Monday, July 22, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/22/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/22/2013 Preview

There are no confirmed matches for tonight.

Well, this is going to be a hard Raw to predict. I have little to work with unfortunately as the only thing that is set to take place is that The Big Show will return. He will probably return and either attack someone or get attacked to kick start a storyline. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wyatt's attack him.

The big focus this week probably will be on the GM's. Vickie Guerrero was declared the new GM of Smackdown and slapped Brad Maddox, who is Raw's new GM. Something is going to happen here. Of course, all of these things will most likely involve The McMahons, so get ready for a lot of them tonight.

Elsewhere on the show, Brock Lesnar returned and beat the crap out of CM Punk last week. Punk should have something to say and we know Paul Heyman surely will. Expect some type of challenge to be made by Punk tonight.

John Cena chose Daniel Bryan to be his Summerslam opponent last week. Expect DB to brag about this and expect their match to start getting some push to make it mean something.

Mark Henry got attacked by The Wyatt Family last week and I think another attack on Henry could be possible. The Wyatt's will surely be appearing, and this scenario seems like a likely option.

Randy Orton beat Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown and I wouldn't be surprised to see another match between the two or something to lead to their likely Summerslam match.

Big E Langston laid out Dolph and Dolph got some revenge on AJ on Smackdown by making her cry. Big E will surely get some revenge for that and don't be surprised to see more hints at a Big E and AJ Lee couple.

Stay tuned for a live review of WWE Monday Night Raw 7/22/2013 with pics and gifs at 8PM.

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