Monday, September 16, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/16/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/16/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

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Opening video with Punk and Ryback from last night.

DB came out to start.

Loud DB chants.

HHH came out and talked about the fast count. He said the win was tainted and called out Scott Armstrong.

They showed vids of Scott's normal count and his fast count.
HHH said it was a very fast count and Scott had to explain. Scott agreed and said he didn't know.
HH accused Scott of saying to DB "They're onto us" and kicked him out of the ring. He said DB was in a conspiracy.
Triple H vacated Daniel Bryan's title, saying neither he nor Orton were the champ. He said there is no champ. Triple H demanded he hand over the belt. DB refused.

Orton came out after HHH said he would forcibly take it.

DB yelled no and Orton hit the RKO on him.

Dolph was interviewed on the app. He said he would find a way to feed off the people tonight and beat Dean Ambrose.

Orton was mad and wanted the belt back and Steph said he deserved to lose. She wanted the sick Orton that DDT'd her.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

Ambrose worked a chinlock during the break.

Dolph won with a roll-through into a Zig Zag. Good match here with the crowd being super generous to it.

Brad said something to show about Steph meeting with him soon.

They showed Sting vs Stunning Steve Austin on the WWE app from 8/25/1991 for the US title.

Steph met with Show.
Steph brought up Show's suspension from SD. Steph said Show had to sit down and stay out of trouble tonight, unless she calls for his help.

Fandango vs
Josh interviewed the Uso's on the app. They said they'd get a second chance at the belts and they would get it tonight.
JBL was  singing what's up and Cole said, Shut up.

Fandango won with the Alabama Jam. Nothing special here and the crowd chanted JBL.

They said Dusty was going to discuss a business proposition with Stephanie McMahon next.

RVD and Ricardo were interviewed on the app. Josh properly called RVD's move a Van Terminator. RVD said he was happy and it was a good match in his hometown. He said he feels good and will fight tonight.

"I'm not here as Dusty Rhodes, I'm here as Virgil Runnels." - Dusty Rhodes
Dusty cut a good promo about hard times sand "what the hell is good for business?".
Dusty said having two sons you love is best for business.
"Stephanie, whatever that proposal is, you drag them long legs on out here and get on with it." - Dusty Rhodes

Steph had something for him.

Apparently it was something from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Steph said she could get a job back. But Dusty had to choose whether Goldust or Cody Rhodes would get the job back. Dusty had to choose.
Steph said Dusty tried to make this about himself.
Dusty told her to go to hell and The Shield came down.

She told Big Show to come out to make it even.

 Steph made Show choose between knocking out Dusty Rhodes or having The Shield beat him with chairs. Show choose to do it and The Big Show knocked out Dusty Rhodes.

This whole segment was phenomenal and one of the best WWE segments in a long time. I loved the way they played out this whole thing and it was done so well.The only thing that would have made it better if they went Star Wars style with Obi-Wan disappearing into ashes after getting sabered by Darth Vader.

Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron vs Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla

Brie won with a facebuster. The crowd was so dead here. Natalay's headset wasn't working and they tried to play it as AJ having something to do with it.

Miz and Maddox were talking about something.

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam won with a frogsplash in quick squash. This was just RVD hitting moves until the finish. They played the wrong music for RVD's exit.
Sandow bragged about the briefcase after.

Triple H fired Scott Armstrong.

They announced:
The Miz vs Randy Orton
Miz got jumped. The refs had to help him up during the app after another Orton shot.

Orton destroyed Miz here in a good segment. Miz and his parents sold this really well but of course it was kind of dumb that they had to embarass another face in their hometown.

Paul Heyman was in a wheelchair and was calling himself "The Best in the World".
He bragged about pinning CM Punk. He said he would continue to torture us through Ryback.
Ryback said Punk wouldn't be able to put his hands on Paul as long as he is around.

#1 Contenders Elimination Match - Tons of Funk vs The Uso's vs The Real Americans

Cesaro stole a pin on Clay to eliminate ToF.

The Uso's won with a Samoan splash. Really good match during the RA's/Uso's portion. They just went superfast and hit all of their spots. Tons of cool stuff going on with a hot crowd. Rating:***1/4

Cole said that Miz's neck wasn't broke but he has a damaged thorax. Dusty was also conscious but would be held overnight for observation.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo.

People in the back were rooting on DB.

Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

Orton came out.

Reigns caught a DB dive and threw him hard into the rails.

DB won by DQ when people jumped in. This was near 30 minutes long and was great. They took it slow and worked an old technical style match with Regisn throwing in really cool power stuff in between. It was his best singles match ever and DB really carried him well. The big highlight here was Rollins getting absolutely blasted above with a baseball slide. Rating:***1/2

There was a big brawl at the end of the show with the faces pulling together to take out the heels and doing the Yes chants.

Overall thoughts: This was a classic and must see Raw with some good matches and lots of good segments. I really enjoyed Dusty's segment and Miz's wasn't bad either.


  1. Disagree with you about Miz's parents. His mom sold well, his dad was a stone wall and no sold everything.

  2. HHH: Hey Ziggler, we’re in Cleveland tomorrow, aren’t from around there?
    Ziggler: Ye…No, not even close, Florida, I’m from Florida.
    HHH: Good news, Miz!

    you see, for Miz’s family, the day Randy Orton graced their village, it was the most important day of their life. But for Orton, it was Monday.

    but I just wished that they’d quit dodging the subject and talk about that fast count from last night. (sarcasm, for those that didn't understand)