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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/5/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/5/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Punk came out and mocked Cena. He said he was very independent, which was in the spirit of the 4th of July.
He said his goals were to beat Brock Lesnar and to win Money in the Bank.
Alberto ripped on American 4th of July Celebrations, with lots of very lame fat jokes and eating jokes.
Alberto said all Americans were sheep and Punk called him on it, since Alberto was doing USA chants weeks ago. He said the fans saw through Alberto's phony face run.
Alberto tried to kick Punk out the ring, Punk said no and you know who came out ;)
Teddy signed Punk vs Alberto for tonight, playa.
Heyman said the match tonight made no sense for Punk since he had nothing to gain. Paul said he could get him out, but Punk said he'd fight him anyway.
Paul wanted to come out with Punk tonight but Punk asked him to stay out.

The Uso's vs Team Rhodes Scholars

The Scholars said may the best man win at MITB.

The Uso's won with stereo splashes in a quick and meaningless match.
The Shield said the Uso's are on a lucky streak and called Christian "Old Man Christian".
Shield said The Uso's won't be lucky at MITB. Ambrose said he could beat Christian 99/100 times.

Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox got the win after AJ jumped on the apron and Kaitlyn went after her. She rolled her up and that was it.

AJ tried to run away. The Bella's stopped her and said they'd come for her title. She then bothered Big E to get her out of there. Big E mostly laughed and joked, while going slow. AJ said she'd text DZ that she was leaving.

Christian said he beat Orton for the World title before and would beat him tonight. Orton said that Christian would find out that he's the man that everyone should be worried about.

We got a Wyatt Family promo.

Randy Orton vs Christian

Orton won with an RKO. Good match. They did some counters and moved out of the way of signature moves, getting the point across that they knew each other well. The crowd got into it and it got good half way through. Rating:***

Teddy Long was looking for Heyman and told him that Heyman should be on commentary tonight during CM Punk's match. Long said Heyman could provide some "provocative insight" on tonight's match. Long said that Punk told Paul not to go out, but Long says to go out.

Dolph Zigglercame out.
He said the last few months have been a blur. He said his win over ADR for the title was the biggest night of his life. Dolph said ADR was full of it and said he never claimed to be something he wasn't. Well, there was that golf caddy run and the male cheerleader run...

Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre

Dolph won with a Zig Zag in a good match. Drew bumped nicely and got to show off his skills and Dolph made a good partner for this. Dolph did win quick but it was a good showing for Mac.

3MB tried to get Dolph twice after. Dolph ran back in after the first escape and did it again.

Fandango vs Justin Gabriel

Fandango won with a top rope legdrop in a quick squash. Lots of dancing here from both men. Fandango said his name after and pointed at the briefcase.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

This went to a no contest after the ref counted both guys out. The match was short and not special. Alberto threw Punk on a table after the match, nailed Heyman and Punk got him back for it. He then hit a GTS on Alberto in the ring and walked off with Paul.

Overall thoughts: Very skippable episode of SD. There was only one match that got any time with everything else being short or squashes.

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