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TNA Impact Wrestling 8/29/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 8/29/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The show began with a close-up of Brooke's butt. Best opening ever?

Brooke told Bully he had everything he needed.

Mike Tenay said tonight was Must Win Thursday, since it's now the final day of the BFG Series. Ace's came out.
Bully was in a bad mood due to Devon getting fired.
"I want some ant-sas right now." - Bully
Garrett said he didn't know what happened.

Knux said he was on the floor taking care of Rampage and Magnus, and he did his job.

Anderson said everyone was taking a risk and it is what it is. Bully agreed and said he carried Devon and never needed him again. He wanted to replace him with Tito.

Bully said Tito was getting a cut tonight and Anderson wasn't happy. He said they all should have been consulted. Bully told him to shut up and back down.

"Stay." - Bully

Bully gave Tito the cut and argued with Anderson.
"Dad, I wanna introduce you to the only Brooke that matters in my life." - Bully Ray

Hardy said he relied on a last minute submission to win BFG last time and would win tonight.

Hulk arrived.

BFG Series - Jeff Hardy vs Kazarian

Hardy beat Kaz with a swanton. The match was fine. Kaz really bumped big here and Jeff kept it moving. He did botch a figure four though and ended up with some kind of tangled leg mess.

Ace's were not happy with there being no votes and they said they may vote on something that Bully won't like.

#1 Contender 2/3 Falls - Gail Kim vs ODB

Gail Kim took the first fall with a Texas Cloverleaf/Sharpshooter combo. Good fall as Gail worked the knee and the leg before finishing with a move attacking the leg/knee.

ODB got a surprise roll-up to take the 2nd fall in quick fashion.

ODB took the 3rd fall with a Texas Cloverleaf. Good match here. Gail worked the knee the whole time, ODB sold it well and then put the move on her that Gail was using the whole time. Smart match here that was pretty much just technical wrestling. Rating:***

Velvet was excited for the Women's PPV and said ODB could take the belt off of Mickie James. The cameraman also asked her about being in relationship with Chris Sabin and she said she keeps business and personal stuff separate.

Daniels was worried about not being able to interfere and they both said they would take care of business. I forgot to mention it but Hogan said he'd fire Daniels, Roode or Kaz if they interfered.

Aries said to do things for yourself, as you can trust yourself. He said he wouldn't join with anyone. He said he wants to fight AJ in the finals at BFG.
"I'll knock you flatter than Miley Cyrus' ass." - Christopher Daniels | "I'll smack your bald head so hard, hair will grow." - Austin Aries
Daniels was mad that Aries didn't join with them and they had a funny exchange.
Hulk said he had a big announcement and would tell us all we wanted to know later.

MEM came out.
"Any time I see him, Any chance I get, I'm gonna stomp a mudhole in his ass." - Rampage Jackson
Rampage wasn't happy about Tito's hammer shot two weeks ago. He said he wouldn't wait for their fight for payback.
Sting and Joe were happy with AJ and Sting offered a spot in MEM for AJ. Sting wanted to thank AJ publically.
AJ said he needed to do this himself.
AJ said he hopes MEM beats Ace's, but MEM isn't him.
"The only person that AJ Styles trusts is Alan Jones." - AJ Styles
"Hey Dixie, I deserve better." - AJ Styles
AJ said this is just a job. AJ cut one of those always lame shoot promo's about how he has been shafted by TNA.
"There are so many times in the past year that I prayed you would fire so I wouldn't have to quit." - AJ Styles
AJ then said he liked being the go to guy. He asked if he could win the BFG Series, then Bobby Roode came out. This was an awful promo and made no sense at all. The crowd booed him for most of this and I have no idea what the plan was here, but it failed.

BFG Series - AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode

AJ got a cradle out of nowhere for the win for 7 points. This was fine but way too short and the pre-match promo killed it for me. I liked the Roode reversal into an armbar though. AJ almost killed himself on an asai moonsault.

Daniels said he would beat Aries to get into the BFG Series next.

JB said Hulk would talk in ring after the next match.

BFG Series - Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels

Austin Aries won with a brainbuster. Great match. They went hard and fast here. Lots of flying and bumping with a hot crowd. Aries comeback spot was great with hot strikes and him hiptossing Daniels to the outside was cool. Also liked his dive. Daniels then sold a great missile dropkick and this ended up being very good. Rating:***1/2

Bully talked about Hogan and how he was trying to ruin his night.

Hulk came out.
Hulk said he has been busy and it's good to be back. He talked about wearing Air Jordan's. Hulk said he had been "doing some hardcore wrestling business". Hulk said the BFG series deserves one more match next week. It would be a gauntlet match worth 20 points. He said the winner could be in the final four.

Bully came out and bragged about having the title. Hulk said the divorce with Brooke was done.
Bully talked about using people and Hogan said he would start using him and tearing him apart at the seams. He said Bully Ray would defend the title against an Ace's member in 2 weeks. He then said Sting would face Bully next week, even though Sting isn't allowed to get a title show again.
Sting and Bully brawled to end the show.

Overall thoughts: A couple of good matches saved this show. I really recommend everyone seeing Aries/Daniels and maybe checking out ODB/Kim. Skip that horrid AJ promo though.

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  1. I totally, totally disagree about your thoughts on AJ's promo.

    I thought it was pretty damn good ! the guy poured his heart out in it and said what came through his mind without a second thought ! he answered all the questions about him for the past year or so and talked about the future .. and he referenced the real life signing issues, the hogan era mistakes and took a little jab at punk with "I'm better than the best in the world" (though he certainly isn't, but that's another topic)and it all flouded well and advanced his character.

    maybe the problem was that he should've done this since the very beginning instead of staying silent or just talking about the money or whatever he used to do ... or maybe it was the d*cks in the crowd trying to amuse themselves instead of paying attention and reading between the lines.

    anyways, thanks for your reviews, bro :) I love your work even if sometimes I disagree.