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WWE Wrestlemania 29 Results

WWE Wrestlemania 29 Results

Welcome to my WWE Wrestlemania 29 Review. More pics and gifs will be up tomorrow.

The Raw leading up to Wrestlemania 29 is here:

My Wrestlemania 29 predictions are here:

They had a panel with Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes and Kofi Kingston talking about the show. Matt Striker and Josh Mthews opened the show and Scott Stanford moderated the panel. Dusty talked about streaks and stuff being on the line, JR mentioned how he started at Wrestlemania 9 and Kofi was probably mad that he wasn't on the card.

Alberto talked over video about how anything is possible in America.
JR said Jack Swagger was focused and ADR will have to be hard tonight. Kofi  said both men were focused.

Dusty said ADR needs to be at his best tonight.
They did some kind of text this number to win a trip to Wrestlemania 30 deal.

They showed a HHH/Brock package.
Dusty said tonight would be a mess with HHH and Brock.
Jim Ross said Dr. Heymanstein has his monster Brock Lesnar.
Tony Dawson was with the fans outside. He met someone who said they went to all the Wrestlemania's.
Miz was with Snooke. She offered to tweet Miz's speedo. Miz said he would beat Barrett tonight and take the title. Wade was saying that Miz should worry and said he was serious tonight.

Mark Henry said this would be Ryback's first Wrestlemania and would be memorable because he would be entered into the Hall of Pain. Renee Young was the interviewer.
Dusty Rhodes said Mark Henry is a bad man and Kofi said it would be two immovable objects.

They ran a package on the Wrestlemania press conference and then one on The Undertaker.

Renee Young and Tony Dawson were at the Izod Center on the PPV feed.
Tony Dawson was somehow live in two places at once, as he was interviewing fans at MetLife stadium.
They had fans talking about favorite WM matches.
 The guy from 30 Rock got interviewed by Josh.
Renee Young and Tony Dawson were talking about Jack Swagger on the PPV feed.
Dusty said the Viper could talk down The Shield.
JR picked the Shield.

Pre-show - Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs The Miz
The Miz got the win with the Figure Four. Quick match here with Wade busting out Wasteland but Miz kicking out. Miz went for the F4 a few times before putting it on Wade for the win. The match was okay but nothing special.

Wrestlemania 29 Main Show
They did a package on Superstorm Sandy with Chris Christie.

 Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show vs The Shield
Show ripped off Dean's vest and slapped his chest.
The Shield won. Rollins got caught off of a dive into an RKO and Orton got speared by Reigns for the win. Orton took a tag meant for Show, Show got upset and turned on his partners after. Good match here. Seth Rollins bumped head first into the guard rails, Show hit a huge spear and Orton took a huge fall into the rails off of a Rollins kick. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/2

They aired a long Cena/Rock video.

Ryback vs Mark Henry

"That's what I do." - Mark Henry
Mark Henry got the win here. Ryback had him for the Shellshock, but he collapsed. Henry fell on him and pinned him for the win. The match was a little slow but not that bad. After the match, Ryback hit a spinebuster on Henry and then hit a Shellshock.

WWE announced a partnership with the special olympics and had Chris Christie out there again.

WWE Tag Team Titles - Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston
Team Hell No got the win after a top rope headbutt on Ziggler. The match was okay but not that great. Big E was in there a little bit. Dolph tried to use the briefcase near the end but Kane stopped that.

 Chris Jericho vs Fandango
Fandango had dancers in purple.
Fandango beat Chris Jericho. Jericho went for a Walls of Jericho and Fandango reversed it. They pushed that Jericho tweaked his knee on a lionsault which caused him to lose. Decent match here. Fandango got whooped for most of it but was up for 3 legdrops from the top.

They did a promo with people saying they are one of the millions and doing Rock impersonations.
P Diddy performed.
He did a medley of Mo Money Mo Problems, All About the Benjamins and I'm coming home.

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Zeb Coulter ripped on NYC and everyone for the most part before the match. They had some kind of ATV out there.
Alberto Del Rio got the win with an armbar. The match wasn't that bad but not that great either. There was very little heat and they mostly worked submissions. It had a slower pace to it as well.

The Undertaker vs CM Punk
In Living Color did an awful performance of Cult of Personality for CM Punk.

