Thursday, June 13, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling 6/13/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 6/13/2013 Results and Review

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Hulk said it was an act of God to keep him from hammering Bully last week. He said he told Brooke to stay home this week. He said we'd know everyone in the BFG series tonight.

Hogan Grandfather'd Hardy in since he won a BFG Series. Roode then came out.

Roode said he was undefeated in BFG and Hogan said next week, they'd have a vote from the fans about which one of the two gets in. Roode then said he'd kick Hardy's ass next week on Open Fight Night.
Bully said BFG didn't matter because Bully was going to beat them anyway and asked why Ace's was in BFG. Hogan said Ace's would have a battle royale for the spot.
Bully said Roode and Hardy were targets and ordered his boys to attack. Ace's got cleared off and Roode took a free shot on Hardy.

B.I. said they had the advantage in BFG because there were 2 of them.

Winners get into BFG series - James Storm & Gunner vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian  

BI shocked me and got a surprise win out of nowhere to take this. The match was pretty fast paced and the match was quick.
 Velvet Sky said she had something in an envelope for Mickie.

Crimson talked to someone about being gone for the last year.

Winner gets into BFG series - Joseph Park vs. Crimson
Crimson talked about his undefeated streak.

Park got whooped by an aggressive Gunner but hit a roll-up out of a corner charge to win out of nowhere. Gunner looked decent here and I'm not sure if Park hit two moves in the match.
Mickie James was excited for the package Velvet had for her. She also talked to herself in the mirror.

Velvet said she had the solution to her and Mickie's problems in the envelope.

Velvet had a letter saying she was cleared to wrestle. Mickie thought it was faked. She then said, Velvet was still injured and kicked her in the knee and put her in an awkward STF. You shouldn't ever wrestle in heels everyone.
Matt Morgan was mad about the Sting match from a few weeks ago, saying he never lost and was mad that he had to be in a qualifier for BFG.

Winner gets into BFG series -Magnus vs. Matt Morgan vs. Rob Terry vs. Kenny King

Magnus beat King with a version of the falcon arrow. The pace was fast and this didn't go too long so it wasn't bad. Morgan hit the Brogue Kick on Terry right on the chin and nailed it good. King also got gorilla pressed about 10 feet in the air by Terry.

EY was nervous and said he was going to reel in Aries tonight.
Rampage put his chain on backstage.

Sting came out and said he failed against Bully Ray.
Sting was pissed that no one helped him and he said Ace's was like family. Sting said he needed to make his own family.

Sting said he needed a mafia. Sting then said, The New Main Event Mafia. If it results in Scott Steiner and no Kevin Nash, I'm in.
EY met up with ODB in an Ice Bar. He said he had been busy and she told him to bring back chicken. They mentioned not defending the Knockouts Title in 6 months.

Winner gets into BFG series  - Eric Young vs. Austin Aries

ODB got in the ring and fooled around with EY for no reason.

Taz said EY had a Cheez-Whiz beard and said he found a skittle and a chicken bowl in there.

Aries won with a brainbuster. The match had a lot of comedy in it but Aries was pretty good.

Ace's had a meeting but they didn't say what about. Doc wouldn't agree on it though and they literally had everyone go around the table and say "yay" to the plan. Doc then let out a burp for us. Thanks Doc. Why not have Devon rip one while we're at it?

Sabin said he could have been in Aries place had he not been injured. He said he didn't know if he'd give up the X title for a world title shot or not.

Winner gets into BFG series -  Battle Royal with all Aces and 8s members
I'm picking Ace's to win this. There is your dumb joke for this review. I'll stick with the reviews, I promise.

Anderson won this one. Ace's threw it. Anderson eliminated people with finger guns, finger poke's, tricking Devon into going over the top to get a table until it came to Doc. Doc could have eliminated him with a nasty burp but instead pounded on him and they got into it. Doc refused to throw this one and ended up getting thrown out by Anderson. Ace's was not happy.
Quinton Rampage Jackson asked Angle what he meant when he said he'd fight Jackson when Jackson was ready and Kurt told him, Jackson needs to train in wrestling first, just as Angle would need to train in MMA to beat Jackson. Jackson accepted this and left. This was a waste.

Ace's argued backstage. Doc said he wanted to step up. Bully said it was okay, but they need to show unity. Doc apologized and Doc said he'd take it upon himself to take out AJ Styles for turning on Ace's.

Winner gets into BFG series - A.J. Styles vs. Kurt Angle 

AJ suplexed Kurt on his head with a corner suplex.

AJ won with a surprise roll-up after Kurt stopped the Ace's guys and AJ went behind him for the win. Strong match with a dumb finish. Kurt took like 3 nasty falls on his neck and AJ got belly to belly'd on the floor. He also took a top rope german but landed on his feet. Ace's beat up Kurt after but Rampage Jackson came in and cleared them off. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Not a great TNA show. I've seen worse but there was little of redeemable value here minus the main.


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