Thursday, July 4, 2013

WWE NXT 7/4/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 7/4/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Renee Young asked Bo Dallas about  Leo Kruger challenging him. Bo said he'd fight Leo or anyone anytime. He also said Bret Hart was his friend and mentor. Bo tried to say he had a match at Wrestlemania.

"In America, there's going to be no more handouts, no more mediocrity and there's going to be no more Bo." - Cesaro
Cesaro came in and said Bo didn't earn anything. He called him a young punk and said he'd beat him tonight.

Bo called Cesaro "the most insignificant" US Champion ever and said Cesaro wouldn't forget his name after tonight.

NXT Women's Title Tournament - Round 2 - Alicia Fox vs Paige

Paige won with the Paige-Turner. Nice back and forth match here that the crowd liked. Fox was very good here and these two matched up nicely. Rating:***

Conor O'Brian vs Andy Baker
This is Andy Baker's debut. Rick Victor came out with Conor O'Brian, I guess reforming The Ascension.

Conor O'Brian won in seconds with a legdrop to the back of the head. This was all squash. They said Andy Baker was from England and strangely, the women were cheering Ascension.

They said Kassius Ohno was injured and Adrian Neville asked if William Regal would team with them to take down the Wyatt Family.

Scott Dawson vs Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods won with The Honor Roll and Lost in the Woods. Decent match here. Woods is on another level charisma wise. He is just oozing it and has such a great character that is impossible not to get into. He's ready for the main roster and he's ready to take over the world. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who didn't see too much in him when he was in TNA. I felt bad for Scott Dawson though. He is kind of being thrown under the bus, and even though he isn't that good, they probably should have chose someone else to lose here.

Bray Wyatt talked about being a wolf in sheep's clothing and people not being able to see the real monster inside of him.
He then told us to follow the buzzards.

Mason Ryan vs Enzo Amore

"Mason, one word to describe you. Let me spell it out for you. S-A-W-F-T...Sawfttt!" - Enzo Amore
"I'm gonna handle this lightweight." - Enzo to Mason
Mason won in 6 seconds with a right cross to the face. A one hitter quitter for the win. Not sure why they did this since Enzo has something to him, but whatever. Enzo also introduced Colin Cassidy here. It appears that Enzo is getting over as the crowd knew his whole spiel already.

Enzo called Colin to give it a try.

Mason Ryan vs Colin Cassidy

Mason then quickly won with a wrist clutch slam.

NXT Title - Bo Dallas vs Antonio Cesaro

"Let's go Bo/NO MO' BO" - The Fans

Bo Dallas won with a hiptoss/belly to belly. Good match here due to the crowd being hot and Cesaro as always being good. The highlights here were Regal namedropping Dave Taylor when Cesaro did a fallaway slam, Cesaro dragging Bo across the top rope on his crotch and Bo hitting a massive top rope hiptoss. Obviously I'm totally against Cesaro losing, especially to Bo, but Bo Dallas is essentially WWE's new John Cena and they are totally willing to kill NXT to get him over. The sad thing, is the worst is probably yet to come, so don't be surprised if we see Bo win a ridiculous 4 on 1 match or something similar.  Going back to the match, Leo Kruger came in near the end after watching at ringside. Bo threw Cesaro into him and then got the pin. Rating:***

 After, Leo Kruger attacked Bo Dallas.

Cesaro nailed Kruger but when Kruger got up, they united for the common good and beat up Bo, which the crowd liked. Sami Zayn then came to the rescue. He got a mild reaction at first but then tons of "Ole" chants. Bo and Zayn cleared out the heels to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Good show with the main and the women's match being worth a look. I recommend this one and it had a little bit of everything and lots of good characters.


  1. Andy Baker is UK wrestler Andreas Rossi

    His appearance was a tryout according to his twitter posts. First time I think a non-contracted talent appeared on nxt tv. I believe this last happened on ovw tv shows.

    Also, he's a current stable partner of former Ascension member Kenneth Cameron in some florida indies. Funny that baker got squashed by an ascension member in his televised tryout match.

  2. Cool, thanks for the info! I didn't know any of that!

  3. "Let's go Dallas/NO MO' BO"

    Er, that back-n-forth banter actually was "Let's go Bo!/No Mo' Bo!"