Sunday, April 21, 2013

WWE Superstars 4/20/2013 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 4/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Tons of Funk vs Primo and Epico

"Did I get him?" - Brodus
Tons of Funk got the win with a double splash. The match was okay but it went way too long especially since it had an obvious result. I liked Tensai busting out some face moves like the armdrag and the monkey flip and Primo was decent. Rosa did a whole lot of booty shaking, so this gets the okay from me.

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka
Striker said this came about due to Tamina bragging that she should be women's champ amongst other things and Natalya took exception to it, which led to this.

Natalya won with a sharpshooter. Pretty good match with awful commentary. Striker messed with Tony Dawson the whole match, calling him Tony Shalhoub and Tony Siragusa amongst other names. He contributed nothing and hurt a good match. Tamina was stiff here, Natalya eventually returned fire during her nice comeback and then picked up the win in a fun match. Afterwards, she celebrated with a fan who proceeded to look down her shirt. Rating:***

Overall thoughts:
Both matches were atleast decent, so this was a good edition of Superstars.

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