Saturday, April 13, 2013

WWE Superstars 4/12/2013 Resuls and Review

 WWE Superstars 4/12/2013 Resuls and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Uso's vs Primo and Epico
"Rosa's so hot, they should rename her Fan-DAMN-girl." - Matt Striker
The finish
The Uso's got the win with a Samoan Splash. You know, Rosa Mendes is probably the worst manager right now. While she is hot and good to look at, she is a gigantic distraction every time she is out there. A lot of it is her fault for doing the constant dancing and stuff but the cameramen are at fault too for constantly focusing on her. It's coming to a point where it is really hard to watch any match involving her because she ends up as the most important person in the match. She also doesn't really put over her team in any way, as she takes the spotlight for herself and it is not like she can talk on the mic or take a bump.  I really feel bad for Primo and Epico because it really makes them look bad when the manager is the most important part of the team. The match here was okay. I liked the comeback by Jey Uso with different kicks, but the heel controlled sections were not very interesting at all. The Uso's looked fine, but we've seen this a bunch of times and it was virtually unimportant.

The Great Khali vs Darren Young
Should I even bother? Khali will win with a chop.

Khali won with a brain chop as expected. All Khali did was chops here of different sorts. Young clipped him and tried to work the spinning toe hold until getting kicked off and chopped for the Khali win.

Overall thoughts: Skip this one. There was nothing really to see here.

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