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WWE Summerslam Preview and Predictions

WWE Summerslam Preview and Predictions


Welcome everyone to my WWE Summerslam Preview and Predictions.

Summerslam is finally here. I will be reviewing the show live with pics and gifs starting at 7:30PM Sunday.

This show is a 2 match card, no matter how you put it.  I don't care about anything except the co-main events and I really can't see anyone else getting super excited about anything else either, minus maybe the pre-show match.

For the most part, WWE has built this show up well. They had some issues a long the way, but the main stuff is taken care of.

On a side note before we begin, WWE has Total Divas on at the same time as Summerslam. This is going to hurt Total Divas more than Summerslam, because 99% of the audience is going to choose Summerslam over Total Divas. I'll try to review Total Divas on Monday.

Let's get into the predictions.

Pre-Show Match - United States Title - Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam
I feel that RVD got ripped here. He has been the most over guy next to Daniel Bryan on the roster and has been one of the best talents since his return. He's been better than ever and I think WWE is kind of ripping him off here by not having him on a main show match. He truly deserves it and more importantly, the people want to see it. He really should be in the WHC title match instead of Christian and I was shocked when Christian took it instead of him.

As for this match, it should be a good one. Dean and can bump and sell and RVD can bump and sell. Dean can work with flying wrestlers since he has done it most of his career and I think this is going to be a very good match. The pace should be fast and RVD should be allowed to go all out to get this crowd hyped. RVD probably should win it, but he really is above the US Title. The US Title hasn't really been a big deal for Dean Ambrose either. He hasn't defended it much and most of what he does involves The Shield, or atleast that is the part most people remember. I guess it is good to give him some gold, but realistically, he probably should lose it. However, getting a win over RVD would be good for his career and a good performance should have the WWE putting more faith into him. I'm picking Ambrose to win here. It won't be clean and The Shield, Mark Henry and The Big Show will all get involved in one way or another. WINNER - Dean Ambrose

There have been tons of rumors of a possible Shield vs RVD, Big Show and Mark Henry match. Don't be surprised to see it happen as the other guys don't have anything set up and really should have something going on.

 World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
My friend and I always try to pick which match goes first and this seems like a reasonable candidate. However, if the RVD/Ambrose match breaks down into a 6 man, which very well could happen, I'm picking that.

I haven't really been buying into this match so match. RVD vs ADR was what I wanted and they totally hinted at it as they had a very quick match on Smackdown a while ago, but it didn't come about. Alberto is in the same position he has always been in. He is pushed mostly because he is Hispanic and the majority of the crowd really could care less about him, especially without Ricardo. Christian is a good worker and all, but hasn't really been given the chance character wise to light the world on fire.

This should be a good match though without any questions asked. Their SD match was good and these two are both good workers. Their last match featured both of them taking some big dives and if that happens again, the crowd will be in for a treat. The X factor in this one is Ricardo. He's going to be back at some point and him returning at Summerslam would make sense. He will surely be involved in the finish one way or the other.

My pick for this is Alberto Del Rio. The company likes him and Rob Van Dam is most likely his opponent in the near future. Christian just isn't in the right position right now. WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow
This had a decent build to it, but the crowd just isn't buying Cody Rhodes. Honestly, I'm not really buying Cody Rhodes either. He is a good worker but he has been mostly pushed as a comedic jobber and they turned him without really letting us get to know his new personality. I enjoyed him throwing the briefcase into the sea and if that had happened this week instead of a few weeks ago, we would be having a different conversation right now.

On Sandow's side, he has been doing a good job. He has picked up a bit in-ring and since he can talk, he is always going to have a spot. I do think he will be a main eventer and a cash-in is the easiest way to make it happen.

This is an important match for these two, especially for Cody. They have to have a good one and they have to get the crowd into it. It's going to be tough.  Picking a winner for this is tough as well, but I think Cody has more on the line here and needs this more than Sandow. Sandow has the briefcase and has always been able to keep his heat when losing, so him losing at Summerslam shouldn't bother him too much. Keep this one short. WINNER - Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston
There was a big winner and a big loser in the creation of this match. Kaitlyn was the big winner as she is honestly not very good and is completely unsympathetic as a face. Big E Langston is the big loser. He was set to have the biggest match in his WWE career against Dolph Ziggler, and it got dropped for this. I thought Big E Langston vs Dolph Ziggler would have been pretty good and a nice match for both styles, but it is not to be.

It's hard to see this as being anything but a side show. AJ is surely going to get some stuff in on Dolph and they will tease whether Dolph hits AJ or not. I'm sure Big E will get some sneak attacks in during the process and watch for the big pop spot when Kaitlyn goes after Big E. The match could be entertaining, but it has to be short. Keep it under 10 and keep this moving to give it a chance.

