Monday, September 2, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/2/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/2/2013 Results and Review

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Triple H brought out Randy Orton.
Orton said if you disrespect him, you are disrespecting the WWE. They showed him beating up DB on Smackdown. See it here:
Orton started asking the crowd yes/no questions about his match at NoC with Daniel Bryan.
Triple H talked about his duties as the COO of WWE. He said he was worried about DB's health. He said DB had an ego problem and the crowd doesn't help him by chanting "YES". Triple H talked about Doink the Clown. He said Doink the Clown as insanely popular.
"There's a very big reason why Doink the Clown would have never been WWE champion. It would have been bad for business." - Triple H | "I could bring back the Cruiserweight title or the European title. He could compete for those anytime." - Triple H
"I am thrilled to have been compared to Doink the Clown, but I'm not sure there was ever a loud Doink the Clown chant in 1992 and to be honest, the only two clowns I see are the two clowns standing in the ring right now." - Daniel Bryan
DB said HHH gave up becoming a man and said Orton gave up going for the title until it was handed to him. DB then said Randy Orton wasn't more masculine than Stephanie McMahon.
DB talked about being told he wouldn't be anything in wrestling or the WWE.
DB said Orton would never understand what he went through to get to WWE because Orton was given anything.
Triple H said DB should be angry at The Big Show and mentioned that Big Show had an iron clad contract. Let's not even get into the iron clad contract thing. He said tonight it would be The Big Show vs Daniel Bryan. Overall, this segment took 17 minutes.

Cody Rhodes said tonight's main event would be good if no one interferes. He didn't get why Orton wouldn't defend against DB tonight. Cody said this match would be good for business. Triple H took offense to it. They talked about Cody Rhodes' wedding and said they didn't get invited. Triple H said though that they got Cody a wedding present. It would be Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. If Cody loses, Triple H will fire him.

Fandango vs The Miz

The Miz breaks Fandango's nose
The match continued on the app, with Miz working a chinlock. Fandango got his nose busted open and he had to be attended to by the ringside doctor. They thought this happened from a Miz kick to the face. Lots of blood coming out on a white towel. After about 90 seconds, Fandango ran in and Miz chased after him.

Miz beat Fandango with a Figure Four. This wasn't good. They just didn't match up that well and the match pausing for the broken nose was odd .Fandango debuted a new move where he legdrops Miz and jumps over the top rope while Miz was hung in the ropes.

Josh interviewed Dolph on the app and Brad Maddox jumped in. Brad told Dolph to learn some humility and said it wasn't time to be a hero. Brad said no one liked his attitude and asked him to jump on board. Brad said he didn't think Dolph was learning so he signed Dolph vs a Mystery opponent and said , "Oooh! How fun!".

Booker T returned and said he needed to talk to DB. He told him not to rebel against the McMahon's. He advised DB to give up the title match.
"Tell me you did not just say that." - Daniel Bryan
Booker told DB he could get injured and should be careful.

Dolph Ziggler vs Mystery Opponent -Ryback
"I bet its not Doink the Clown." - JBL on Dolph's opponent
We went to a break with the Total Divas girls arguing. Stephanie McMahon intervened. Ariane dyed her hair blonde and said everyone was mad at what AJ said last week. Steph said they would have a #1 Contenders match with Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella

Dean Ambrose jumped Dolph and said Dolph needs to learn respect, then Ryback came out.

Ryback won in quick fashion with a Shellshock. This was a total squash.
Brad said The Big Show refused to wrestle Daniel Bryan. Steph said this wouldn't be a private conversation.

Josh talked about Dolph.Axel came in and said Heyman wasn't here tonight but that he's better than perfect.

Steph came out.

Steph said Big Show was with her when she was a kid, teaching her life lessons. Problem with that is that she was over 20 by the time Big Show was in the WWE. But hey, don't let facts ruin a good story.

"Big Show, you know you are broke." - Stephanie McMahon | "What are you gonna be? The World's Largest Gas Station attendant?" - Stephanie McMahon
Steph said they met when she was 12. This would mean they met in 1988. Big Show would have been in high school then but he somehow taught her life lessons about wrestling, despite not going into wrestling for 6-7 years later. Big Show must double as a time traveler. She said Big Show was broke and had nothing in the bank due to bad investments and his malls failing. Steph said if Show doesn't perform his duties, he can be fired even though he has an iron clad contract. Steph said he was blowing everything for one match. At least they tried to explain why Show can't just break the rules, which was a good job on their part. I swear people are reading my blog in the WWE as I brought this up.

"Giants don't live as long as normal people." - Stephanie McMahon
Steph said Show's choice was hurting her, but hurting him more.

On the app, Big Show was looking upset backstage. He threw a chair and a box at the wall, he broke a table and banged a pipe on a box. Why does WWE always have these loose pipes laying around?
They showed us how to download the WWE app. If you haven't figured it out yet after 6 months, you got bigger problems.

They announced that Edge will be on Raw next week.

