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TNA Impact Wrestling 6/6/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 6/6/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

My Slammiversary review is here:

Bully Ray came out. He did his usual stuff on the mic and ripped on Sting. He said he deserved to be in the Hall of Fame.

Bully said he had no more competition and Hogan came out. Hogan said next week would be a Bound for Glory Selection Show.

Hogan announced Bully Ray would fight Jeff Hardy tonight.
Hogan then announced a ladder match with a hammer hanging above for tonight, that can be used by whoever grabs it.
Chavo was disappointed about losing the tag titles but said him and Hernandez were both in the Bound for Glory series.

Hernandez vs Chavo Guerrero

Hernandez won with a pin. Chavo was up in the Razor's Edge but he rolled out and Hernandez followed to get the pin. The match was short but perfectly fine. They teased tension but they shook hands and hugged.
Quinton Rampage Jackson arrived in the back and talked to James Storm.

Devon called out Abyss to give back the TV belt.

Joseph Park came out and was mad at Devon for beating him up at Slammiversary. Abyss' music came out but he didn't. Devon said he would find him.

Joseph Park's mouth bled from the beating.

Bound for Glory Qualifying match - Robbie E vs Samoa Joe

E said he was the MVP of last years series and would put down whoever he faced tonight.

Joe won easy with a choke in no time at all.

Velvet Sky was on a Georgia Lottery ticket. Velvet announced she'd have a match with Mickie James tonight for the title.
They did a package on Kurt Angle.

They said Quinton Rampage Jackson would come out next.

Rampage said he took his slams from wrestling and wanted to be the best, so he had to beat the best. Kurt Angle came out and they had a stare down. Kurt took him to have a match with him when he is ready. They shook hands. It was a good segment and was tense. I'm looking forward to that match.

Jeff Hardy said he just came back but was looking forward to go against Bully.

Bully asked where D'Lo was and Anderson said he had a headache. Bully said they got rid of him and Anderson asked if the VP spot was open. Bully questioned being in a ladder match. Anderson asked if he needed help tonight and Bully said, a good VP knows how to make that call

Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm vs Kenny King, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

Sabin got the win with a Perfect Driver. Good match here with a fast pace to it. It went about 6 minutes or so.

Devon and Knux beat up someone who they thought was Abyss in the back.
Brooke Hogan put over the Terrell/Kim match which was great.

Knockouts Title - Mickie James vs Taeler Hendrix

Mickie won with a kick. She faked a knee injury near the end for a distraction and the pin. The match wasn't that good but looks wise, Taeler is definitely ready.

Abyss jumped Knux and Devon in the back. He said he was taking the belt to the Abyss.

Sting said in a tweet that he was mad about being left alone on Sunday. He should be mad.

They announced AJ/Angle for next week, along with a Sting appearance and Roode/Aries vs Gunner/Storm.

Ladder Match for a Hammer - Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray

The match result maybe went to a no contest. I really don't know. Bully grabbed the hammer and dropped it. Hardy got it and went to nail Bully but Bully ran to the back. Then he bent over and Hogan popped up behind him with a hammer. Brooke yelled for Hulk not to do it and then Hulk and Bully had a staredown with Bully leaving. The match wasn't that great and really was tame for a ladder match. The best part was when Bully took a ladder to the crotch and yelled to Taz "Tazzzz, my balls!".

Overall thoughts: The show was good as a whole but the ending was disappoinintg. I liked the Angle/Rampage stuff and some of the undercard matches were fine.

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