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Ring of Honor TV 7/27/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 7/27/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

No Corino on commentary for the opening match.

Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux vs The American Wolves
Zizou is Zinedine Zidane's nickname. Zidane was a famous soccer player and is probably more well known by non-soccer fans for headbutting Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final. It was funny but he didn't help his French team en-route to getting kicked out and losing the Final to Italy. They said Zizou Middoux is from South Africa and they are pushing that the Middoux/Sydal team are partyboys.

The American Wolves won with double stomps on Middoux. This was fine. The faces looked pretty good though they love to add extra flips onto everything, but they worked well as a team and showed some potential. Mike Sydal in particular seems to improve everytime I see him. The Wolves just kicked the faces and hit the stomps for the win. After the match, Richards pointed at the camera and called out Red Dragon while the faces refused to shake hands.

We got a package on the ROH/SCUM feud. This got about 8 minutes.

Larry Legend and Adam Cole did promo's for 9/3. Cole said he would become champ on 9/3.
Veda Scott shilled a picture of herself.

Steel Cage Warfare - Ring of Honor vs SCUM - Elimination Rules
Corino came down and mentioned something about Steen having flat tires, when Kevin Kelly brought up that Steen had flat tires and didn't come to the building.
Scum won the coinflip to get the 2-1 advantage. They are starting with a 5 minute period followed by 2 minute entrance intervals. Steve Corino becomes the ROH matchmaker if Scum wins and Scum must disband if they lose.

Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer were the first two in.

Rhett Titus was the 2nd in.
Kevin Steen cut a promo during the commercial and said he starts on the title path on 8/3. Michael Elgin came in.
Cliff Compton came in next, throwing powder.
They ziptied Elgin to the cage.
Compton jumped off the top and helped give a spike piledriver to BJ Whitmer to eliminate him.
Jay Lethal came in next with a chair. He hit a Lethal Combination on Jacobs on the chair. He also brought in something to untie Elgin from the ziptie's.
Rhyno came in next but didn't last long as Lethal hit a flip then a cutter to eliminate him.
Kevin Steen entered and Matt Hardy attacked him from behind. The door of the cage got unlocked during this and many people went outside.
Lethal took out Rhett Titus with a flip and a cutter.

Jacobs stopped a flip and a cutter by Lethal with a chair then put him through a table. Compton helped out and Lethal got eliminated by a double pin.

Elgin eliminated Compton with a ligerbomb from near the top of the cage. He powerbombed him as Compton climbed up.

Steve Corino jumped in and threw a fireball at Michael Elgin. Jacobs then pinned Elgin.

Corino brought in a pyrotechnics kit and threw lighter fluid on Steen. Jimmy Jacobs tried to stop it as Corino elbowed him away. Nigel McGuinness then walked in.

Nigel decked Corino and Hardy went to nail him, when Steen hit the package piledriver on Hardy.

Kevin Steen then got the win, hitting a package piledriver on Jimmy Jacobs with Nigel McGuinness's assistance. So Steen thanks Jimmy Jacobs from saving him from becoming a human torch by hitting him with a package piledriver?

Well, the finish ruined the match for me. It made no sense and made Steen look like a total jerk. The match was okay. These type of matches are just hard to do when you have so many people in a cage though. There is little room to move around and you can't do a ton of big spots. The first half of the match was also not very noteworthy. I didn't like the ending as I mentioned above so there wasn't much that I did enjoy here. It had a couple of okay spots, but I was pretty underwhelmed. This really wasn't on par with other ROH cage matches, but atleast it means that Scum is finally done. Now that is something to celebrate.

I'd also like to mention that Corino made tons of low class jokes throughout involving BJ Whitmer and drugs/booze.

Nigel and Steen celebrated to end the show while Adam Cole watched on from the aisleway.

Overall thoughts: It was a good episode overall, but I think others will enjoy it more than I did. The cage match was underwhelming and the finish was pretty dumb.

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  1. ROH is just uninspired and probably the second worst TV I see each week. PWX (local Pittsburgh) is wretched TV, but thanks to Directv I get very good episodes weekly of Prime Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Traditional Championship Wrestling. Those are all much better offerings from the indy circuit