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Ring of Honor TV 9/7/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 9/7/2013 Results and Review

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ROH Title Tournament - Tommaso Ciampa vs Silas Young

Tomasso Ciampa beat Silas Young with a Project Ciampa. This wasn't bad and the crowd liked it but I thought they did way too much for a 10-minute opener. They did a suplex off the apron and Young got drilled with a Dragon Suplex. They did sell it, but I thought it was too much. They really tried to push that these two were trying to beat the crap out of each other here. Young wouldn't shake Ciampa's hand after.

Mike Bennett said Philadelphia will be known as the city where he saved ROH at Death Before Dishonor.
Maria shilled a picture of herself.

ROH Title Tournament - BJ Whitmer vs Michael Bennett

We don't know what the result of this one was. Bennett hit a piledriver on Whitmer on the apron, they did some cuts and they said the ref may have to stop it. As for this match, this was a bad match with a dangerous ending that ended up putting BJ Whitmer in the hospital. Whitmer did a dive and an exploder early and it just died after that. Honestly, the best part of this match was Nigel catching Maria trying to throw in a weapon and carrying her out, while spanking her, which we all knew he's been waiting to do for months. This one even got some light boring chants and the piledriver legit came out of nowhere.

ROH Title Tournament - Michael Elgin vs Paul London

Michael Elgin beat Paul London with a spinning sitout powerbomb. This was good but it could have been better. This felt clipped and they went to the bigger stuff way too quickly. They didn't do any technical wrestling and they didn't give anything a chance to build, they just went with the moves. The mic's were screwed up like they always are in ROH and it was hard to really gauge the crowd reactions due to it and it hurt the match. The big highlights here were London doing his SSP and doing a diving footstomp onto a standing Elgin on the outside. He also got his head bounced off the canvas on a super sitout bomb. One last highlight had Elgin getting a reverse hurracanrana. I think other people who like the ROH style more would enjoy this more than I did. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: I didn't really like this show. The crowd mic's were screwed up and they handled BJ Whitmer's injury poorly. They didn't mention it and didn't even tell us what the finish to that match was. So therefore, if you just watched the show, you wouldn't even know something was up even though it has been a while since it happened. The opener was rushed, the second match stunk and the main was good but it was rushed and could have been better.

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  1. I thought the show was kind of average. I liked the main slightly more than you and didn't have a problem with either of the first 2 matches. I thought they were kind of average. It appeared the layout of the building was as much of a problem as any miking. There was some real odd sound stuff at one point in the opener though. I thought they cut from the Bennett finish like they did to make it appear Sinclair called the match due to BJ not being able to continue which is ultimately what happened. That move was too dangerous as their ring has a narrow apron.