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WWE Superstars 7/19/2013 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 7/19/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Tony Dawson and Alex Riley are your commentators.
"I'm not wearing sunglasses because WWE's future is bright, I'm wearing sunglasses because the WWE's future is blinding." - Alex Riley
Tons of Funk vs The Prime Time Players

"Do you know which one of them is Tons and which one of them is Funk? That's the thing, neither one of them want to be tons. They both want to be Funk. It doesn't work." - Alex Riley

"I saw Titus O'Neil and Darren Young pulling up in Mercedes rather than Lamborgini's and I said, what's going on there? He said, I got two words for you, not millions of dollars, budget cuts." - Alex Riley

Brodus Clay got the win with a splash. This wasn't anything special and was average. This was pretty much exactly what you think it would be.

The Brooklyn Brawler vs Ryback
No, you aren't seeing things. The Brooklyn Brawler is on Superstars. Interestingly enough, I reviewed two Superstars matches of his from 1990. TWENTY-THREE YEARS AGO. You can see them here:

The #1 sign your career has gone down the drain - You went from main eventing a PPV to not even main eventing Superstars.

The #2 sign that your career has gone down the train - You are getting your butt whooped by THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER

Ryback beat The Brooklyn Brawler with a Shellshock. The Brooklyn Brawler got a ton of strikes in but was pretty slow and didn't look real great out there. The crowd loved it though.

The Miz vs Heath Slater

The Miz beat Heath Slater with a Figure Four. This wasn't bad. It was pretty quick, they kept it moving and I was entertained by it. Both men looked good here.

Overall thoughts: Not a must see show by any means but we did get 3 matches for a change and it was entertaining to see The Brooklyn Brawler.

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  1. I can't be the only one who gets tired of the announcers saying "No choice but to tap (out)" or something similar.
    There is another choice…fight the way to the ropes. -_-