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WWE NXT 8/28/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 8/28/2013 Results and Review

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Corey Graves was giving googly eyes to Renee Young when Rick Victor came in.

"We have grown tired of waiting for you. We are the Ascension and we will rise." - Rick Victor
Graves told them he was right here, so no need to wait when Conor O'Brian nailed him.
"Gwuahh! Stay down, Graves." - Conor O'Brian

CJ Parker vs Tyler Breeze

"On a cosmic journey of peace." - Tony Dawson describing CJ Parker's mission

"The famed Superstar, who just came back from Axxess at Summerslam, saying he came in contact with a lot of uggo's." - Tony Dawson on Tyler Breeze | "That's what he calls unattractive people - uggo's. That's shorts for ugly." - Tony Dawson, dumbing it down for us uggo's.

"Uggo...must remember that. Most of my ex-girlfriends are uggo." - William Regal
"Calls himself, "Prince Pretty" does Tyler Breeze." - Tony Dawson | "Break his phone, break his phone." - The fans
"Don't touch anything." - Tyler Breeze | "If you spend a lot of time in this industry, you end up looking like me - like a bulldog chewing a wasp." - William Regal
"Turning and burning: The Psychedelic Spin." - Tony Dawson
"We haven't seen a cell phone used as a weapon before on NXT, it happens tonight." - Tony Dawson | "He was very resourceful, indeed." - William Regal

Tyler Breeze beat CJ Parker with a cell phone shot. The match was okay for what it was. It was mostly about both guys going for the phone with Tyler Breeze getting to it near the end first. It wasn't great wrestling wise but I didn't think it was bad story wise. The finish didn't really work though. I mean, it's a cell phone. Hit yourself in the head with one - it won't really hurt. I think they should have went a different way it. They should have had Breeze use it as more of a surprise attack and then have him grab the tights and/or put his feet on the ropes to make it work a little better, but oh well. Hey, they stayed in character here and CJ looked better than he did last week.

"Paige has to wait, my destiny has to wait, but Summer Rae on the other hand, she only has to wait two or three minutes until I kick her rear-end all over that ring." - Emma
"And then I'm gonna celebrate by blowing some bubbles and playing Dance Dance Emmalution!" - Emma

"Dance Dance Emmalution, is that a real thing?" - Renee Young | "Yeah it is, you silly wabbit." - Emma
"Are you in?" - Emma | "Yeah, I'd love to." - Renee | "See you in 5, sista!" - Emma

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Tyler Breeze has left the building." - Announcer

Emma vs Summer Rae

"Every time I see her, she makes your troubles go away like bubbles." - William Regal

"The first lady of NXT has been impeached." - William Regal on Summer Rae
Emma beat Summer Rae with the Emma Lock aka The Indian Deathlock. This was a good match. They went at it pretty hard and made this mostly a total catfight. But it was good one. Tons of hair pulling, screaming and both of them just staying on each other. Summer sold very well here and really kept the crowd into it while Emma hit some good submissions and eventually tapped her. The crowd was into it and I thought this was good. Rating:***

Summer Rae threw Emma out of the ring after and then grabbed her bubble solution. She threw it in Emma's eyes and got some good heat for it.

Scott Dawson, Sylvester LeFort, Colin Kassady and Enzo Amore met up backstage. Sylvester tried to recruit Colin and Enzo into his Legionnaires. It should be noted that Enzo Amore now has the privilege of having the strangest hair in wrestling. It looks like he has cheetah spots for hair.

"Look what I've done with Scott." - Sylvester LeFort
"Look what I've done with Scott? All he does is lose!" - Colin Kassady
LeFort said they still get paid a lot of money.
"Speaking of that, when do I get paid again?" - Scott Dawson | "When you win a match." - Sylvester LeFort
Enzo and Colin refused to join them.

"Well, you two nerds, you committed a 5 to 10 boys. I'm gonna beat your brains in for 5 to 10 minutes you Jersey Shore wannabe's." - Scott Dawson
"Take a walk, tough guys. Take a walk." - Colin Kassidy
LeFort and Dawson then walked off. This segment was a ton of fun. Everyone was really good in their roles, especially Kassidy who surprised me and Scott Dawson, who we finally got some character development out of.

