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WWE Monday Night Raw 4/15/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/15/2013 Preview

What you should expect
After a classic episode of Raw last week, I expect things to be a little bit more routine this week. There will surely be no turns of any sort and no title changes. The build-up to WWE Extreme Rules 2013 will be on though.

Ryback will make an appearance of some sort and will probably explain his actions from last week. I don't know how they will explain this but I guess that he will say something about being the biggest and baddest dude in the WWE and he got sick and tired of Cena and his behavior. I'd expect a promo from him and another possible attack on Cena. Cena will most likely cut a promo as well.

Dolph Ziggler will surely be out to brag after winning the World Heavyweight Championship next week. Someone will interfere, which will set our World Heavyweight Championship match for Extreme Rules 2013. While we don't know who it will be, we can scratch a few people off. Mark Henry will be busy with Sheamus and ADR will be working his injury. This leaves Randy Orton, Big Show, and Jack Swagger free(more on him coming up). We should have an idea tonight of who he could be facing.

Due to the Boston Marathon bombings, Jack Swagger will probably not be on TV tonight. It wouldn't be a good night for that gimmick and if WWE were smart, they might want to give him a night off or at least keep him off of the mic. Also due to the Boston Marathon bombings, expect a graphic and a possible speech.

In other news, one of the main events for WWE Extreme Rules 2013 is set to be Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in a Cage Match. Something will happen tonight involving that, with most likely Triple H talking on the mic before taking a Brock Lesnar attack.

The Shield will also surely be on the show tonight, building something up with Team Hell No. I wasn't sure if The Undertaker would be Team Hell No's partner after The Shield went after Triple H on Smackdown, but with Triple H being paired with Brock, it seems likely. I'll assume that The Shield will attack Team Hell No during a match tonight.

We will also be getting more on the Fandango vs Chris Jericho feud. Y2J should be getting some revenge tonight and challenging Fandango for a rematch. Will the crowd be Fandangoing? Probably, but not at the level of last week's Raw. I think the Fandangoing peaked the same day it started.

Finally, I would keep an eye out for something with The Miz and Wade Barrett. I don't think their feud is over yet and an Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules seems likely.

I'll be reviewing Raw live with pictures and gifs, so check back during the show

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