The finish
The pin
The Undertaker beat CM Punk with a tombstone. Strong match here naturally. The highspot with CM Punk doing an elbow from the top on the table. CM Punk did Old School and mocked Taker's mannerisms and tongue. The ref went out near the end and Punk almost slipped one out, but Taker recovered and got the win. Rating:****

No Holds Barred, Triple H must retire if he loses - Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

Triple H beat Brock Lesnar, naturally. Like HHH was gonna job to Brock. The match was good but the crowd wasn't too into it and they were pro-Brock. A "break his arm" chant even broke out for Brock. Triple H got the win with a DDT on the steps, a sledgehammer shot and a pedigree on the steps. Brock was really good here especially in the beginning. The match may have went a little too long though and it was silly to even tease that Triple H could beat Brock with a kimura. The early part of the match was the highlight with Brock suplexing Triple H on the floor multiple times and Brock ending up on his head twice.

They introduced the Hall of Fame for 2013.

They announced a Wrestlemania 29 attendance of 80,767 and showed that Wrestlemania 30 will be in New Orleans.
The Funkadactyls and Tons of Funk vs Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins did not happen due to time constraints. They didn't finish the HOF and Wrestlemania 30 stuff until 10:15 which was too late.

WWE Title - The Rock vs John Cena
This is also for the ProWresBlog Title.
Cena told Rock to drop down after a shoulder block.
John Cena beat The Rock  with an AA at Wrestlemania 29. The match got better near the end but had a rough start and an over-reliance on finishers. The match went from the opening to the finish with nothing in between. The match got better near the end though. Cena teased the People's Elbow but stopped himself. He even hit a Rock Bottom at one point. The crowd got into it and it ended up being about ***1/4 stars. After the match, they hugged. Rock looked sad and then they shook hands and posed together at the end.

Overall thoughts: The show was good as a whole with no real bad matches. Nothing too phenomenal though. Punk/Taker was easily the match of the night though I never felt CM Punk would win. I enjoyed Brock beating the crap out of Triple H. Fandango was fine and the WHC match was okay. I'm glad to see the Shield win and I liked their match. Overall, it was a good Wrestlemania.

Post Show
JR said that Cena won through counters and tonight, he was the better man.
Dusty Rhodes said it was an amazing night.
JR said wrestlers don't show enough respect to each other and he liked Cena/Rock hugging and shaking hands.

Renee Young interviewed The Big Show:
Big Show said his opponents turned on him, he didn't turn on them. He said his opponents didn't want them. He said he sacrificed himself and he wanted to prove himself, but he never got the tag. Big Show said Randy Orton took his thunder and no one will ever do it again.
JR said Big Show is an emotional guy and is going to be a dangerous threat to watch in coming weeks.
Dusty Rhodes said Ryback was a little too late and Mark Henry is a bad man. Kofi said he was really impressed by Ryback's Shellshock, as was JR.
Dusty Rhodes called Ryback Paul Bunyan by lifting Henry like an ox and said he called that match.
Kofi said that Fandango winning was one of the biggest upsets. Dusty said Jericho took Fandango too lightly. JR said he would keep his eyes on Fandango and could be a hall of famer someday.

Jericho said it was a great upset and gave him credit. He asked where Fandango would go with this and if he would be here tomorrow or next year? He said when he won the undisputed title, it was a part of history, but it was 10 years ago and you could only build so much off of it. He asked if this would be Fandango's only day in the sun or not.

Kofi said you could never take this night away from Fandango.
JR said Punk wore the same colors Undertaker debuted in. He said it was the best match on the show and a Match of the Year candidate.

Zeb Coulter said that Swagger lost because of politics and he and Swagger aren't going away.

 JR and Dusty said Swagger had a bad game plan trying to match submissions with Alberto.

Triple H was in the trainer's room for his arm.
Kofi said Triple H had no quit in him.

They talked about Rock/Cena. Dusty said it was unbelievable and Cena shouldn't have dwelled on his problems.
JR said Cena was the better man and he believed he would win to close the show.

Thank you everyone for checking out my review. It's been a long 5-6 hour review! See you tommorow for WWE Monday Night Raw 4/7/2013  and more pictures and gifs from Wrestlemania 29!

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  1. thanks a lot for all your work, sir.

    I didn't enjoy wrestlemania a lot. it was overall a 6.5/10 PPV for me. which is just like you described it "good but nothing phenomenal".

    hhh beating brock is my saddest moment of the year up to now ... seriously, the guy is the WORST !