn't move, so you couldn't see him.

Ladder Match - Bad Influence vs Generation Me

Kaz got the contract after Daniels threw a drink in a Bucks face. Crazy match here. One of the bucks fell off the ladder, but springboarded on their way down and did a flip dive to the outside. Kaz also hit a cutter from the ladder and smacked his leg bad on a ladder after being backdropped. Lots of ladder shots here and a good crowd. Good match. The funny thing was on the replay, they showed none of this and instead showed the finish with no bumps. TNA TNA! Rating:***1/2
James Mitchell and Mesias talked to Park and said they wanted revenge for Abyss years ago getting them out of TNA.

BI talked about beating the best in the world and discussed how to spend their cash.

Hardcore Gauntlet Match - 2 Cold Scorpio vs Guido vs Crowbar vs Sam Shaw vs Gunner vs Crimson vs  Johnny Swinger vs Shark Boy

 Crowbar and Guido were out first.

Crimson came out while they used golf clubs in ring. Sam Shaw came out next.

Johnny Swinger came in, hit people wiuth a crutch and while he was cheering himself, Guido came behind and pushed him out of the ring.

Funaki came out with a rail and eliminated Guido with a superkick.
Devon Storm/Crowbar got eliminated. 2 Cold Scorpio came out.

Scorpio eliminated Sam Shaw and his technicolor pants.

Scorp and Shark got Funaki on the turnbuckles and pushed him out. Scorp went out next by Crimson and Gunner. Shark Boy then ended up winning this after hitting Gunner and Crimson with fish.
The match was totally goofy but Funaki and Shark Boy were the most over and the highlights. Naturally, neither are on the roster. This was all weapon shots.

Ace's did a promo and said they own this place and they'd get hardcore. Doc did interviews here and called Wes "Wild Wes".
We got that long and stupid Bully Ray vid where he explained why he joined Ace's.

Hardcore Elimination Match - Ace's and 8's - Doc, Knux and Wes Brisco vs  James Storm, Magnus and Bob Holly

They pimped Holly's book.

Holly took out Knux with a Alabama Slam and pinned him. Wes then schoolboy'd Holly. Magnus then pinned Wes and Doc pinned Magnus. This all happened in 30 seconds.

Storm then won with a last call superkick. This wasn't very good. It was too long and slow and just didn't fit in with the show. It was mostly rest holds too.

The showed a video of Barbed Wire Masscare from years ago with Abyss vs Mesias.

 Park was looking for Abyss in the back.

Monster's Ball Match - Joseph Park vs Mesias

Park won with a chokeslam. Not a real great one here. It was slow and the weapons stuff was weak. I liked the cheesegrater to the nuts though. After the match, Mitchell hit Park. He woke up from his trance but didn't hurt him, though he got close.

Team 3D cut a promo. They ripped their ECW brothers saying they were fat and drunk and stuff. They said Runt had no friends and couldn't find a partner.
They naturally didn't really explain any reasoning behind this match.

Tables Match - Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt(Spike Dudley) vs Team 3D
Bully got on the mic and kicked out So Cal Val and Earl Hebner. Bully said Earl should be in grave already. Bully forgot to talk in his Bully Ray voice for a second and actually is high pitched.
Bully threatened a "redneck" in the crowd and said that his "father and mother were brother and sister". Bully said Bob Holly looked 75 years old. He said, "I beat up Bob Holly so bad, he never drove a race car again". Bully was pretty funny here. Bully said Runt was annoyed at the Bully/Brooke wedding.  They said Dreamer was at a buffet, Sandman was at a bar, they didn't know where Balls was. They offered to put Runt through a table and end it now.

Runt told his brothers that they sucked and said Hardy was his partner.

Hardy won with a splash through a table. This was a lazy match and had one missed table try before the finish. This was quick and a pretty lame main event.

Park said he wasn't in his element and said he liked the court room better.

James Storm when you want your butt kicked, call him.
LAX said they are the past and the future of TNA. They said they'd be back on an Impact.

Shark Boy said his fish Esmerelda helped him win.

ODB talked and said Jackie could use the shaving cream she put on her for later. ODB said she lost but she kicked her butt.

Runt called his brothers scum bags and Hardy said they did what they had to do.

They pimped the next PPV to end this.

Overall thoughts: This was a one match show. This show as typical TNA stuff. There were some moments that made them look really corny and cheap and I don't think it is good that the most over people on the show, aren't even with the company. Some of the wrestlers didn't put much thought into their matches and I can't figure out why there were more non-TNA wrestlers on this show than TNA wrestlers. Watch the ladder match, skip the rest, though the gauntlet had its moments.

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  1. I think the ladder match deserves more than 3.5 stars. at least, it deserves 4 .. or 4.25 ! it was SUPERB !!!