Kaitlyn and Dolph both need the win more here. The heels are heels and this is going to mean nothing in the scheme of things. Kaitlyn hasn't gotten any revenge yet on AJ, so the time is now. Hopefully, we get away from the Kaitlyn/AJ and Dolph/AJ feuds after this, because it is time to move on. WINNERS - Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler

Ring of Fire Match - Kane vs Bray Wyatt
I thought about picking this one first too, but decided against it.

The feud hasn't been too well built up. The announcers didn't really explain what a Ring of Fire match is and I didn't think Kane got enough mic time to state his case.

The match isn't going to be good. There is just no way.  They won't be able to go outside, unless Kane gorilla presses Wyatt onto his family, which is possible. I'm not sure of that happening though. What I'm expecting is some teases of fire and alot of bad punching and kicking.  I have no idea if they can actually light someone on fire here or not, but it would surely be more interesting if they can.

As for the winner, Bray Wyatt should win. He's new and needs it, while a loss doesn't hurt Kane. I do hope it is the end of this feud though because there is no way there will be any good matches with the people involved. Again, this needs to be kept short with lots of gimmicks.WINNER - Bray Wyatt

Natalya vs Brie Bella
This one has been a fail since the start. WWE has a show based on the diva's and STILL couldn't push this feud. Amazing. These two haven't really even interacted much on their own show.

This is going to serve as a bathroom break match and a cool-down match for the crowd, which is why I have it so high on the card. Hopefully, this goes quick. The winner doesn't matter. WWE has no real plans for Natalya and the same seems to be for Brie. I'm going with Natalya though. WINNER - Natalya

The Best vs The Beast - CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar
The main events start here. This has been a well built up feud. Everyone involved has played their roles really well. It's hard to fault them for anything here as they have gotten more out of it than I probably would have been able to.

As for the match, it should be interesting. I have no idea how it is going to work other than Punk getting the crap beaten out of him. Punk is going to have to get some type of fluke win here to make this believable on his part. The best scenario is Punk taking a beating for most of the match. Maybe he makes a small comeback, maybe he doesn't. Either way, Paul Heyman gets involved. Punk maybe gets a shot or two on him, then Brock goes to stop it somehow and nails Heyman by mistake. Punk rolls him up and gets the win. That's how I would have Punk win, but...

Brock winning is probably more believable. He's at this moment the highest paid jobber and if he is scheduled for a Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker, he should get a win. However, I think the short term memory of everyone will mean that Brock can lose here and it'll be okay.

I'm picking Punk for the win here. Brock needs it, but he can live without it. Punk should be getting ready for whatever is next. WINNER - CM Punk

ProWresBlog Championship and WWE Championship - Special Referee: Triple H - John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
There was a lot of good stuff here but the moment Triple H and The McMahon's got involved, it went down hill. This match didn't need them and it will suffer in some area's because of them. These two really can do a good match together and it sucks that some of that is going to be robbed from us. I have no interest in anything the McMahon's might do and my hope is that they stay out of it, however, we know it won't happen.

Expect tons of shenanigans here. At some point, Triple H is probably going to go down. Vince will probably run in, maybe with Brad Maddox for extra fun. He will try to count DB for a loss and Triple H should stop him. He will maybe deck Vince and from there, DB might make his comeback for the win.

There's all types of rumors of what will happen, so my guess is only a guess. However, Vince will find a way to get in. Brad might too and if we are really unlucky, Steph is going to find a way to jump in too. There's big rumors of the McMahon's turning heel and being involved in major storylines building to Wrestlemania.

As for this match, it should be good and it really could be great. These two are both good workers in different ways. Cena is good at the WWE style and does get nice reactions. Daniel Bryan is good at the WWE style too and a better overall wrestler and he gets the best pops in the company. Everything says that the heat should be off the charts here, and hopefully it is. Look for DB to reverse an AA into a Yes Lock and for both guys to bust out the big stuff here.

The more the McMahon's stay out of this, the better it will be.

As for the winner, Daniel Bryan really should win it, but, no matter what happens, at the end of the night, he won't walk out with the title. Randy Orton doesn't have a match and the WWE is into him again. He has the briefcase and has teased cashing it in. Since Cena is going to be out to get surgery on his elbow, all signs point to DB winning it and Orton cashing in after. Do not be surprised to see The McMahon's aid him in doing it, as it would make tons of sense at this point. WINNER - Daniel Bryan

Stay tuned for a live Summerslam review with pics and gifs starting at 7:30PM Sunday!

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