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Ring of Honor TV 6/29/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 6/29/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Tonight's show features matches from ROH Best in the World. Even if you ordered the PPV, some of this may be new to you since the broadcast had so many errors in it.

Also, I'd like to note that The Briscoes have been released from ROH. I wrote more about the situation here:

It appears that I missed the first one or two minutes of this show. My apologies.

ROH Television Championship - Matt Taven vs Jimmy Jacobs vs Jay Lethal

Matt Taven got the win after Jacobs hit a Rebound Cutter on Lethal. Oh was this ever sleazy. Really sleazy. Taven got his pants pulled down and wrestled for about a minute with his butt exposed. then, Scarlett Bordeaux got her top ripped off by Lethal exposing her chest. They blurred both things out nautrally. The match was good but they didn't need to do the nudity and I'm sure the parents with their kids in the crowd were absolutely thrilled at all of it. I'm not sure why Scarlett agreed to that spot and you never know, it might hurt her WWE chances someday.The match really didn't need any of those shenanigans and all of those shenanigans ended up bringing the match down and making ROH look low rent. Also, if any executives happened to see that, it might not be good for ROH. At any rate, I hope all of that was worth the trouble.

There were some good bumps in this match. Jacobs went splat twice on the outside and Taven took a nasty backdrop where he was thrown in the air and landed down hard on his head. Jacobs also got thrown headfirst into a rail. If they would have just stuck to the wrestling, I would have enjoyed this more.

Truth Martini did a promo for "A Night of Hoopla". He promised a pants off dance off, Delirious and Brendell Cheeseburger. During the promo, he had his hoopla hottie with the weird name take off her shirt. ROH is really going overboard with this stuff.
ROH was shilling texts for a picture of Maria this week.

ROH Tag Titles - Red Dragon vs SCUM vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

They did promo's during a commercial break.
Larry Legend had no idea what the card would be or who would be on it, but told us to come anyway.
The American Wolves did their usual bad promo and Davey Richards said he'd make Bobby Fish famous. If anything, that match would be famous for how boring it would be.

Fish kicked Alexander in the back of the head to win. This was a waste of time. It was extremely short and all it had was a few dives until the finish. Of course, the camera's missed some of the dives.

No DQ - Kevin Steen vs Matt Hardy
Steen asked for this to be No DQ since SCUM was gonna get involved anyway.

Matt Hardy won with a Twist of Fate through two chairs. This was good early then got worse as it went on. SCUM interfered multiple times and that's where it went downhill. After that, they stuck to weapons shots and that was the gist of this. Jimmy Jacobs arguably took the worst beating here and he wasn't even in the match as he took a few powerbombs on the apron. There was also a funny spot where Compton was going to nail Steen with a chair but then realized that chairshots aren't allowed in ROH and instead hit him in the back instead. If they would have kept SCUM out of this, I would have enjoyed it more.
SCUM beatdown Steen to end the show.

Overall thoughts: The show was all repeats from the PPV, so if you saw that, there was no need to see this. The threeway and the Steen/Hardy matches had equally good and bad parts but I think most people would like this.

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