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WWE Main Event 4/10/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 4/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Shield vs. Tons of Funk and Kofi Kingston
It took around 9 minutes and 30 seconds for the match to start from the beginning of the show.
Seth Rollins got the win with a flying knee off the top on Kofi. The match was oddly booked. Tensai was the Face in Peril and made the hot tag to Kofi Kingston. Think about that one. No cheating was involved either. This went about 10:15 and got better when Kofi got the hot tag. It was rough before that though. I just wasn't buying into Dean Ambrose and Rollins controlling Tensai easily. Hate to say it, but I think Tensai is being brought down to Clay's level in this team.

The faces got beaten up after with Tons of Funk both getting powerbombed.

Matt Striker wanted to interview Dolph Ziggler, but Big E Langston came in instead. Striker asked him about debuting at Wrestlemania and Big E Langston did a Carlton-like voice from the Fresh Prince saying it was great sarcastically. He then said he was upset he didn't win, but the next night on Raw made up for it. He then said he's looking forward to his match next.

Big E. Langston vs. Zack Ryder

Big E Langston won in a short but good squash here with The Big Ending. Big E has that explosiveness of Goldberg that makes these squashes work.

Zeb Coulter came out with Swagger and asked why Boston plays a Canadian sport like hockey. He also mocked the TD Gardens name as he didn't see any vegetables.
He then called Paul Revere a turncoat.

Jack Swagger vs Yoshi Tatsu
I almost typed in Jack Swagger vs Paul Revere. If only. I'd buy that one.

"What kind of name is Yoshi?" - Zeb
Zeb made fun of Japanese food and chopsticks and then offered to shake Yoshi's hand as he was making a point. Zeb then offered a bow and Swagger kicked him. This segment was pretty awesome and I found the bow kick pretty funny.
"The moron's the one that just got kicked." - JBL
"Say it. Say it." - Swag
Jack Swagger beat Yoshi Tatsu with the Patriot Act. This was a good squash fro Swagger. He looked vicious and showed some personality while Zeb was pretty awesome. Yoshi was fine but like always, got to show very little. Good stuff here.

Overall thoughts: Good show as a whole here with some fun squashes and Zeb being awesome.

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