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Dramatic Dream Team 9/29/2019 - Who's Gonna Top 2019

Dramatic Dream Team 9/29/2019 - Who's Gonna Top 2019

DDT gets a bad rep. You pull your pants down one time and no one wants to watch you..but in all seriousness, once you get past the comedy, there's usually some good wrestling to be had.

MAO & Masahiro Takanashi vs. Mizuki Watase & Shunma Katsumata
In order - Shunma, Mizuki, MAO and Masahiro

The finish
Mao hits a big dropkick early on Shunma. MAO hits a big back body drop on Shunma. MAO spinkicks Shunma as he tries to springboard. MAO does a capoiera backflip, they block superkick attempts then he does a capoiera headkick. Masahiro gets double suplexed, and then double dropkicked from the top. Shunma does a nice flip tope on MAO. Masahiro then got the win with a leg clutch pin randomly. This was too short to be anything special.

KO-D Tag Titles - DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao) (c) vs. ALL OUT (Akito & Yuki Ino)
In order - Akito, Ino, Sasaki and Takao

Sasaki throws a rugby ball at Ino. Then he tries to spear him, but Ino doesn't budge. Akito gets tossed into  Ino and goes down. Sasaki then chairs Ino on the outside. Takao stands on Ino in the corner. Sasaki beats up on Ino for a bit, then gets tossed overhead. Akito karelin's lifts Sasaki. Takao jumps over the ropes and in and dropkicks Akito in one swoop. Then he sits on the top rope and DDT's him. Takao and Akito try to pin each other in various ways but can't do it. Akito does a nice rolling kneebar, then turns it into an anklelock and a deadlift wheelbarrel suplex. Ino gets back in and misses a haka dance into an elbow. Takao runs the ropes and hits a forearm after each one then finally hits a flying forearm.

Takao throws Sasaki into Ino, who then knocks him down and Takao too. Takao doublestomps Ino's back from the top as Sasaki holds him then they double superkick him. Sasaki doves a nice diving elbow from the top and finally gets his spear in on Ino, but he only gets a one count. Ino full nelson's him then jumps up and sits down. Ino accidentally hits the ref and Sasaki hits him with chairs, making them stack around his neck. He tries for a 4th chair, but Ino spears him with the chairs around his neck!

Sasaki tries for a hurricanrana on Ino, but gets caught. Then Ino runs the ropes multiple times and makes him flip with a lariat. Ino then spears him and Sasaki bumps nice for it. Takao pulls the ref out to save the pin, then he mists Ino. Ino accidentally spears his partner since he is misted, then Takao does his version of the MK Ultra, where he ends up sitting on Ino. Sasaki then wins it with a crippler crossface.

This was really good. Ino was a bit silly, but they really put him over and Sasaki was just great all throughout, doing everything. The first half was so so, but the second half really picked up with a great finishing stretch. 

DDT Extreme Title - 3-Way Elimination Match -  Jiro Kuroshio (c) vs. HARASHIMA vs. Tetsuya Endo

Jiro has a great entrance. It goes on forever and he visits every side of the arena while teasing entering the ring. Endo takes a seat during it. Is there anyone more fit for DDT than Jiro?

They do 3 way spots early with each person grabbing an arm and then everyone getting behind the other. Jiro gets his jacket put over his face and they fight in the stands. Endo and Jiro double leglock Harashima and he double heel hooks them. They take turns chopping Harashima, then he stacks them across on the ropes and knees through them. Endo does a running shooting star. Jiro backflips out of a backdrop and then Endo pele kicks him. Endo rushes Jiro in the corner, gets thrown up and goes to the floor. Harashima tries to superplex Jiro, but Endo jumps up and powerbombs Harashima during the superplex.

Harashima dropkicks Endo, who flies into Jiro. Then they are both down and Harash tries the double knees on both, but they move. Then they try to pin him, but both have feet on the ropes and it isn't counted. Endo handsprings into the ropes, but Jiro grabs his hand and pulls him out to hit him. Harashima goes for a springboard, Endo sees it and tries to intercept him in mid-air, but Harashima doesn't go and then splashes Endo, who did springboard(see gif). Jiro then swanton's both of them! Jiro goes for a moonsault and Harashima gets his knees up, tossing him across the ring. Endo spinning racks him and tosses him, then gets goes for an SSP that Jiro gets his knees up for. Jiro MK Ultra's Endo, but Harashima catches him with the double knee press and pins him.

Endo flying space tiger's Harashima, then springboard 450's him. Harashima reverse hurricanrana's Endo and double knees him into the ropes, before taking a reverse hurricanrana, and getting his double knees in. Harashima hits an overhead DDT, where he flips him into the DDT, then he wins it with double knees.

The first half was boring, but the second half was great with tons of action and cool spots. Due to it, I ended up liking it.

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