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Ring of Honor TV 7/6/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 7/6/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

 Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

 C&C won with the Overtime. This wasn't anything special. They kept the pace quick and Silver was a little bit obnoxious but it wasn't real interesting. Tons of dropkicks here. Tadarius Thomas and ACH came down during this to watch C&C.

Nigel announced that Mark Briscoe won't be in Steel Cage Warfare. He said he needed to find another person to take his place. Steen said he needed to be put in Steel Cage Warfare.
Nigel said Steen started Scum and he didn't trust him. Steen said he wanted payback and wanted to kick Scum's asses.

Scum jumped Steen but Whitmer, Elgin and Lethal made the save.

We got the same ROH promo for Wisconsin where they couldn't tell us any of the matches. We also got the same Wolves promo about the hunt being on.
Red Dragon shilled a free picture of them. I don't see too many people taking them up on that.

Veda Scott vs MsChif

MsChif won with Obliteration. Good match here. Obliteration is a facebuster with the opponent on the middle rope and is followed by MsChif driving their head into the mat. MsChif hit a german on Veda on the outside and they even had a little scream off for a second there. This was mostly all about Veda trying to hang in there and I enjoyed it. Steve Corino was unbearable here though constantly saying "babymaker" for the girl's stomach's. Rating:***

Adam Cole said he'd put on a good match and a good fight when ROH goes to Dearborn, MI.

Silas Young vs Adam Page
Silas said he was embarrassed to follow a women's match and said the women should be cooking. He said he was the last real man in wrestling.
Silas ripped Page's haircut and said Page spends more time on his hair than his wife does.

Page won with a roll-through. Good match. They started off fast and furious. They brawled on the outside where there was a sign saying something to the effect of Bill Cowher is in ROH, with a Silas Young picture. Page hit a suplex from the rails and Young did some good stuff. I enjoyed this one and it was a surprising standout on the show. Rating:***
Young beat up Page after the match.

ROH TV Title - Matt Taven vs Eddie Edwards

Kevin Kelly said he hoped Scarlett kept her top on and Corino called him a liar. Kelly said, "you might have a point there".

"Great shot of Scarlett...Is there ever a bad shot of Scarlett?" - Steve Corino

Matt Taven won with a headlock driver. Great match. The crowd was very hot, Edwards was good and these two just gelled well together. Taven didn't get too much offense in but he looked as good as Edwards and this is another one of his standout matches. Eddie chopped Taven a ton, did an over the corner dive and double stomped Taven's spine. Near the end, Edwards almost ran into Sulyezia, which got him distracted, when Taven hit the headlock driver. Rating:***1/2
"What is that?" - Corino

Overall thoughts: Great show with three good matches! This is definitely worth your time and a really fun hour of ROH.

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