3MB vs The Prime Time Players

"Whistle while you work." - Cole on Titus blowing a whistle and wrestling | "I used to be in a tribute band called OCDC. We played all the hits, just in order." - Lawler

Titus won with the Clash of the Titus. Good match here. They kept it moving and the PTP's did a good job as faces. DY took a rough back bump on the top turnbuckle and did a cool axe handle jumping off of Titus' back. DY also threw a great belly to belly in this. Rating:***

Josh talked about Cody on the app. They showed clips of a Dusty Rhodes vs Randy Orton bullrope match. I have no memories of this.

Paul Heyman was threatening Brad Maddox, being not happy about having to fight Punk. Triple H walked in when Paul talked about this match not being good for business. HHH said Paul always gets out of things and he said he wins whether Paul wins or loses, and that's best for business.

Bray Wyatt talked about Icarus. He said Icarus got warned and he warned Kane that the fire would be his ending.
"Kane made his bed and now he's burning in it." - Bray Wyatt

If Cody Rhodes loses he gets fired - Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes

Josh talked on the app and showed HHH being awarded the title on Raw years ago. We are at the halfway point here and I'm starting to burn out.

JBL said Cody was always jealous of Orton and brought up Ted Dibiase Jr quitting WWE.

Orton controlled the match during the break, working chinlocks.

Randy Orton won with an RKO. The ending was good but the first half and most of the match was all chinlocks which weren't very entertaining. Cody's moonsault to the canvas had to suck but his disaster kicks were cool. Someone on F4W pitched the idea of Sandow costing Cody this which would have been much better booking.

"Cody, it's with deep regret that I have to tell you that you're fired." - Triple H

Triple H fired Cody Rhodes. Is Cody Rhodes really fired? No. He'll be back interfering in a week or two, probably after his honeymoon. The crowd chanted for Cody at least which is a first.

CM Punk came out.

CM Punk promised no more talking and more empty threats. Then he proceeded to talk. Punk said he had the same stick he got beat with last week but that stick broke and this one wasn't broken. Punk said he wanted to fight Paul Heyman.
"I wouldn't wanna fight me right now." - CM Punk
Punk guaranteed that he would get his hands on Heyman and he would show a new side of CM Punk at the PPV.
"Paul Heyman said I broke his heart. At Night of Champions, I'm gonna break his face. I promise." - CM Punk
Big Show said he didn't want anything with their match tonight. Show said he was in a no win situation and couldn't let down his family. DB said he was in a no win situation as he'd beat him as he did for his first title.

#1 Contenders match - Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella

AJ ran in and the match stopped. The girls all beat her up. Naomi was good in the two gifs above. Her rear view was interesting as was her landing on Brie's head on a leapfrog.

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam

ADR came out and during the break RVD did a nice moonsault on Sandow which kind of ended up like a Pele kick.
RVD won with the frog splash. This was actually a good match but most of the best stuff happened during the app, which few people saw. RVD's pele kick to the outside was pretty cool.

Steph made a match for the PPV during the app but I missed it. I'm pretty sure she made a four way with Naomi vs Brie Bella vs AJ ve Natalya.

Cody Rhodes was interviewed by Josh and he was very upset. He cut a great promo saying that the McMahon's always hated The Rhodes and he talked about the various ways Vince embarrassed his family. He said he lost fair and square and left.

The wrestlers were forced to come out and watch the next match.

The Big Show vs Daniel Bryan

Big Show talked through most of this, saying he didn't want to fight or hurt DB.
Show tried to leave and HHH ordered him to finish it.

Show jumped in and HHH tried to stop him from hitting The Shield. HHH called The Big Show "Paul".
HHH ordered Show to nail Bryan. Steph then came out.
Steph encouraged him and Show got back in. They made Show knockout DB and he did.

Orton then came out.

Orton posed over DB to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Not a great show wrestling wise but the promo's and angles were all very well done with Cody's promo at the end being good and Show's whole deal being well done.


  1. I'm pretty sure RVD was going for a moonsault outside the ring, but sandow wanted to get out of the way and didn't get out on time and it just turned into a pele kick anyways ...

  2. agreed about your overall thoughts.

    other than rhodes's match and promos, bray wyatt's promo and big show's acting skills, this show was a waste of time ...

    which is feeling like a trend with RAW and smackdown more in this year than ever before ! the 3 hours is slowly killing me !! other than one or two or rarely three at tops good things, the shows always suck in wwe >:(

  3. Yeah, 3 hours of anything, whether it be ice cream or wrestling is too much. To be honest, 2 hours were too much for me and I'd much rather prefer 60-90 minutes.

    SD is sadly mostly a waste of time. They destroy it with Raw recap's and making it clear that it is the B-sow and has nothing of value.

    On the other hand, NXT is great, Main Event is good and SMS is as well.

  4. Jesus, PTP vs. 3MB a 3 star rating? I didn't think it was good at all. PTP are so boring in the ring.