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Ring of Honor TV 7/20/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 7/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Scum was in a limo talking trash that supposedly Matt Hardy paid for. They said they would help Hardy win the title tonight. Hardy said he was closer to them than his brother.

Tons of mic problems tonight as Kevin Kelly is really low while Corino is super loud.

Will Ferrera vs Adam Cole

Roderick Strong came out and said Cole made a bad decision at Best in the World. He said he had a chance to do the right thing but didn't do it.
Cole said he wanted to win and didn't care that he won by count out and apologized if what he did was disrespectful. Cole said he couldn't fight his opponent and instead wanted to fight Strong. Will Ferrera walked out not even looking half mad.

Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole
They cut during the match to a commercial and did a shill for a free pic of MsChif.

Strong won by DQ when Adam Cole used a chain. This whole segment was really dumb. First,  Adam Cole cut a promo straight out of Full House about not wanting to win unfairly and giving Strong a rematch. Their match was slow and really wasn't anything interesting to special. During the match, Corino talked about texting Cole and giving him advice to be more rough in the ring and stuff. Later on,, after a dumb ref bump, Corino threw a chain in for Strong. Strong grabbed it and Cole ended up getting a hold of it. He then decked Strong for the DQ.

We got the same promo's we got last week from Larry Legend and BJ Whitmer about upcoming house shows and no matches.
We had members of team ROH talk about the Steel Cage Warfare ROH vs SCUM match for next week. Whitmer/Lethal/Elgin didn't trust Steen. Lethal said Steen better be on the right side.

Scum arrived in a limo.

Hardy offered $20, then $80 and then more for a fan to rip up his "Fat Hardy Wrestling Fraud" sign. The fan stupidly didn't take it then Scum ripped up the sign for free. I found this humorous.
Larry Legend and Elgin talked about the Ontario show, again having no idea what matches would be on the show.

ROH Title - Jay Briscoe vs Matt Hardy

Steve Corino did  a very exaggerated intro for Hardy that must have taken 2 minutes alone.

Jay Briscoe got the win with a cradle. Decent but long match here. The story was Hardy working Jay's injured shoulder and not being able to put him down. He cheated and used multiple Twists of Fate but Jay wouldn't go. Jay didn't get too much in return but Hardy did kick out of one of his Jay Driller's, which is the second time that has happened in the last month. The crowd was rough early on and got a little bit more into it near the end but it's hard to have a hot crowd when there were so many empty seats.

Scum beat up Jay Briscoe after. Corino hit him with quarters and Rhino attacked then Mark made the save. Scum beat him up then beat up and ziptied Elgin and Lethal and hit Conchairto's on Jay, which the camera's didn't show well. Hardy then Pillmanized Jay's shoulder by jumping on it with a chair on it. Naturally, the camera's didn't show that well either. Kevin Kelly then completely oversold the whole situation and told Corino that he hoped he burned in hell.

Overall thoughts: This show was mostly all wrestling but it was just okay and nothing really special. The main was fine but I didn't like it that much and the opening match was dumb.

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