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Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - GLOW Disk 13 Part 2

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - GLOW Disk 13 Part 2

Disk 13 Part 1 is here -

I swear no one would believe if I said that GLOW was really over on this blog.

Sir Miles Headlock welcomed us to the show with Hollywood.
"Do I look like a thief to you?" - Hollywood | "Hey, wait a minute. Where's my tie? I always wear my tie." - SMH
"I don't got it." - Hollywood | "You mean I don't have it." - SMH | "Well if you don't got it and I don't got it, maybe you didn't wear one today." - Hollywood

Today's line-up:

David McLane called up a car place:
"Hello, American Automobile Association, this is David McLane head of GLOW Productions. For a small fee, I can let you have Matilda the Hun as a spokesperson for safety. Why? She's been carrying around a spare tire for years." - David McLane
We then got a piece of the GLOW song.

No Holds Barred Submission Match - Attache vs Tina Ferrari aka Ivory
Feel free to insert your own joke about whether these two knew one submission or not between them.

"Hey all you maggots, listen up, or else I'll whip you like a pup...
"...I'll take you on as if its child's play, cuz the ring belongs to Attache." - Attache
"Attache's so sneaky." - SMH | "Yeah, she's got a lot of fine points." - Hollywood

"Do you play any sports, Hollywood?" - SMH | "Baseball." - Hollywood | "Why's that?" - SMH | "Because they let me steal bases." - Hollywood

"Will you marry into a wealthy family?" - SMH | "No, I'll just break into their house." - Hollywood

"You know Sir Miles, when it comes to pain, I'm pretty good." - Hollywood | "Oh, can you take a lot of it?" - SMH | "No, I was talking about dishing it out." - Hollywood

"The crowd loves Tina." - SMH | "That's because they don't know her yet." - Hollywood

"Attache fights cleanly." - HW | "What makes you say that?" - SMH | "She left Tina a leg to stand on." - HW
"I hope Tina doesn't get rabies." - SMH | "What are you talking about? She already has rabies." - Hollywood
Tina Ferrari won with a sharpshooter. You are going to think I'm nuts but this was a darn good match. They worked the mat the whole time with Tina focusing on Attache's legs and really stretching the heck out of her. Attache fought back with different heel tactics and did some stretching on Tina's arm. I really enjoyed this and this may very well be GLOW's best match. Good job! Rating:***1/2

EDIT - I found out that supposedly the blood in this match actually ketchup. Supposedly this is an infamous match and the fans were yelling "ketchup" after Attache bit Tina's leg.

Amy the Farmer's Daughter, Ashley Cartier and The California Doll vs Angel and The Soul Patrol

The good girls got sneak attacked.

"While we're talking about pinch, I want to confess that I did pinch your bow tie earlier, so here it is." - HW | "Hey, this isn't my bow-tie." - SMH | "I'm sorry, I got so many now that I lose track." - HW
"Ashley goes down more than a computer." - HW | "I beg your pardon!" - SMH

Amy beat Angel with a cradle from the electric chair position. It started out okay but never really got better and they just stuck with bad brawling and wrestling for the rest of this. The bad girls attacked after and got tossed out.

"Have you had any serious operations?" - The Doctor | "Yes, 5 of them." - Chainsaw | "Who performed them?" - The Doctor | "I did." - Chainsaw
"Waitress, has a health inspector ever eaten in here?" - Customer | "Yes, just last week. May he rest in peace." - Angel

"If Chainsaw's sister ruined the party drinks, would the punch be Spiked?" - The California Doll, using clever wording to name Chainsaw's partner

Tina Ferrari advised us to give our significant other's some time a lone, and not be with them constantly.
"Alright Soul Patrol, can you use a sentence containing isthmus?" - Teahcer | "Yeah, Its-must be my lucky day." - Envy

Little Fiji and Little Egypt vs The Princess of Darkness and Dementia

"When I start my belly dance, the other opponents don't stand a chance. I'll beat them with Arabian style, I'm the hottest thing this side of the Nile." - Little Egypt

"Prince of the Darkness, rules the night, all my opponents, run with fright. I let the demon's be my guide, with Dementia by my side." - The Princess of Darkness

 The Princess of Darkness puts a spell on Little Egypy

This was awful. The good girls won by DQ after some kind of DQ that I didn't get at all. Little Egypt got a "curse" put on her and danced and moved like a fool while the crowd laughed. They teased Dementia trying to execute Egypt with her axe. This was beyond wrestlecrap.

"You went to the movies to research a new type of weapon?" - Ninotchka | "The critics said it was the biggest bomb they have ever seen? Vladimir, you better get up very early tomorrow, SO I CAN HAVE YOU SHOT AT SUNRISE." - Colonel Ninotchka
We then got some more little skits to end the show:

"Why don't we do something nice for Little Egypt?" - Vine | "Okay, let's wrap her up and send her home to mummy." - Hollywood
"David, wouldn't Hollywood look perfect next to a cozy fireplace?" - Aunt Kitty | "She'd look better in it." - David McLane

Overall thoughts: I liked the Attache/Tina Ferrari match but the main event was absolute crap and made me roll my eyes. Hollywood was decent on commentary though.

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