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NWA Powerrr 10/8/2019 - Episode 1

NWA Powerrr 10/9/2019 - Episode 1
The theme song is Dokken - Into The Fire, which I approve of.

 Jim Cornette and Joe Galli are the announcers. The whole set looks real nice.

Nick Aldis comes out for an interview. They do the old namedropping of various people and Nick talks about how everyone wants the title. He talked about Tim Storm but didn't say anything too interesting. Apparently, he and Tim Storm are fighting for the title and if Tim loses, he can't challenge again.

We then get a tag match. They don't have any graphics, but it appears to be the Dawson's vs Billy Buck and Sal Rinauro?

The Dawson's vs Billy Buck and Sal Rinauro
A Dawson clobbers one with a lariat and they hold the other while they jumping elbow him. Rinauro comes up off the top and takes a punch. The Dawson's sandwich one of them then do a tombstone slam to win.

We then go to an interview.
The Dawson's said they own this place now and are here to fight everyone. They said they are the guys that bullied everyone for their lunch money and said everyone needs to get real acquanted with them.

Austin Idol does a great car commercial like promo for his wrestling school.
Eli Drake is interviewed. He asks if it is NWA country. He said he is coming for people with belts and said his time is now.
Eli Drake vs Caleb Kennedy

Eli hits a hard shoulderblock early. Caleb jumps over a legsweep and then does a nice counter into a monkeyflip. Caleb rushes the corner, finds no one and is caught with a neckbreaker. Drake then hits a nice spinning neckbreaker. Drake running knee smashes him and shoulderblocks him over the top rope to the inside. Caleb hits a couple of nice punches and a high kick. Caleb does a nice tornillo over the top into the inside. Then Eli comes into the corner and Caleb double stomps him down. Conley does a double jump moonsault but gets caught. Eli then won with something like a schwein. This was good. There wasn't a second without action and this really put over Konley.

They show a segment where Storm can challenge for the NWA title, but can't challenge again if he loses.
Some guy invades the booth and says he wants Storm. Tim or James? lol

James Storm finally comes out. He said he's the only Storm he has to worry about. He said the guy challenging him isn't tough and said he can't walk a mile in his shoes. He tells him to go back to his desk job. He calls him a joke and they go at it before it gets broken up.

The Wildcards vs Danny White and Mims

White gets beat up early and Mims takes some lariats before a big spear. Mims gets tossed in the corner, White gets throw in the the hard way and pop-up powerbombed. Then he takes a dragon suplex into a high german and is finished in a good squash.

The Wildcards get interviewed and during it, Eddie Kingston comes out. Eddie tells them he wants to speak and says he will slap them if they don't speak. Eddie says the belts look great on them and said it doesn't mean anything. Eddie said they don't speak for the outlaws and underdogs and they mess up the desk and get in each others faces. Homicide then comes out and they argue. During it, Storm and Joecephus finally go at it.

Joe throws Storm in the ring and Joe wants James to have his hands tied behind his back. They get in there finally.

James Storm vs Jocephus

Jocephus rushes Storm, is superkicked and loses in seconds. I don't know anything about Jocephus, but I bought him up until they made him look like an idiot. I don't know why they did this. Storm then kicked him again and put his thumb in his mouth.
We get a nice package on Tim Storm, showing him being a teacher, husband and grandfather. It made Tim real likeable and a natural underdog.

Tim said he was a family man basically and said the title is most important to him. He said he's going to win the title tonight and he can't lose. He said tonight is the night.

NWA Title - Nick Aldis vs Tim Storm

Tim gets the advantage early with a chop. He starts firing hard on Nick, which the ref has to break up. Tim has full control until he whips Nick into the post and ends up eating it instead. Storm does a nice Ricky Steamboat tribute chop. Bick does a resthold on him and Tim makes a comeback. Nick tries for the figure four but is rolled-up. Storm then tries his own and gets it. Storm hits a superplex on Nick, then goes to the top. He does a crossbody and slips during it. Storm tries a flipping senton and gets the mat only. Aldis then goes to the top and elbows his back from it. Aldis then puts him in the texas cloverleaf. Storm hits the ropes and tries to push Aldis into the ref. He then low blows him and his the perfect storm for 2. Storm headbutts Aldis while thye are both up top and they roll down not too hard. Aldis' girl Camile accidentally gets lariated by Nick while he is out there. Then Storm goes for a suplex, but Nick rolls him up and wins it. The spot with Nick's girl Camile getting hit was really out of nowhere. The match was alright. Not great, but it was fine.
Nick put over Storm in a post match promo. The announcer asked how Camille was and Nick spoke for her. Then Camille refused to speak, with Nick cutting the whole thing short. Nick then walked out to close the show.

Overall thoughts: I liked the presentation, the set, the announcers and so forth. The Tim Storm stuff was good, but I didn't really like Jocephus looking like a moron. Overall, it was a great show and I recommend everyone check it out.

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