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TNA Impact Wrestling 8/1/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 8/1/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

NOTE - I was having trouble with pics and gifs for the first hour of this. I'll have pics and gifs up from the first hour after the show. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tazz was locked out of the building and couldn't enter.

We got a promo from the mystery man.

Austin Aries came out and talked. He congratulated Chris Sabin for winning the title but also said Sabin is now the hunted and that he will be aiming for him. Aries said we were in for a big treat as it would be Austin Aries vs AJ Styles tonight. He said it would be the battle between the man who has had carried TNA on his back and the guy who will carry TNA on his back.
Bobby Roode came out. Roode said he's been living with a nightmare since Aries beat him for the title. He said he's had a crap year. He said everyone, including himself, have forgotten about what he has done in the ring. He said, "I became the leader of the selfish generation". He said he'd go back to what made him a champion before and said his sole focus is on the world title.
"You're the it factor or the spit factor, since you keep spittin' in my face." - Austin Aries

Aries said Roode is the spit factor as he keeps spitting in his face. He said he hopes Aries gets his mojo back so he can beat him in the BFG finals.

BFG Series - Hernandez vs Bobby Roode

Roode jumped Hernandez during his entrance. During the break, Hernandez got drive into the post and Roode remained in control when we came back. Hernandez ran straight into Roode and knocked him down. Roode got out of a backbreaker and then hit a spinebuster. Roode took him outside and threw him into the steps. Rood brought him back in and worked him in the corners. Hernandez countered and missed a top rope splash. Roode then put him in the crossface but Hernandez wouldn't tap. He picked him up from that position and sidewalk slammed him. They traded shots but Hernandez hit the "get off me" and hit an Air Mexico on Roode. Roode recovered and low blowed Hernandez and tried to grab the tights, but Hernandez got out at 2. Roode started yelling after that. He went out and threw a chair in. He started banging a chair onthe steps and then the ref tried to clear out the chairs.  Roode then grabbed a glass bottle from under the ring and nailed Hernandez with it and pinned him. The ref asked Roode about the bottle after and Roode simply looked up to the sky confused. The match was okay but the commercial cut out a lot and we are clearing going down a storyline of Roode doing anything to win.

The Mafia arrived in the back and said they would make Ace's "an offer they can't refuse".

Kazarian was tweeting backstage. I prefer him wrestling rather than fooling around on twitter.
"Yeah, good luck with that one." - ODB to EY

EY was watching ODB's boobs jump up and down. ODB said she'd beat Gail tonight. Joseph Park came out and told EY he's worried about tonight's match. EY explained how Park has been losing control and he said he has the answer.  He gave him a mask in a bag that looked like a beekeeper's mask.

Sabin congratulated Manik, who wasn't wearing a mask. Manik said he accomplished nothing in 15 years as TJ Perkins. Manik said the mask has changed him. Sabin said him and Manik are similar in heart and he told Manik to bring his best tonight.
We saw a white hummer limo, who they said contained the mystery man.

Jay Bradley did a pre-match promo in the back. He said two of his lariats lead to wins real quick.

BFG Series - Joseph Park vs Jay Bradley

EY came out with Park. He put a boxing head cover on Park. Stupidly, Jay tried ramming his head into the buckles and got absolutely nowhere with it. Jay then went to pounding on Park before missing a boot and getting rolled up.  He kicked Park in the head gear and put him down. Bradley tried to take off the head gear but couldn't take it off. Park started to make his comeback soon after and hit a big slam on ay. He went to the corner and got caught. Jay grabbed him by the strap of the head gear and Park put him in a Boston crab, which Tenay said he learned in Boston. Jay deadlifted Park up and did a back breaker. He then removed the head gear on Park. Park hit a Samoan slam and got the win! Park was shocked and is now up to -3 in the BFG series. He lifted up EY and hugged him.

Sabin vs Manik is up next.

