Monday, June 24, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/24/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/24/2013 Preview

Tonight's edition of Raw should be a slow episode. Last week had so much happen with the return of Brock and Christian, the unretirement of Mark Henry and Punk leaving Heyman. There is no way tonight even has a fraction of all that going on. I'm really not expecting much from tonight's show.

The only confirmed match tonight is Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan III. It should be a good match but it may have another screwy finish to lead up to the next PPV.

I'd expect John Cena cutting a longer promo on Mark Henry tonight. He definitely will try to run him down as a liar and Henry will take credit for fooling everyone. CM Punk will also definitely be talking about Brock's destruction of him last week. This could set up a match between the two in the near future.

Expect a lot of Paul Heyman tonight. He is definitely going to be talking about Brock and will be out there for whatever Curtis Axel does.

Speaking of Curtis Axel, Miz and Axel got into it last week and it is possible they could be going at it tonight. If they do fight, Wade Barrett won't be far behind.

The Shield will be doing something with Christian. They attacked him last week on Smackdown and he will surely be on the mic tonight talking about them. Don't be surprised to see him taking another powerbomb from The Shield.

I'll be reviewing tonight's show with pics and gif's live at 8PM EST. Stay tuned!

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