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WWE Main Event 4/24/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 4/24/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

JBL brought out Mark Henry.
JBL brought up Henry's "That's what I do" line and said he'd like to see him wrestle. He said he's seen a lot of wrestlers decimate another wrestler, so Henry said he'd take on two men.
JBL brought up Big Show and Henry said, how about 3 superstars?

JBL then asked Mark about taking on 4 superstars to get the respect he deserves. Henry said he'd do it as "that's what I do" and said, "now bring em out here".
"Come on, bring somebody." - Mark Henry
I'm not a Mark Henry fan so seeing him in 4 matches doesn't sound like something I'd like.

They announced The Shield vs John Cena and Ryback for Raw.

Mark Henry vs Jimmy Uso
Henry won in seconds with a WSS.

Mark Henry vs Jey Uso
"Look at you brother, see what he got." - Henry
Henry won in another quick squash with a WSS.

They announced The Undertaker vs Dean Ambrose for Smackdown.

Mark Henry vs Santino Marella
"You see that?" - Mark Henry to JBL

Mark Henry won another lame squash with a WSS. The crowd chanted boring and started Fandangoing.

Mark Henry vs The Great Khali
Surely this one will save the show!
The Great Khali won by count out when Mark Henry walked out after a brain chop. Thank God. This sucked. This whole crapfest lasted over 37 minutes with the 4 matches.

Interview with Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter
Coulter said Swagger would win at the PPV and then brought up Thomas Payne, who isn't American. Zeb said Payne left England so he is. So what does that make half the people he's ripped on?
Zeb said Jack would win on Smackdown and Swagger just said his phrase a few times.

Overall thoughts:
Main Event went from the best show to the worst show in no time at all. WWE doesn't even care enough to care less with this one. Skip this piece of lazy crap.

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