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TNA Impact Wrestling 7/18/2013 Results and Review - TNA Destination X

TNA Impact Wrestling 7/18/2013 Results and Review - TNA Destination X

Last week's show is here:

They showed a bunch of X Division guys and mentioned them having the possibility to compete in this event next year. I had no idea what they were talking about. They also showed Sabin in the bathroom.

Bully Ray came out.
Bully said everyone was talking about Sabin. He said Sabin had no shot tonight.
Bully said he likes everyone hating him and said tonight is the perfect night to beat Sabin and destroy The Mafia. He said he wanted to talk to Brooke and called her out. Tenay said this should be interesting. I beg to differ.

Brooke called him Mark and said she was moving on. Bully said she moves on when he says so. Hulk came out.
Hulk said enough is enough and Bully got what he wanted. Bully said he wouldn't divorce Brooke. Bully said he couldn't do anything about it and Ace's came on the screen and said things would be different.

Roode said last year's Destination X was a fluke but he didn't want to talk about the past, only the future. He said he has no BFG points but will be champ again.

Gail was tweeting.

BFG Series - Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode

Roode took a suplex to the outside and hit a nice clothesline off the apron as you can see above.

Aries won with the brainbuster in a good match. This had a great pace to it and they flew all around. This was stuff and was really fun. Definitely as good as you would expect. Rating:***1/2

Roode went nuts after destroying stuff at ringside and throwing computer chairs into the ring.

LAX and Chavo met up in the back. They teased having heat but Homicide talked about winning tonight to get a shot next year as did Chavo.

Anderson said Knux's no vote to Doc last week caused him to turn in his cut and quit.

X Division Qualifier - Homicide vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt

Sonjay Dutt won with the Hikari Fukuoka moonsault footstomp. I love that move. This was so fast and was fine. Homicide busted out the cop killer but no Canadian Destroyer. One other highlight was Sonjay doing a tope con giro onto everyone on the outside.

X Division Qualifer - Manik vs Chavo Guerrero vs Kenny King

Manik got the win in a fast paced match on King. The big spots were King doing a backflip from the top and Manik doing a NLS while doing an indian deathlock. It was all action and really wasn't a technical classic by any means but it was fine.

Sting wanted to know if everyone was ready and Rampage said he was ready to whoop some butt, which is what Angle wanted to hear.

They did a package on Chris Sabin.

Hulk told Sabin tonight was his night and told him to make sure the people remember you and bring the belt home.

The Mafia came out.

Sting and Angle said they were coming for Ace's and they were gonna beat them up. They called out Ace's.
Ace's said they weren't coming and invited MEM backstage for a party. Joe said he was thirsty and Rampage agreed while holding his nuts. MEM went to the back.

They lured Ace's into a room and then trapped them in there. They took Angle and put him in the back of a pick up trick supposedly abducting him. I'm not really sure how you can abduct an adult in the back of a pick up truck when they can basically escape at will.

X Division Qualifier - Rubix vs Greg Marasciulo vs Rockstar Spud
Greg Marasculo is Trent Barreta from WWE.

Greg Marasciulo won with the Samurai Driver '84/MK Ultra. Good match here but a bit long. This was mostly all action and Greg was the highlight with his sweet tope con giro. Spud had the most personality though and probably stuck out as having the most charisma so far tonight.
Bully said Wes took one for the team tonight and bragged about how scared Angle was. He said to meet at the spot.

Mickie James came out for an interview.
Mickie James talked about a concert she did in Music City.
Gail told Mickie she was delusional. Gail said her ladder match was more important. Mickie said she has a clause in her contract that she needs a certain amount of breathing room and told her to move.

Gail and Mickie James brawled. This was a decent brawl and the refs stopped it. Gail was wearing a short dress and had to keep adjusting it during the brawl. Both girls looked really good tonight.
Austin Aries told Chris Sabin he was pulling for him, since he's been in this position before.

AJ said the X Division was made for him and said he'd take points next week against Jeff Hardy.

TNA World Title - Bully Ray vs Chris Sabin

Bully worked the leg early and both Ace's and MEM came out.

Chris Sabin won the TNA Title with a hammer shot in a huge upset. Sabin was worked over the whole match and didn't get much in. Near the end, Bully got a hammer from Anderson and Sabin ended up catching it. Ace's and MEM brawled and Sabin got the win. The match was a little long and boring at times but the crowd loved the big win.

Overall thoughts:
I thought it was a good show with some decent wrestling. It flew by for me and the crowd was hot.

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