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Wrestlemania 29 Preview

Wrestlemania 29 Preview

Wrestlemania 29 is only a few days away. I'm excited for it. Wrestlemania is still Wrestlemania no matter what and it is probably the day I most look forward to each year.

My prediction for the show as a whole is that it will be good. Maybe it won't be great, but it also shouldn't be a total disaster. Let's take a look at the card and I will tell you why.

There is only one match scheduled for the Pre-show at this time, but I feel there will be another match of some sort. Most likely it will be a battle royale.  I cannot offer any predictions for it though as I have no idea who will be in it.

Pre-show - Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs The Miz
These two have been feuding for a while now. The Miz for some reason is always protected, especially on WWE Main Event. I have no explanation for it except that the WWE really likes him regardless of what everyone else thinks. Wade Barrett has been the opposite though. They re-debuted Wade Barrett last year and it seemed that he was on the short track to the main event. He started off strong but then his push kept declining and declining. He's been doing some jobs and two weeks ago, he got kicked in the balls by Triple H for absolutely no reason at all. This made him look like a joke and his stock is probably at the lowest its ever been since NXT at this point. Due to this, I am picking The Miz to win. WWE is behind him, they seem to have no idea on what to do with Wade and they may do a title switch to get the crowd hyped up. WINNER - The Miz

The Funkadactyls and Tons of Funk vs Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins
This match should be quick and fast paced. If the girls are in there and Brodus stays out, it could be good. This is one of the harder matches to pick in my opinion. The faces could win because they are faces and faces usually have the edge in random matches. The heel team features the returning Bella Twins who would be my sole reason for picking the heels to win. Regardless of who wins, we haven't seen the end of this program since not much is going on with any of the 8 people involved and I don't see that changing for a while. Since I think they will want to do some happy dance off at the end, I'll pick the faces. WINNERS - The Funkadactyl's and Tons of Funk

Chris Jericho vs Fandango
Fandango will finally debut here and I can't see him losing. It's possible, but Jericho has nothing to gain here and a win would get Fandango going in the right direction. The match should be pretty good and Fandango will hopefully get to show off how good of a wrestler he is. WINNER - Fandango

WWE Tag Team Titles - Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston
This is Big E Langston's debut and it is really hard to pick against someone debuting at Wrestlemania. Winning the tag titles is almost a punishment since the tag division is constantly being destroyed. However, Big E needs the debut win and Dolph really has nothing going on at the moment. While Dolph does have the MITB briefcase, he has not been pushed at all and his stock is slipping by the day. Sadly, the tag titles do not seem below him at the moment. Big E is the key here. The match should be decent. WINNERS - Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

Ryback vs Mark Henry
A lot of people are excited for this one but I think they are going to be disappointed. The best case scenario for this is a match under a few minutes long. Anything longer is not going to be good and even a short match has no guarantees of quality. Ryback being in this match confuses me, especially since he should be fighting The Shield. The Shield storyline started with him and it is odd how he has completely dropped out from that storyline. This match could go either way but Ryback shouldn't be taking any losses and he shouldn't be taking one here. WINNER - Ryback

Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show vs The Shield
A lot of people are looking forward to this and I guess I am too. This should be a good brawl with relaxed rules and lots of weapons shots. There should be teases on whether The Big Show can get along with his team or not. The Shield should look strong and will probably make some kind of error near the end to lose. The Shield has been cooling off and I'm not sure what else is really left for them since WWE has no other trios and they haven't pushed any of them in singles matches yet. The only way they win is if Randy Orton turns heel, which has been a rumor. WINNERS - Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Many people are picking this to open the show, including myself. The match may be okay but it won't be anything great. Swagger's new character never caught on like WWE had hoped and it is a miracle he is even still on the card after getting arrested. Alberto Del Rio is basically 2012's Sheamus. He is going to be the face of Smackdown for the foreseeable future. He will need opponents though and that is where Swagger might be the favorite. Sheamus/Alberto has been done to death and beyond as has Alberto/Big Show. Orton/Alberto had a longer feud at the end of last year as well and I have no interest in seeing them going at it again. That leaves us with basically Jack Swagger, Ryback, Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler remaining. Swagger winning would be fresh but I don't see any money in it and he's not over enough, so I can't pick him here. WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

No Holds Barred, Triple H must retire if he loses - Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
This should be good but will probably be overrated. I'm expecting and hoping for blood here as a Brock Lesnar match needs it. Brock Lesnar is becoming known as "the world's most expensive jobber" though and I expect him to live up to his nickname here. I'd absolutely love it if he won but Triple H is Triple H and we all know he will get his rocks off by beating Brock Lesnar. Add in his retirement stipulation and it pretty much confirmed to me that Brock has no shot of winning here. I'm thinking Shawn Michaels gets involved as Brock will take him out early and Shawn will recover near the end to screw Brock Lesnar over and ensure the Triple H victory.  WINNER - Triple H

The Undertaker vs CM Punk
This feud picked up due to the death of Paul Bearer. I know a lot of people have found this storyline to be offensive but Paul always seemed to have fun with his character. I know some people also did not like Punk winning a four way to get this match. The idea wasn't bad but I would have preferred a tournament ala Antonio Inoki to decide who gets the big chance at ending Taker's streak. If you are picking CM Punk for this, I have a bridge to sell you. I cannot see that happening in any way whatsoever as The Streak should be an unbreakable record and Punk wouldn't gain much from it other than saying "I broke the streak". The match should be good, but it will depend on how bad The Undertaker is injured. He turns it up for Wrestlemania though and CM Punk is a good worker so the match should be pretty good. Taker will surely be getting some revenge here and will probably be giving Punk quite the licking. WINNER - CM Punk

The Rock vs John Cena
I'm not really into this one. John Cena's nonsensical and on the fly storyline of him looking for redemption has been pretty stupid. I didn't buy it at all especially since he was totally cool with losing to The Rock on the Raw after Wrestlemania last year and he's established many times that losses don't bother him. If he doesn't care, why should I?

I don't have high hopes for their match. Their match last year really wasn't that great and The Rock was never a 5-star worker. Yes, he had some great matches but those matches usually had great storylines and opponents to go with them. I'm expecting a 20+ minute match with John Cena pulling it out. Cena and Rock will hug with Rocky putting Cena over as the man and the crowd will boo it. WINNER - The Rock

There you have it, folks. I'll be reviewing Wrestlemania 29 live with pictures and gifs on Sunday. I'll have full coverage from the pre-show to the main event so stop by and check it out! I'll also have more pictures and gifs up on Monday as well!

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