We got a promo on Rampage Jackson. He had a gerri-curl at one time.  He said wrestling has changed his life and he loves wrestling. Hulk, Angle, Andrew Luck and King Mo said it's time to go to the mat for wrestling.
MEM were having a discussion. Sting said they wanted to do two things and one of them was getting rid of Bully as champion. Sting said there may be a sacrifice that needs to happen an asked if everyone was ready to take a risk. Everyone said they were. Angle said they'd make Ace's an offer they can't refuse. Rampage said he came to fight and Sting said, "that's why we like you".

Champion vs Champion - Chris Sabin vs Manik

That's sad when a champion vs champion match can't headline your own show. Manik's new song sounds like Abyss' theme. Sabin came out wearing the belt wrapped around his shoulders/ribs. They did some flipping around to escape arm locks early. They did a monkey flip during a test of strength and Manik ended up flipping over and doing a sunset flip out of this.  Manik then hit a Santo headscissors but Sabin did a cartwheel out of it on his feet. We then got a long commercial break. We came back with Manik doing a La Mistica and a headstand on the top rope. Sabin hit an enzugiri on him, sending him out to the floor. Sabin threw him on the apron and sent him back in. Sabin did some posing and suplexed Manik. Sabin grounded Manik, working his arms.  Manik got out and hurricanrana'd Sabin. He went inside to outside on a dropkick then hit a springboard dropkick. Manik caught a Sabin kick and did a Natsuki Taiyo style powerbomb, by grabbing him underneath the leg and slamming him down. Manik went to the top and got caught. Sabin hit a big delayed vertical superplex for a 2.  Sabin hit some chops, but Manik ducked one and hit a flurry on Sabin. Sabin grabbed him and rolled him up for a 2. Sabin kicked Manik in the face and hit a perfect driver called "Hail Sabin" for the win. Good match here. This was all action and these two matched up well. It may have been Perkins/Manik's best match I've ever seen out of him. Good X-Division action here. Rating:***1/4

Bully Ray decked Sabin while we were on the replay. He hit some slow shots and brought a chain out. He ran down Sabin and Manik stopped Bully. Bully nailed him and Sabin came back, hitting an enzugiri on Bully.

They focused on the limo outside. Taz was out there and mad about being kicked out. He said he'd expose the mystery man. Taz opened the limo and mocked whoever was in it. He opened the limo and there was just a laptop with the mystery man talking.

Storm was tweeting in the back.

The pics are working again! Sorry for the delay.

They announced Daniels vs Kaz for next week.
They said this was mismanagement and their match was just silly. Daniels said poor Frankie and Kaz said, don't be that guy.
KAz said Daniels doesn' t have to give Kaz points, because he will take them.

ODB vs Gail Kim

They went to a double countout when they were brawling on the floor. The match wasn't bad. the big highlights were ODB tossing Gail in an overhead slam and then wrapping her legs around Gail's body and knocking her into the post.

AJ said this dream match stuff was bs, as was his match with Hardy.

Bully said The Mafia has been watching too much of The Godfather and that he'd rather focus on destroying Sabin's knees.

Brooke said she knew some stuff about the contract for Bully's match with Sabin and that if she is happy, he will be happy, hinting to give her the divorce.

BFG Series - Austin Aries vs AJ Styles

Austin Aries won after both men were down and he put his arm on AJ. Great match here. They went all out and took some nasty bumps. AJ got backdropped onto the floor and clipped the apron with his head, Aries did a tope into the steps and Aries released german'd AJ on his neck. Crazy match here that I really loved and is definitely must see. Rating:***3/4

MEM came out.
Sting said they will get the fight with Ace's that they want.

Ace's said MEM got a fight and Angle ended up in a truck. He said MEM cheats.

Angle challenged for a 5 on 5 match with the loser of the fall having to leave TNA. Ace's and MEM brawled then Ace's accepted. The August 1 Warning Mystery Man then came out and it was Tito Ortiz, who just stared at everyone.

Overall thoughts: The AJ/Aries match is must see and Manik/Sabin was good, making this a good show.

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  1. agreed. this show was good and had awesome matches ! but tito's reveal was the most anti-climatic reveal in history and one of my top 5 worst moments of IMPACT wrestling this year.