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WWE Total Divas Episode 8 Review

WWE Total Divas Episode 8 Review

Last week's show is here:

Nattie wanted to dress up her cat for the wedding and put it in a full nelson.

Nat was doing wedding stuff at her home when her family came back. She has a sister named Muffy, really. Nat's mom made an ugly dress for her.

"Nattie, this is hideous." - Muffy Neidhart
"It has this giant rose on the front of it that looks like a female part." - Nat
The girls were hanging out at the performance center. Jane needed valet's for Raw and Jo got made at Eva saying she was cocky.
John had a problem. He needed Nikki to come to a family reunion. However, it's the day of Nattie's wedding.
Nikki Bella took a bump on the wet ground arriving at a show.
Mark announced "the debut of a new superstar" as Eva would walk out with Nattie tonight. She did that months ago and it wasn't a debut.

Nikki told Nattie she can't come to the wedding and Nat said she planned the wedding so busy people like John could come. Eh, all it means is more cake for Nattie.

Jo was giving Eva some hard love, pretending not to have anything bothering her.
Eva said she was being a little brat and said "screw Jo-Jo".

Nat was stressed about Nikki and the wedding, so Brie offered Nat the chance to put her in a sharpshooter at her wedding.

Eva came out with Natalya vs Naomi. They pushed this as the first time she appeared, even though she had already appeared on TV before a few weeks earlier on Raw. See here -  I reviewed the Natalya vs Naomi match here:

John and Nikki went to the family reunion on a private jet. It's good to be John Cena.

Trin and Jon were on the phone when Ari called about stomach problems.

Trin called the ambulance. Out of respect, I'm not going to post pictures from this. She was having issues with her stomach. They really shouldn't have even filmed this, but hey, ratings, which they didn't get due to airing this during Summerslam.
Ariane had some issue with her menstrual cycle, citing a medical word I can't spell.
"Maybe it's a baby." - Jon Uso | "Ain't no baby. Trippin'." - Trinity
Jo and Eva had their chat. They argued and Eva suggested they live separately from each other since they are together 24/7. I think it's a good idea honestly.

Nat told the girls Jaret was coming tonight.

It rained on Nat's wedding day and she was upset.

Vincent showed up, pissing off Nat. They got back together after the hospital thing.

We went to the Cena family meetup.

John's brother did Stewie Griffin impersonations and everyone was having fun.

At the wedding, TJ and Jaret met up.
Jaret told them about the date and said Nat was having some issues

"Jaret, can we go have a word outside for a minute?" - TJ
TJ said this is weird and Jaret said he thought TJ knew.

TJ saw her in the gown, ruining the wedding tradition.

TJ asked if they should cancel the wedding.

It's wedding time and Damien Sandow was doing some speaking.
TJ and Nat were too busy fighting upstairs to come down.
Nat said they had some issues today and she apologized, but it's their wedding. TJ said any other day would have been better to find out the news about Jaret.

They got married, making Nattie - Nattie Neidhart Wilson. No, the preacher didn't take off his vest to reveal and Ace's logo and sadly there were no sharpshooters. No Uncle Bret either sadly.
Nikki called during the wedding, apologizing.
TJ put up a highlight video of them from wrestling.

Nikki and Cena had a talk.
John said he wanted to see Nikki more and she was too far from him. John asked Nikki to move in with him. She'd have to be a fool to not want to live in a mansion with a freaking waterslide.

We got clips from when the show returns in November. They promised us Vincent/Ariane doing roleplay, Fandango/Nat flirting, Nat peeing her pants, Eva turning evil, Brie/Bryan fighting, Cena getting injured and more

Overall thoughts: It was a show and I'm glad I get a break from it for a while.

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