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WWE Night of Champions Results and Review

WWE Night of Champions Results and Review

I previewed WWE Night of Champions here:

 The Raw before Night of Champions is here:

The Smackdown before Night of Champions here:


A-Ry predicts the TTT winner gets a Tag Title match. Bold prediction here. Booker called DB his boy.
Santino informed us that the Uso's are twins and they have more gelification. Booker T said the PTP's would win.
A-Ry also predicted The Uso's.
Renee Young is in the Social Media Lounge.
There's a poll up to vote on your favorite tag team.

Brad said Paul didn't look well and Paul didn't get why Brad didn't know this.
Paul said he's gonna get slaughtered unless Axel beats Punk, then he said he would punch the ref.
Paul said if Punk hits him after he gets DQ'd, he would sue Punk for assault. Brad said it wouldn't be best for business and said the match is now No DQ.
Booker said Punk will get revenge tonight.
Santino said Ricardo would be really helpful for RVD tonight. Booker said this could be RVD's last chance and he's picking them. A-Ry said RVD is almost in his hometown and will win.
The first match is starting.

WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contender - Tag Team Turmoil

Tensai rolled up Drew to eliminate 3MB. The RA's are out now.

2nd Commercial break during this match now which is goofy. The Uso's hit two cool dives to start this. Drew also busted out a very rare flip tope when he was in there. The RA's are over.
Uso's went out with a Patriot Lock. PTP's in next.

The PTP's won with a Gutcheck. This was a very quick match but actually decent. Not what it could have been though and the RA's were the hottest reaction wise here.

The main show will start soon.

Triple H is coming out to talk to start this. Great.
HHH said it would be one of the best nights in WWE history.
He said there will be no interference in tonight's WWE title match. Heyman came out.
Paul said HHH wouldn't call him back, so he came to him.
HHH asked Paul when he showered and slept last.
Paul did some sucking up and said HHH made an error by putting Paul in the ring tonight. Paying for talking here, great!
Paul sounded desperate talking about the beating he will get. He asked HHH to cancel tonight's match.
HHH told Paul not to tag in tonight, so he doesn't need to worry. He said if Paul believes in Axel, he shouldn't worry.
Heyman said, "Is there no more honor amongst thieves?".
Axel said HHH was mad because he beat him as the crowd chanted boring. HHH told him not to poke the bear. HHH said this is Night of Champions and all titles should be defended.
HHH said Axel will defend the IC title against the first person he crosses in the back. Kofi was on the poster with the belt, so I'm thinking its him.

Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston

"Pressure makes diamonds, it also breaks bones." - JBL

Axel won with the Axelizer. This was okay to good. Not as good as their Smackdown match but better than their Superstars and Raw matches. Kofi took a nice bump for the finish and his dive off the ropes to the outside was cool. Paul was amazing here.

Ricardo was selling the beating in the beat. RVD asked how to say the 5-Star Frogsplash and Mr. Monday Night in Spanish, along with Rolling Thunder. RVD asked how to describe ADR in Spanish, he said No Tiene Conjones. He also asked how to say champion in spanish and Ricardo said RVD.
AJ was trying to get her girls to help her. Aksana said No and they all said they were done being her army.
Layla said something about getting the other girls and hinted she would stick around.

We got recaps from the women on Raw. At this point, this show feels like an extended edition of Raw and not a PPV.

WWE Divas Championship - AJ Lee vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella

AJ won with a Black Widow. This was a mess but Natalya doing a double sharpshooter was cool. Naomi missed a dive big time here which was hilarious. Brie also had Naomi pinned at one point and the ref and Natalya just stared.

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam

RVD won by DQ when ADR held onto the armbar and wouldn't let go when RVD got on the ropes. Really stupid and lame finish here. The match had some good points but it was really spotty and there wasn't flow to it. The crowd liked RVD and tried to get into it but the crowd just didn't sound right. Maybe it was the mics but it was dead at times.

RVD hit a Van Terminator after ADR attacked him. Cole called this a Van Daminator since he's a nimrod.

Paul told Axel that if he gets alone with Punk, Paul won't be here anymore. He also said Axel made an enemy in HHH but in order to fix it with HHH, he needs to be here tommorow.

Orton didn't get HHH's logic for no interference tonight. HHH said he wanted to make sure he picked the right guy as the face of WWE.

Fandango vs The Miz
Apparently Fandango has a match. Why advertise it? Don't be silly!

This one is dying at this point and the crowd is chanting for tables. In case anyone is wondering, the 49ers/Seahawks game is rained out ATM.
Miz won with the Figure Four in a stinky time filler match. The crowd was dead for this and their match didn't have any story on any real connection to it.

We have 4 matches left and about an hour and 15 minutes left.

No DQ Elimination Handicap Match - CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman

Punk eliminated Axel with an Anaconda Vice

Paul Heyman beat CM Punk. Ryback came out when Heyman was handcuffed and about to get hit in the head with a stick and drove Punk through a table. Ryback then put Heyman over top Punk. I guess I'm okay with this. Ryback fits as a Heyman henchman and he hasn't had a lot going on aside from some bullying. At least now we get more Heyman.

WWE US Championship - Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

Ambrose won with a botched version of his headlock driver. Dolph didn't want to take the bump and it ended up like The Stroke. This never picked up, was slow and the crowd wasn't into it. Very disappointing effort here.

WWE Tag Team Championship - The Shield vs The Winners of Tag Team Turmoil - The Prime Time Players

The Shield won with a spear. This was okay but the crowd was totally dead. They had some cool spots like a great Seth Rollins flip off of a shoulder block, a great DY spinning elbow and the spear. Too short though to be great and dead crowds limit you.

The main event really needs to be a 5-star classic to save this show. I mean it too. DB has to win as well as WWE has thrown the crowd no bones tonight.

WWE Championship - Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton with a flying knee and a fast count. The match was okay but really not great. The crowd wasn't there and they didn't do enough special stuff to make it great. Their Raw match was better and that's one of the problems with doing gimmick matches first and straight matches second. Truthfully, I didn't believe the DB title win as I thought he would get screwed some how. I think the fast count and the double ref thing tomorrow will play out somehow with DB getting stripped.

Overall thoughts: This was a disappointing show that felt like an extended edition of Raw. Paul Heyman was the star of it but they didn't deliver on him getting beaten up nor did they really deliver PPV quality stuff. Due to the bad booking, the crowd was dead all night which really hurt it.

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