"Get lost, Carrot Top." - Summer Rae
Sasha Banks then confronted Summer.
Sasha didn't like her actions and Summer said she does stuff like that because that's why she is where she is and that's why Sasha is where she is.
"Wake up Sasha. That's why I'm on Raw and Smackdown. They named Summerslam after me. I'm a WWE diva." - Summer Rae

"Paige and Emma, they're so much more popular than me. Well, they can have that because they'll forever be big, ugly fish in a small pond." - Summer Rae
"I hear you have a match with Paige in two weeks. I'm sure it's gonna be a nice, friendly match. Well, I'm sure you're gonna lose because you don't have a backbone. If I were you, I'd find one and I'd beat that witch down." - Summer Rae
"Get it together, Sasha." - Summer Rae
I thought this was a really good segment. Summer has already made it to the big stage and knows how it works, while Sasha hasn't really done much of note yet, despite being around a while. She said that she did whatever she had to do and ended up better off, while Sasha has mostly been a goody good.

Enzo Amore vs Scott Dawson
Sylvester LeFort came out, wearing an absolutely amazing gold  jacket. As always, he looked like a million bucks. I swear I'd wear that jacket everywhere if I owned it. Sylvester's Jacket needs a push of its own.

Check out the LeFort dollar bills on the tron

"Never trust a man that wears sunglasses inside." - William Regal

"Badda-Boom, 5 guys in a room, how you do'n?" - Enzo Amore
"Let me tell you, if me and Cass, got a dime for every time we got beat up as a kid, we'd have ZERO dimes." - Enzo Amore
"Enzo Amore described that hairdo as being, "A party on my head, and you're not invited." - Tony Dawson
Enzo was super over here with a loud "Enzo" chant.

Scott Dawson got the win with a backdrop where he clutched his hands between Enzo's legs. Regal called it a Greco-Roman suplex. Near the end, Alexander Rusev leveled Colin Cassidy, creating a distraction that led to Enzo losing. The match wasn't much. Dawson looked good though and I liked him raking Enzo's eyes over the ropes. Other than that, it was short and Enzo took the beating and got dropped face first while hanging on the ropes.
Sylvester LeFort and Scott Dawson posed with Alexander Rusev after, which I guess means that Rusev has joined LeFort's Legionaries.

Sami Zayn was interviewed by Renee Young.
Zayn said he appreciated the MOTY chants but said Cesaro was the better man. He said he would look forward now but could meet Cesaro again down the line. He said his goal was to become the next NXT champion.
Bo Dallas came out.

Bo said just because he had a good match, doesn't mean he's championship material. He mentioned that he lost.
Bo said Sami injured him at Summerslam Axxess and told him he has a lot of work before he becomes like him.
Sami tried to point out that everyone hates Bo, and he just smiled, being pretty awesome to be honest.
"They're not booing me, it's BOoooo." - Bo Dallas
Sami said Bo was too scared to give him a shot and Bo laughed it off. Zeb Colter came out.
Zeb said Bo was a hardworking American and told him he didn't have to take anything from Sami.
"As soon as I'm done beating Bo Dallas, I'm gonna do everything in my power to get you and him, deported back to Hell, where you both belong." - Sami Zayn
Swagger jumped in and nailed Zayn, laying him out.

They put the flag over him and saluted. I thought this was a good segment. Bo was great and Zayn was very good. They got two storylines going here and this was well done. The crowd was into it too.

They showed some clips from NXT at Summerslam Axxess. Renee Young was wearing a 2Pac shirt for some odd reason.

"I like this Neville kid in the ring. He's gonna be somethin'." - John Cena

Conor O'Brian vs Adrian Neville

I think there was a screw-up after a count. The announcers talked about a count looking like a three and the crowd wasn't happy, but they cut away so I don't know what happened.
Adrian Neville won quick with a 450. Something was cut here as the ending was fast and the match was very fast. I'd love to know what really happened here. Ascension beat up Neville after.
Corey Graves tried to make a save and got beat up for it. They hit their Total Elimination style finisher and posed to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show overall. There was only one real good match but the characters, angles and interviews were all really good here. I smiled, I laughed and I had a great time watching this show. This is clearly the best wrestling show on TV and there is something for everyone here. Check this one out.


  1. "This is clearly the best wrestling show on TV and there is something for everyone here."

    sums it up :)

  2. Swagger vs Zayn next week, this going be nice