Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 9/14/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 9/14/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Nigel opened the show with clips of BJ Whitmer getting injured last week. He said he would update us on his condition. Nigel said Michael Bennett will advance in the tournament since he can still go.

ROH Title Tournament - Matt Taven vs Roderick Strong

 Nigel came down and said if Scarlett wanted to stay at ringside, she had to sit with Nigel since she doesn't have a manager's liscense.

Strong won with a suplex in a backbreaker. There was too much going on here to really get into the match. Nigel was fighting with Truth's crew verbally and physically while making sexual advances at Scarlett and at times it was hard to remember an actual match going on. There wasn't much flow or story to the match either and it was mostly just Taven doing spin kicks and Strong doing backbreakers.

Steen talked about winning the title in Philadelphia and said he didn't need to convince people that he would win.

ROH Title Tournament - Brian Kendrick vs Kevin Steen

Kendrick did a Sliced Bread #2 on the apron here where he ended up face planting himself on the apron. Fail.

Michael Elgin told us not to miss Death Before Dishonor weekend.

Steen won with a sharpshooter. The match was okay but I have a hard time getting into Kendrick, especially here. He was stalling and fooling around the ring .and really not getting over with it. The notable moments included him faceplanting himself, Steen putting him in a sleeper suplex and hitting an F-5 on him.

ROH Title Tournament - Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole

Adam Cole won with a Florida Key. If you like slow matches with a lot of thigh slapping missed superkicks, this is for you. Cole must have hit a minimum of 5 superkicks with tons of thigh slapping action. Lethal wasn't much better here. They worked a really odd spot where Cole faked being injured or something for a second off of a top rope elbow. The camera's were awful here as they were the whole show. It was too dark to see much and they made sure to basically get the shot with the least light in it possible at all times. I wasn't really a fan of this one. The big spots including lots of superkicks, Lethal getting a Florida Key on his neck and Lethal taking a top rope german.

Overall thoughts: The video quality and lighting really hurt this one, though the matches were all suspect. No truly great matches here and the first match was a total mess with all the interference.


  1. I don't watch ROH and didn't follow it until I found your blog and started reading your reviews.

    but you make ROH sounds very unprofessional, boring and undeserving of the TV deal they have and that they should be just another indy wrestling company.

    what do you suggest for them to improve and get out of their zone that they're stuck in ? what do you think can make them "grow" and "reach the next level" ? how can they at least get with TNA in the race ?

    can you make a separate blog about it ? I'm sorry if you're busy while I'm requesting ridicioulis things like this ...

  2. I enjoyed this show more than you. The Kendrick match was really disappointing but I liked the other 2 matches, I thought they were both **1/2 but not sure how much might have been edited for TV. I've got the DVD on order. Taven gets no press at all so literally every time I see him I'm surprised how good he is. You'd think I'd remember next time. I didn't notice the production being any different than usual.