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WWE NXT 6/26/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 6/26/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Big E Langston vs Aiden English

 Big E won with the Big Ending in a maybe one minute match. The only other real move he hit was a backdrop.

He hit another Big Ending and a 5 count after.
He then did it again.

Emma said she'd beat Aksana and shot bubbles at Renee Young.
Emma asked Renee Young to hold her bubbles and Renee went to shoot them when Emma said "don't even think about it".

NXT Women's Title Tournament Round 1 - Emma vs Aksana

Emma won with the Dilemma. This wasn't good. Aksana controlled the whole match and since she has awful offense, this sucked. Emma got nothing in and they didn't do a good job of showing her entrance so this was a fail.

Emma danced with kids after.

We got the same Leo Kruger promo from last week.

Leo Kruger vs Dante Dash

Leo Kruger won with the GCIII(London Dungeon) and "The Slice" Lariat. Leo's lariat looked good and I really enjoy his squashes where he works the arm and follows on it for the win. Good squash.

Conor O'Brian did his usual Ascension promo but said "we will rise again" which hints that he has a partner, who could be Rick Victor from weeks back.

Mickey Keegan vs Bo Dallas
Axl Keegan has changed his name to Mickey Keegan.

Leo Kruger hung around ringside.

Bo won in a quick and lame squash with his hiptoss.

Kruger came in after, beat up Keegan, tried to grab Bo's belt then said "ta-ta" and left.

#1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Titles - Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan vs Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves

They said Lefort found his boys during a fist fight at a CMA Music Festival.

Corey Graves got the win with Lucky 13. This was okay but nothing special at all. The only real highlight was Graves hooking his opponents legs up in the middle turnbuckle in the corner. Other than that, it just wasn't that exciting.

Regal and Neville tried to make the save when The Wyatt's attacked but Dawson and Dillon got involved and the faces all went down.

Overall thoughts: This was a pretty boring episode of NXT. This was mostly squashes and the main wasn't good. Skip this.

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  1. Emma is probably my favorite diva of all time already, altough this match wasn't that good.
    And yeah, Bo has the second worst finisher ever, Hulk Hogan's the first one of course.