Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WWE Main Event 4/3/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 4/3/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Miz vs The Prime Time Players
I can't think of a single reason for having this match. Miz is on the freaking pre-show of Wrestlemania and the PTP's aren't even at Wrestlemania!
Wade Barrett came down to watch.
Wade said The Rock would win at Wrestlemania and he wants Brock Lesnar to beat Triple H to "get revenge on my behalf".
The Miz beat The Prime Time Players with a Figure Four on Darren Young. This was absolutely pointless and it went over 20 minutes! This was a no-win for everyone involved. Whose cornflakes did the PTP's pee in by the way? I can't recall any other tag team getting jobbed out quite like them. Would it have killed them to give Miz a partner or just have him fight one of the PTP's?

We got over 24 minutes of commercials/recaps after this.
Matt Striker asked The Big Show if he would be turning a new leaf now that he is teaming with Sheamus and Orton. Big Show said he wasn't and that his partners don't want him to. They want him to be more cruel. He said the only leaf he is turning is his fist.

Overall thoughts: This was a recap show with one stupid match and an interview. Skip it.

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